Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: The Vampire Nation/ One Shot

The Vampire Of A Fallen Nation

A  leader of a nation called by the name of the Yonia led by Nomia Wilia.

Various travelers started entering a town and encountered a group and saw the sign called Nomi.

Nomia Wilia summoned her servants Reisu and Rina into her chambers and then started discussing how they proceed in the war against the human race.

Various tactics and ideas were shared even arming humans seeking to rebel against their homeland.

Rina: "We should treat life like a battlefield and think of how  we may proceed but we can't just ignore the needs of our people."

A servant entered the chambers and then began sharing their various meals before even pouring drinks into the cups as the discussions went on.

As they started leaving, someone started throwing insults at those Nomia Wilia chambers but both ignored the hater and then proceeded toward their destined forces for operations against the Huma Empire.

The Vampires held their swords up pridefully like so many so their descendants before them but they felt like this time will differ from before.

They began heading westward towards the border of the Huma Empire then started battle preparations.

A guard spotted them and activated the skill overseer to see what the forces of  Yonia were doing.

The guard ran toward his commander and chief about the matter at hand.

His Commander advised that they shouldn't strike first but wait for a reaction from the enemy before provoking a fight.

So the commander started writing a letter to Queen Ania and King Solous about the matter.

After a week of traveling from the messenger to the Royal Capitol, the messenger arrived at the Royal Castle without issue and then started to give the letter in question.

Without any further issues going on and both agreed on getting a  60% mobilization against the forces moving on, they started heading out.

After a month of preparation. the forces of  Nomia Wilia began war preparations against their target in question.

After a  while, both sides began full mobilization, they headed towards the Goriuh plains that were southeast of their border.

Soldier:" Captain Husiwa Isowa, what shall we do?"

Husiwa Isowa headed towards the graveyard to engage a strong vampire.

As the chaos of the battle, neither side gave in until  Nomia Wlia dispatched  Reisu and various other demons to decrease the ranks of the enemy at night.

But only 1/4/10 of the forces that were supposed to be killed were eliminated during the raid.

So Commander Diaphous started reorganizing the troops into a traditional Phalanx formation to face the enemy forces before them.

But before they could do more fighting, Rina's sister arrived and a suggestion was provided for ending the two forces.

Rinayama stepped and provided a suggestion to the enemy commander.

Rinayama: "I will face your champion in a 1v1 duel to determine who is the mightiest one of these."

Diaphous laughed and drew a line then pointed at the sun then stated how he felt about the matter yet everyone saw that was form mutual respect is showing even due they are at war with each other.

He agreed then headed towards the graveyard then discussed the rule and how they proceed on the matter.

Husiwa Isowa agreed then both drew their respective weapons then began fighting each other but without any skills being used, it took a while for Husiwa Isowa to gain an upper hand.

After some period of time, the fighting came to a with Husiwa Isowa gaining a nearly complete upper hand which propped Nomia Wilia to arrive at the site and then start clapping before them.

So Nomia Wilia headed out towards the human royal Capitol and then began discussions with Queen Ania and King Solous about the matter in question.

So a peace deal was signed after a few days of discussing and negotiating on how they may proceed on the matter in question.

Both sides started collecting the dead in question and then started discussing how they proceed on the matter in question.

One month after the peace settlement with the Huma Empire, Nomia Wilia came upon their balcony and started discussing with her servants why so many died a month ago.

Servant:" The enemy had skills being launched from their high walls while our recruits were the first in the 1st column which ended up rolled by Human Empire but our veterans dispelled their attacks in question so the battle went swimmingly."

Nomia broke the cup of blood after hearing that comment from him.

So she told him to leave before things turn for the worse for him, Nomia looked at the ruined state of her kingdom yet the noble faction within her kingdom always voted for war 100 years which caused her blood to boil at the thought of losing more of her people in this pointless war to fill their pockets.

So she summoned her highest-ranking servants into her chamber and then asked them about how they may stop the noble from gaining more influence to cause another war for the generation of humans.

Vampire:" Finia, how about  we just use the people's own anger and war wariness to stop the future war."

Finia agreed but explained the pros and cons of doing this when both agreed that using the Royal Faction's larger reserves of manpower to keep the people from being forced into Noble factions forces.

So Nomia Wilia started mobilizing her forces against the  3 noble provinces of the  Yonia, after  2 weeks of entering their villages, town, and cities.

But Joria, Jofu, and Torina escaped for a week but got caught by the Royal Faction Forces meanwhile the noble faction forces were nowhere to be seen.

Vampiric Soldier:" Where's the enemy force?"

Vampiric Soldier 2:" They are wiped out for 2 months, we are just mopping up the corpse that is before us."

Nomia Wilia headed towards the province of Haniro and then surveyed the damage but to her shock, there was no issue but people just doing their daily tasks while soldiers went to and fro.

Vendor:" Apples for sale, 2 coppers and say, you sir."

The local humans lined up and then purchased the  5 apples then they went back towards the local mines and shelters until further notice.

As time passed by,  with the same old happening so she headed toward the other 2 provinces but got what was expected but Nomia hoped to see something more.

With no more issues within her land, she started rebuilding her kingdom and the world became peaceful during her rain.