Chapter 52:

Wisterian Religious Order (Part 3)

Royal Princess of Blood

Her words were short and somewhat cold. But Tina was already used to this.

“Sister, it isn’t all that long still.”

“Tina, all those who belong to the main cathedral are being called. And I am personally ordered to bring you back.”


“Why are you hesitating? Do not forget your duties.”

“Surely I am not required. There are many more —”

“Tina, stop being stubborn.”


Then Derin stepped in.

“I don’t know who you are, but… what’s with the rush? Come on, you have to chill.”

The woman directed an annoyed glare towards Derin.

“This is none of your business, adventurer. Stay out of it.”

“What do you mean it’s none of our business? She’s a member of our party, you know?”

Dune then rose from his seat and stepped forward.

“He’s right. There’s no need for you to drag her out now. And definitely not this way.”

The woman heaved an exasperated sigh. Tina knew what she was feeling, she was getting more annoyed. If she was being summoned along with the others, then something big must be going on.

Her sister must be thinking the ignorants mustn't intervene with her task. She dreaded the thought of her sister getting angry at her friends.

“No, you guys. It’s alright.”

Her friend’s flabbergasted faces turned towards her.

“My sister, will you please give me a moment? I will meet you outside.”

“That is fine, but don’t spend too long.”

Her sister left the inn without a care for all the stares she received.

“Was that your sister?” Anita asked.

“Something like that.”

Well, they weren’t exactly blood sisters. But they were like sisters. Despite the woman’s cold demeanor, Tina loved her dearly.

“Tina, does this mean you’re leaving then?” Dune asked, his eyes having a trace of reluctance.

“It appears so.”

“But! Isn’t this too sudden?!”

Anita grasped and shook Tina’s shoulders with agitation.

“Sadly, yes, it’s too sudden. But nothing I can do about it, I’m being summoned.”


Anita clinged to her arm tightly.

“I’m not mentally ready yet!”

Derin pulled her away, but she kept on clinging anyway.

“There’s nothing we can do about.”

“Indeed, we can’t fight for her or something like beating her sister. She will be taken back still. Not like we want to start a fight, especially with a lady.” Iruyu added.

“Why did even fighting cross your mind?” Dune said.

It was pointless to think about fighting or dueling her sister. Not only would it be pointless, but they wouldn’t be able to defeat her anyway even if they all combined.

“Well, then, I guess I won’t be joining you for dinner today,” how saddening it truly was. “Excuse me, I’ll get my things.”

“I’ll help you.”

Anita offered her help, Tina nodded in agreement.

Inside their room as they packed Tina’s things, Anita had an upset expression on her face.

Tina also felt sad, everything was so sudden, she wasn’t prepared in the slightest. No, perhaps she had imagined this kind of scenario once. But, it was saddening nonetheless. She would have preferred to be with them more and go against her sister. But that would be pointless.

Her duty stands above spending time with her adventurer friends.

“You’re coming back, right?” Anita broke the silence.

Tina faintly smiled as she answered.

“Of course. In fact, the problem might be solved only after a few days, so don’t get too sad.”

“Right… Now I’m the lone girl in the party for a while. So you better come back quick. I don’t want to be stuck with those stinky boys all alone.”

“Hehehe, I’ll return immediately once it's done.”

Of course, given if she gets permission again.

Once that was all done, while carrying her bag on her back, they went down back the stairs.

“Well, you guys. This may be sudden, but goodbye for now.”

Tina said with a smile.

The party said their goodbyes and Anita being emotional, after that, they saw her off outside.

There, Tina’s sister was standing by with her arms crossed. She gazed at the adventurers first one by one before stopping at Tina.

“Let’s go.”

Tina nodded and followed beside her sister.

She looked back a few times as her friends slowly disappeared from sight.

“So, how was your adventuring experience?”

Tina’s sister asked suddenly which caught her off guard.

“Big sister Astine, it was great.”

“I see. I suppose that is good. But, you have no need to become an adventurer. I still cannot agree to it.”

“... Yes, big sister…”

“It will only put you in unnecessary danger.”

Tina looked up at Astine, her eyes held no warmth as usual. She couldn’t understand why her big sister would have such an expression constantly. But her words were different from her demeanor.

“The opponents we face are not that big of a deal.”

“Of course, but the higher your rank is, the stronger they will be.”

“... Yes…”

“That aside… the issue now is more crucial.”

“Why is it so sudden?”

“I do not know, but the high bishop suddenly ordered to summon everyone. That said...” Astine leaned closer to Tina then quietly said to her. “The king did arrive recently to speak with the high bishop.”

Tina was surprised.

“... The King of Wisteria?”

“Yes. I suspect he asked for our assistance.”

“This… must be a big deal then.”

Tina imagined this wouldn’t end after a few days. She resisted the urge to sigh.

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