Chapter 1:

A new world for Senhad


Television-Presenter: How on earth do you win the big developers' prize at the age of just 16?
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Senhad: That must've happend while I wasn't playing attention. I can catch big fish in my sleep!Bookmark here

Television-Presenter: This amazing game, written by a regular high-school student, has occupied the top spot for 20 weeks!

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Television-Presenter: Included in the list of the 100 most influential people on the planet, he has refused every interview to this very day.Bookmark here

Senhad: ''Oh men, This world is seriously dead-boring...'

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'Flash-News: There has been a disaster! A dimension has opened nearby and it is causing serious problemes! please stay indoors!Bookmark here

Senhad: A disaster, huh? Now that sounds interesting I'll check out this interesting event!Bookmark here

Senhad: HAHAHAHA...! HOW DREADFULLY... EXCITING! Where THE HECK  have you BEEN?! What are you exactly? TELL ME!

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Senhad: Heheh. It doesn't matter. Now! Bring me a real challenge... Give me something that will be fun!Bookmark here

A New World


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