Chapter 20:

Chapter 20: Hospital Visit

Theoterra: Emuna's Summer Story

After the boy gazed up at Emuna for a moment, the boy tried to get away from her, moving sideways. Yet she held onto him tight enough that he was unable to escape from her. Her friends turned around and also grabbed hold of him.

"Hey! Let go of me, you stupid bitch!" The boy roared, resisting her and her friends within eyes closed.

"No!" Emuna snapped back at the boy, glaring at him. "I wanna know 'bout your family situation. Are you financially able to get him cured? Is your father gettin' better in the hospital? We really wanna know about that."

"Uh, you don't need to know about that! It's none of your freakin' business!" The boy roared at Emuna yet again. "Now let go of me! Ugh!"

"Hey now, why don't you answer us first, then we'll let you go?!" Zaboulon roared at the boy.

"Yea!" Emuna, Lazarus and Yudia agreed, glaring at the boy below them.

"No!" The boy yelled his answer.

"Alright then. You're not goin' anywhere, punk!" Lazarus snapped.

"Yea!" Yudia agreed. "We're not gonna let you go until you answer us!"

The boy screamed. "Let me go, dammit! Let me go! Let me go!"

No matter how hard the boy tried to escape, he still hadn't succeeded. Then after a while, he stopped moving and panted.

"So are ya goin' to answer or not?!" Emuna asked as she and her friends saw him leaned forward.

He shook his head. "Yes! Yes! Yes…"

"Good," Emuna said, repeating those questions to the boy.

The boy looked up at Emuna and frowned. "No…we're still too poor to pay the hospital bill and my family members and my mom's friends are broke."

"Ah!" Emuna and her friends widened her eyes when they heard his answer.

"My mom tried to get financial help from the Midbar government, but they denied our request. So I had to steal some money from people in order to help pay for the hospital bill. He's gonna die soon, y'know."

-Oh, no! This is terrible! Now I know why Elohim kept hounding me on those memories last weekend. Quick! We gotta do something to help this man financially! Even though I don't condone him stealin' money from others, I don't want this boy to continue doin' this shit any longer.

She and her friends gave the boy her serious, determined look on her face when they let him go. "Okay, we're goin' to help ya."

The boy happily stood up from the ground. "Really?! You guys would?!"

Emuna shook her head and closed her eyes with a smile. "Yea, sure we would. All of us would as long as you don't steal again, right guys?"

"Oh, yea!" Her friends agreed loudly.

"I promise I won't steal ever again!" The boy exclaimed.

"Good!" Emuna opened her eyes and looked at the boy, kneeling down on the sidewalk. "Now tell us how much money do ya need and we'll give it to you."

The boy shook his head. "Mhn! I'll follow you guys to your homes for money, and I'll take you guys to my house for my mom to pay for hospital bill."

"And can we visit your father in the hospital?" Emuna questioned.

"Mmm-hmm," the boy answered, shaking his head. "Of course you guys can. You guys are welcome."

"Mmmm…" Emuna said with a smile.


After the nurse escorted the boy, Emuna and her friends into the hospital room, they turned to her and shook their heads. "Thank you, ma'am!"

The nurse shook her head back at them. "You're welcome. Have a nice visit!"

"You too!" They shouted, waving their good-byes at her.

After the nurse waved her good-bye back to them and left them alone in the room, they turned around and scanned their surroundings. There they saw a brown skinned man sitting up from his bed, watching some television near the window. He turned to the boy, Emuna and her friends.

"Hi, daddy!" The boy said, dashing his way towards him to give him a hug.

"Uh, son? Who are they?" The boy's father asked.

"Oh, right! Sorry 'bout my manners. You see, I can't believe I forgot 'bout that," the boy answered, scratching the back of his head with his embarrassed eyes closed.

"Mmm-hmm…" the boy's father said.

Then he turned to Emuna and her friends, pointing his palm hand at them individually. "Dad, I would like ya to meet Emuna, Zaboulon, Lazarus and, uh, Yudia."

"Oh, howdie!" Emuna and her friends said, waving their hands at the boy's father.

"Hey! It's nice to meet ya!" The boy's father waved back at them.

"Oh, yea. Me and my friends are very happy to see ya, sir," Emuna said, shaking her head.

"Well, it's nice to meet you guys too," the boy's father said, shaking his head back at her and her friends.

The boy excitedly looked up at his father. "Hey, dad. I've got some good news for ya!"

The boy's father widened his eyes when he turned to his son. "Oh, really?" Then he smiled. "Well, tell me! What is it?!"

"Emuna and her friends helped provide me enough money to keep ya alive, and my mom paid the hospital bill before you're discharged from the hospital!"

"Oh, that's wonderful, son!" The boy's father said, happily turning to Emuna and her friends. "I thank you guys. You've been a great help."

"Oh, thank Elohim," Emuna said. "He did it through us."

"Ah, so you're that very devoted to Elohim, aren't ya?"

"Mmm-hmm." Emuna shook her head and grinned with her eyes open. "Of course, I am, sir." She then opened her determined eyes. "Always."

"Ah, I see…Amen to that," the boy's father said.

"Amen!" Emuna, the boy and her friends said.

Yudia took a couple steps forward. "So how are ya feelin' today, sir? I heard you're in critical condition."

The boy's father turned to Yudia next. "Oh, of course I was in critical condition, but I haven't been unstable just…yet."

"Oh, we're so sorry to hear that, sir. I hope you get better soon," Lazarus said, giving the boy's father his sad face.

"Oh, don't worry, man," the boy's father said with a relaxed smile. "I'll be fine. Hopefully I'll be cured enough to be discharged from the hospital."

"Yea…us too…" Zaboulon said as he frowned at the boy's father.

"Okay, so maybe we should pray for ya to be healed faster and be discharged from the hospital, if that's alright with you, sir." Emuna took a couple steps forward.

The boy's father grinned at Emuna. "Oh, sure thing, Emuna. That'll be lovely."

Emuna gasped and grinned back at the boy's father, then turned to her friends. "So then, are you guys ready for prayer?"

"Uh-huh!" Her friends responded, shaking their heads with their eyes closed and smiles on their faces.

But before they walked near the boy and his father, the boy's father began to have a huge seizure. Emuna, her friends and the boy gasped when they gazed at the boy's father. His seizure was so bad that the light outside the room rang with its alarm sounding like a doorbell.

"Father!" The boy cried, giving his father his worried look on his face, placing his hand on his father's.

Emuna, her friends and the boy weren't expecting this to happen at this moment. Their eyes twitched sideways a bit when they watched the boy's father's seizure, with their mouths open a bit.

Emuna looked up at the ceiling. "Dear Elohim, please deliver this boy's father from this terrible seizure. We don't want him to become fatherless. In Yeshua's name, Amen."

Then the nurse and doctor quickly entered the room, with their fearful eyes staring at them. "Okay, everyone. Time to leave."

While Emuna and her friends exited the room, the boy remained with his father, yelling "Father!" a couple times. His eyes were watery and tears poured down onto his cheeks. The nurse carried the boy out of the room and placed him near Emuna and her friends in the hallway. The blue light continued to vibrate its sound across the hall.

After Emuna and her friends watched the nurse enter the room and close the door, the boy hugged Emuna and cried onto her. Emuna frowned at the boy and gave him a soft hug, before she broke it up. The boy looked up at Emuna with her hand placed on his shoulders.

"It's time to go," Emuna said with her determined face. "Let Elohim take care of this through these doctors. He'll save your father. Have faith in Him, okay?"

"B-B-But-" the boy disagreed, turning his head back to the door where he, Emuna and her friends exited from, gazing at it.

"Hey, it's goin' to be jus' fine. Your father will make it out alive, okay? Elohim will make sure that it happens. Trust Him. Trust Him," Emuna reassured.

"Yea, Emuna's right, y'know. Elohim got this," Emuna's friends agreed, shaking their heads with their eyes closed and a couple of smiles.

The boy wiped off the tears off of his eyes and sniffed his nose a couple times at the same time. He turned to Emuna, then that door as he frowned and gazed at it one last time. He turned to Emuna and her friends. "Alright, let's get outta here."

"Mhn!" Emuna and her friends said, just shaking their heads when they walked through the halls to exit the hospital.