Chapter 1:


Colourland Part 4: Blackin and Blackina the Ultimate Couple Part 2

Chapter 23

Blackin's Desire for Blackina

Crayon and his friends then ate breakfast and they headed to train.

" We need to be ready for those two " said Crayon.

" Our abilities need to be stronger " said Colourea.

" We cannot fail to give them the best asskicking possible so let's train " said Artby.

" Bakers want that from their customers, they love having a customer that can fight "

" Let's start " said Colouruke.

Artby then charged up the Light Implosion while Colouruke then charged up the Sea Implosion. Crayon then was able to use the Sky Implosion while Warbler used the Air Implosion. The attacks hit with power that they were not able to hit with before.

Colourea then was using the Quadruple Light Strike while Colouruke used the Quadruple Sea Strike. Crayon was able to use the Ultimate Sky Bomb while Warbler used the Ultimate Air Bomb. All the attacks were getting stronger.

" This is what we need to stop those two " said Colouruke.

" We have a chance " said Warbler. " We must use it perfectly, if we do not succeed then Blackin will take over with Blackina "

" The bakeries have been robbed so much now " said Artby. " I'll never let the bakers down, bakers have been baking bread that has made us heroic "

" We should contact Challenger about the new techniques " said Colourea.

" Yeah, that is a good idea " said Crayon.

They contacted Challenger.

" Challenger, we have been able to use new moves " said Crayon.

" Excellent to see " said Challenger.

" We have been able to use the Quadruple Strikes and a new implosion " said Colourea.

" You five will need it " said Challenger.

" Bakers are counting on us, they have baked so much tasty bread " said Artby. " I can only imagine what will happen with Blackin and Blackina in complete control of here "

" I know you five can win but you will have to be absolutely perfect " said Challenger.

" Challenger, have you been eating the bread a lot recently ? " asked Artby.

" I have had some bread " said Challenger. " Why ? "

" I am glad to see, bakers have made us so heroic now " said Artby.

"I have heard about King Bobby " said Colouruke.

" He is the king of Bird's Isle " said Challenger. " You will probably meet him at some point "

" You know a lot about him, Challenger ? " asked Crayon.

" He is a king who has a council of advisors, he is a king with a lot of money " said Challenger. " Other than that and some Colourlandish idolizing him, I don't know too much "

" For now, we should focus on Blackin and his girlfriend Blackina, they are the ones trying to take over Colourland " said Colouruke.

" Sounds like a plan to me " said Challenger.

" We will keep eating great bread and fight like we usually do " said Artby.

" Anyways I have to get going so see you later " said Challenger.

" Bye " everyone said.

Blackin and Blackina then headed for Colourland, they then found a man.

" You there " said Blackin.

" What do you want ? " asked the man.

" Crayon and his friends " said Blackina.

" Why them ? " asked the man.

" They must truly be killed, if you want to not be robbed then you will tell me where they are " said Blackin.

" They are in the streets of Colourland not too far " said the man.

" They had better be there, if they are not then you will truly fucking regret it " said Blackina.

" We will not keep you alive if you lie to us " said Blackin.

" This is very serious to us "

Blackin and Blackina then kept moving on and they surrounded more people and they then demanded Crayon and his friends.

" Crayon and his friends must be revealed now " said Blackina. "

" Their elimination from Colourland will happen, they cannot hide forever " said Blackin.

" I do not know where they are " said the man.

Blackin picked the man up and then threw him down.

Blackina then took his wallet and other belongings and the two of them then left.

" We are taking over and the wedding is happening no matter how many people die " said Blackina.

" Exactly, my desire for you is too strong " said Blackin.

" I love you a lot "

" Same here " said Blackina.

Blackin and Blackina then went through the streets and continued searching for them but did not see them.

Bear members were heading to Colourland, to make sure that Blackin and Blackina's wedding would be guaranteed.

They eventually arrived and people were starting to freak out.

Bear members then started tripping people and they then stole some wallets. A man tried to get up but a Bear member then used the Shadow Blast and knocked him out.

" Blackin's desire for Blackina will lead him to victory " said a Bear member.

" The power they have is out of this world "said another Bear member.

Bear members then continued using their Double Shadow Strikes and they kept knocking people out and they contacted Blackin.

" Blackin, we are all here " said the Bear member.

" Good, if you see any of those fighters stall them " said Blackin.

" We want to be able to end their lives together " said Blackina.

" Then our wedding will happen " said Blackin. " If any people dare try to save them you must knock them out "

" We will keep it up " said the Bear member. " We will steal anything on them and succeed "

" Yes, it would be better that way " said Blackina.

" Spread out through Colourland and station yourselves so that finding them is much easier " said Blackin.

" We will do that, Colourland will belong to us " said the member.

" It sure will " said Blackin.

" Hahahahahaha "

"It will be great as lovers for us to have everything " said Blackina.

" It will be nice "

" Yes, it will " said Blackin.

" We are lovers not like any others " said Blackina.

Crayon and his friends went outside where a Bear member saw them and contacted Blackin. Bear members then surrounded them and then fired their Shadow Bombs at them while Crayon used his Ultimate Wind Blast to counter. The attacks collided and nobody was defeated.

They got up and then aimed with their Shadow Strikes towards Artby who then used his Super Light Bomb to knock them down. The Bear members had taken damage but were able to get up.

" Hahahahahahaha " they said.

" Blackin is going to be here very soon with Blackina"

" We will make it through this " said Colouruke.

" No you won't " they said.

" Let's fight " said Colouruke.

" Prepare to be finished " said a Bear member.

Colouruke used his Ultimate Sea Punch while half of them used their Super Shadow Bombs and the other half used their Shadow Strikes. Crayon then fired his Ultimate Light Blast. The attacks then hit their respective targets.

The Bear members were struggling, but Blackin and Blackina were getting closer to the area that Crayon and his friends were fighting in.

The Bear members then started to talk about Crayon.

" Crayon is going to be finished against Blackin and his lover Blackina " said the first member.

" He's going to die " said the second member. " Blackin's desire for Blackina is too much, his ability too strong " said the third member.

" We'll see about that " said Artby. " Bakers have been baking so much bread, they have done so much "

" Blackin just loves Blackina too much, no fucking baker is going to stop them " said the fourth member.

" Bakers have allowed me to fight better " said Artby. " The bread they bake, the flour they use and the ovens have done wonders "

" The flour has an effect on fights "

" The ovens ? " asked Colourea.

" The baking that they do in the ovens have done so much for me when I fight, bakers are some of the most brave people I have seen " said Artby.

" Blackin's desire is just too much you will see it very soon " said the first member.

" You have no chance "

" Bakers say I have one " said Artby.

" They are confident in me "

" Confident ? " asked a Bear member.

" Yes, bakers are confident in me " said Artby.

" They believe in a customer that can fight "

" Bakers appreciate a customer who can fight "

" It matters not to us " said a Bear member.

" We will remain fighting "

The Bear members got up and then they used their Double Shadow Strikes and they aimed towards Warbler, while Warbler used the Ultimate Air Kick while Crayon used the Ultimate Wind Kick. The kicks landed directly and the Bear members were defeated.

" Time for us to leave here " said Colouruke.

" Good idea, let's go " said Crayon.

They left, Blackin and Blackina arrived but just barely missed them but they sensed people just barely and they rushed.

Blackin and Blackina were chasing the five fighters but could just barely see them.

They kept running and they turned a corner then kept hurrying through. A Bear member then saw them and pushed Crayon into Colouruke. The Bear member left but Blackin and Blackina were able to catch up to them.

Blackin and Blackina saw them and they were about to speak to them.

" So we officially meet " said Blackin.

" It is quite a moment "

" Yeah " said Crayon.

" Me and my friends faced your strongest members "

" Yes " said Blackin.

" I never would have expected you five to win against them "

" It is clear you have all been training "

" Crayon, you and your friends will not stop us" said Blackina.

" Our love for each other and our power knows no limits "

" It is so powerful "

" I will give you all credit for beating our members but you will not win " said Blackin.

" You have to deal with the two best Bear members at the same time "

" That will be too much "

" Yes, our love for each other and our power has no limits " said Blackina.

" My feelings for Blackin are so strong "

" Bakers are counting on me here " said Artby.

" Baking cannot end "

" We need baking "

" Bakers are not our main target " said Blackin.

" We will take everything "

" It is time for our battle " said Blackina.

" I am ready " said Crayon.

" Bakers have made Crayon extremely ready " said Artby.

" Baking can do that "

" As customers we are ready "

" Customers ? " asked Blackin.

" My love for Blackina and power will make that do nothing "

" We are a poweful couple " said Blackina.

" I will show you how baking has helped " said Artby.

" Bakers have done so much "

" Time to fight " said Blackin.

" Bring it on " said Crayon.

The fight started.