Chapter 1:

The Start of the End

Undead Walking

(A man in a leather jacket walked down the street and whistled a tune, he was playing a guitar and was attracting the attention of nearby zombies.)

???: "Damn I must be a fuckin MUSICIAN!" (As he said this, he broke the guitar over a zombie's head and started to use it to kill the other zombies.)

???: "You are one ugly bastard." (He throws the neck of the guitar aside and pulls out a knife and proceeds to kill 15 zombies with it.)

(A group of 5 men run out onto the road and aim 2 guns and 3 spears at him.) "Drop the weapons and we won't kill you."

???: "Woah lets not jump the gun here, what fucking says you can even lay a goddamn finger on me?"
Bandit: "This gun says I can kill you in one shit."
???: "I don't give a goddamn lick of what you have in those feminine hands of yours, I got a mind of a god, the balls of a fuckin robot, and I can just about do ANYTHING!"

(One of the bandits attacks him with a knife and cuts the sleeve of his jacket nearly off.)
???: "Bastard, do you know how much I loved this jacket, oh well I guess ill give myself up."
(He lays his weapons down and as the guy with the rifle approaches he grabs him by the head and slits his throat.)

Somewhere else in the Apocalypse

(A horse was trotting down a paved road as a man dressed in a cowboy outfit from head to toe, wearing a poncho and bandana around his face looks around.)

???: "This is a good place as ever to set up camp." (The man hops off the horse and proceeds to grab his gear and set up his camp.)

(As the man is sitting on a log poking at a fire, someone approaches him from behind with a knife, the man grabs him and he flips around and kicks the guy back.)
???: "Bastard."
(The man pushes aside his poncho revealing a black handled revolver as he quickly pulls it out and unloads 3 rounds into the man.)

(He stands over the dying man and says one thing.) "Tell that bastard of a Devil that Michael "Calamity" Smith sent you to his stupid ass." (The man spits on him and kicks him in the face killing him.)

(The mans partner then leaps out of the trees wielding a sword and attacks him, Smith blocks with his gun and both the gun and sword go flying.)

Michael Smith: "You want some too now do ya?" (They then start circling about to engage in hand-to-hand combat, the guy goes in for a kick as Smith dodges it and goes for a takedown.

???: "You fight with no honor, those who fight with honor will not use a gun in battle."
Michael Smith: "I wouldn't really call sneaking up on a man trying to sneak attack him honorable." (The guy then grabs smith and takes him down with an armbar.)

(Smith then uses his other arm to reach into his boot and grab a smaller revolver, Smith points it at his head as the other man has a blade to his neck.) "Seems we are in a bit of a tight squeeze here partner."

Michael Smith: "I will give you my word that I will not kill you if you let go, let's talk about this, maybe we can work together."

(They both get up and sit on the log, they begin to talk and decide to travel together.)

???: "My name is Raymond Takahashi, and I am on a mission to find my family, I know they are out there." (He looks into the night sky at the stars as he says this.)

(As the two then get some sleep and wake up early to embark on their journey to find what they are looking for, everything is quiet and that starts to worry Michael as it is never quiet........)