Chapter 1:

Ayumu-kun WAKE UP!




z z z z z z z z z

The eyelids opened slowly like the view of shining light appearing while approaching the keyhole of a cave.

‘’Why is it so blue and why are there so many white pillow shaped looking things everywhere’’

‘’And— and why am I…… FALLING?!?!?!?’’ said a loud voice in a scared tone like in the face of a jumpscare.


Just before meeting the ground the screaming boy wakes up on his desk in front of his classmates.

‘’He did it again’’ chuckled one classmate and made everybody in class burst out laughing.

‘’Hirano Ayumu-kun. It is the 5th day in a row that you are sleeping in MY CLASS. All the other teachers report the same thing’’ with crinkled eyes, said Ayumu’s homeroom teacher Ichiro Harada.

‘’But!, buu—’’ says Ayumu with a brittle voice until he gets interrupted by Ichiro

‘’No buts, here only boo—, I mean do’s’’

Ichiro let out a huge exhalation of breath.

‘’I almost slipped it out’’ he thought

‘’I can't stop thinking about nurse Kimiko’s big boobs’’

‘’If you asked me what I prefer I like booooooobieeeeeeeess. And Kimiko-chan has the biggest of them all, they are voluptuous, round with a perfected curve of approximately 180 degrees’’ Ichiro-sensei thought for himself while twirling with his fingers.

‘’Stop Ichiro, stop it, think of it later you fine distinguished gentlemen’’ Ichiro thought until he finally came back from his senses


‘’Okay class, you’re dismissed’’ said the homeroom teacher and everybody leaves the classroom.

Except Ayuma and a boy with dark straggly long hair, glasses that always rest on the bridge of his nose and . He is…. the smartest student in Yamakuni High School…. Hideo, Matsuda.

‘’Dummy, you always sleep in class. Do you never sleep at home?’’ says Hideo

‘’I do but lately I’ve been having dreams where I fall from the sky, fall from a bike and it hurts when I don’t wake up before it happends’’

‘’I can’t tell him about my lewd dreams of Eimi-chan’’ Aymuu thought of himself

Hideo looks at Ayumu with a confused while Ayumu is blushing and talking to himself.

‘’Anyways. They are only dreams. How could you even feel them? Do you have screw loose or something Hideo?’’

‘’Im telling you, my dreams are real. It feels like every everytime i wake up I get somewhat of an effect from the dream I had and I always remember them inn every little detail’’ says Ayumu in a concerned voice.

‘’Remember when you were younger, when you peed in your bed?? You peed in your dream right? It is the same for me as well. The feelings I have in my dreams is reflected to my body even when I wake up’’

‘’Sh sh sh. Let’s not talk about that. Okay? Wait… How do you even know that?!?!? Who told you?!?!?!’’ said Hideo with a surprising voice with his mouth gaped like he was constantly gasping for air.

‘’Your sister Kana-chan’’ said Ayumu unborthedly.

‘’KANAAAA YOU BASTARRRRD’’ Hideo angrily thought for himself.

‘’Four-eyes, cool down a little. We all have peed on ourselves when we are younger. However, doing it when you are still 16 years old is crazy’’ whispered Ayumu right into Hideo’s ear.


‘’AYuMmMmmUuuuuuUuU, YoU KnOW ThAT ToO?!?!? screamed Hideo while having a voice crack that sounded similar to a squealing pig, however so loud that the windows in the classroom started to flutter.