Chapter 16:

Chapter 4.4, Moon Village Part 2

Don't Worry, We Have the Best Supporter in Our Team

The next day, 10:00 AM. Alice and Jayce checked their room once more before exiting the building. She never thought spending two days in Moon Village could leave such an impression to her. Bookmark here

Their first quest as Capital’s adventurers led them to Aiden and Irene and visit Luminous Flower Garden. Bookmark here

When they exited the building, they met up with Irene and Aiden by the entrance. Bookmark here

“Leaving without saying goodbye?” asked Irene with her usual smile.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, Aiden seemed to be listening to the conversation from nearby travelling merchants. Bookmark here

Alice could only guess that was his habit as an assassin. It was unfortunate for him to be unable to perceive things with his eyes and then a thought came across in her mind. Bookmark here

If Aiden was blind, why does he need a blindfold, to begin with? If the colour of Irene’s eyes is emerald, then what about Aiden’s? Bookmark here

“I knew you would be here when we are about to leave, so that saves the trouble for us to go to your place. That’s why I made use of most of your raw ingredients to prepare last night’s dinner,” answered Jayce.Bookmark here

“You knew those ingredients won’t last long, didn’t you?” said Irene, grinning at the thought of how Jayce had utilized their remaining food supplies for this purpose. Bookmark here

Well, it was true that the quality of their ingredients was average, but Jayce still able to bring forth the full extent of their ingredients. Aiden and Irene were grateful for that.Bookmark here

“Yes. On the bright side, you can get fresh new ingredients from the travelling merchant over there. Tell him I sent you. He will offer you a discount while you’re buying his food.” Bookmark here

He pointed with his finger toward the merchant he had mentioned, who was currently undergone business with the Moon villagers.Bookmark here

“All right, all right, you are forgiven,” she raised one hand as a sign of resignation and asked another question, “So where are you two heading?”Bookmark here

“Home,” he replied curtly.Bookmark here

“Where exactly?” Bookmark here

“One of Adventurer Academy’s dormitory.”Bookmark here

“Wow. So you two are students of Adventurer Academy. Wait… is that mean…?” she eyes set upon Alice, who had been silence a while now.Bookmark here

“It’s complicated,” said Alice. But she soon realized this made the situation getting more interesting. At least for Irene anyway.Bookmark here

“So far, there are no presences of monsters along the road to the capital,” Aiden intervened, probably doing them a favour to avoid Irene’s barrage of odd questions about their relationship. Bookmark here

“Thank you, Aiden,” said Alice.Bookmark here

Jayce thanked Aiden with a nod and withdrew two pouches from his magic gloves and handed them over to Irene and Aiden.Bookmark here

“Here’s the reward from the quest of defeating the bandit leader”Bookmark here

Irene and Aiden didn’t bother to look into the contents, they had decided to trust him the moment he saved their people. But then, part of them felt like the reward is slightly more than what they had expected. They were guessing the additional reward was meant to fix the damages Alice had made during their battle at the forest behind Irene’s residence. Bookmark here

Just the thought of it made them gave a wryly smile. With that expression as a signal, Jayce knew they had received the actual message and gave a silent prayer to them so that Irene’s parents wouldn’t give them a long scolding.Bookmark here

“Anyway,” he continued, “it’s time for us to head home.”Bookmark here

“Goodbye, Irene and Aiden.” She gave a hug to Irene, and Aiden, well, he rejected her hug but accepted her handshake instead.Bookmark here

“Well, aren’t you a shy one?” teased Irene, who couldn’t hide her laughter.Bookmark here

“Shut up.”Bookmark here

Is he embarrassed? Bookmark here

She left it aside and trotted towards Jayce, who had walked ahead of her earlier.Bookmark here

“Did you say your goodbyes?”Bookmark here

“Yeah.”Bookmark here

“I know it’s a short visit, but I’m sure we will meet again someday.” Bookmark here

“Isn’t that what adventurers do all the time?” She let out a bright smile to him.Bookmark here

“True,” said Jayce, returning her with a smile.Bookmark here

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