Chapter 2:





The yawning and awakening sun began to rise and highlight nature’s beauty in the Arabian desert area “Fata Morgana” that was close to territory held by to the Democratic Organization. Near the scattered Bedouin tents the desert kings were roaming enjoyably: camels, sheep and donkeys greeted each other with “ahlan wa sahlan,” Arabic for welcome….and with moaning, bleating, and braying.

Barney opened his eyes slowly, rubbing them constantly while the blows he received from the sides of the helicopter struck him on all sides of his head and helped his brain to regain its regular activity that at times was normal and predictable but was usually unpredictable and insane. Everyone in the helicopter watched with curiosity and with a smile of sympathy at the appearance of the alienated “White Mouse”, the special and notorious facility that served as prison and also as a mental hospital for the craziest and most dangerous prisoners. The building was full of dirt, ugliness and stench in “Fata Morgana”, the Arabian desert, and its dirty and stained white color was in extreme contrast to the spatial brown desert spreading out like a wall, in a way that prevented escaping from the facility. Barney noticed from the corner of his eye that Monro was dressed, as usual, in a military combat suit decorated with camouflage-colored patches of bright soil with row upon row of false honors and heroism medals that according to him, he received for his participation in obscure, unknown, and unfamiliar battles. He wore a striped and stylish combat hat on his head. While he was proudly reviewing the front pages of newspapers from all over the world with a patronizing smile, he saw the advertisements on his presidential inauguration ceremony at the parliament’s tabernacle. Suddenly the underbelly of the helicopter opened and from within Monro’s thugs came out and examined everyone.

Monro intended to leave the helicopter, but the thugs stopped to arrange his appearance inside the helicopter, held a shining and dazzling mirror in front of him and waited for him until he approved of his honorable presidential appearance. The others had already gotten out of the helicopter, and they were following Monro and the thugs who checked everything around them and even continued arresting each other with their hysterical worry and with their dumb questions as if any minute aliens were about to arrive from outer space to assassinate Monro. In that place, local and foreign media teams were waiting for the meeting between Monro and Aswad. Barney stared with curiosity at the two characters who arrived from the prison’s gate and approached them. They seemed familiar to Barney, who tried to remember who they were, but without success. They both saluted Monro and the senior turned to him with politeness.

“Hello, honorable President. I’m the chief warden, Madoff,” he indicated his friend, “and this is my deputy, the greatest thief of all, the Rabbi Joves from New York. Welcome to the “White Mouse” facility. I, my deputy and the prison staff welcome you and will take care of you.”

His deputy continued:

“The boss and I will do anything for you to enjoy your visit here,” he laughed. “Usually those who get here never leave”. Monro flinched at the sound of this last remark by the Deputy and looked at both of them with contempt.

“I’m Monro the Great...the chosen Monro...I’m not scared of anybody...not even in this place”

Prof. Cheers whispered in Munro's ear:

“That was a joke, President. Take it as a joke.”

Monro started laughing crazily and slapped Madoff’s shoulder forcefully with a Karate chop. It almost made Madoff fall over and he also slapped the deputy on the forehead.

“Don’t worry Mr. Monro. He meant the criminals and the mad people who come here. Not politicians. ”Madoff and his deputy laughed stupidly while slapping each other. Only then Barney remembered that these two clowns were once the greatest fraud and corruption Caesars in the World. Until this moment, Barney was not sure that they were under great vigilance in prison.

Therefore, he turned to Yeats while whispering:

“Tell me, I remember that Madoff was sentenced to 150 years and the Rabbi... I do not remember for how long. So, what are they doing here holding positions of prison warden and his deputy?”

Yeats smiled arrogantly and explained to him with his chest filled with pride:

“That’s true. Since the “White Mouse” facility is the most dangerous and problematic, their lawyers suggested a plea bargain. Instead of rotting in prison, they will serve as the warden of the prison and his deputy under the condition that they return as much money as they can, money that they stole from the state. I suggested to Monro not to hesitate for a second and to agree immediately. In that way we gained industrial silence and a little money. I’m a genius, don't you agree?”

Barney’s shock was beyond his understanding; he looked at Yeats without being able to believe his own ears. The prison warden and his deputy seemed to realize they were talking about them, and they approached Barney who asked quickly and whispered to Yeats.

“Of course, everyone knows you are a genius, Yeats. But how do you know they will not escape on their first opportunity?”

“Are you mad? They will never do that. Each one of them, like all prisoners, has an electronic ankle monitor. One more thing, if they try to escape, they will be caught and brought up here as life prisoners instead of being warden and deputy.”

“And where are the keys of their electronic anklets?”

“What kind of an idiotic question! Of course, like in other jails in the world, they are held by the prison warden and his deputy here at their offices in prison.”

. Suddenly they all raised their heads to the sky to the sound of a loud and annoying noise as Aswad’s helicopter approached.

Yeats screamed at the orchestra and at the prison guards:

“Everyone get ready; Suleiman Aswad, the new President of the Free Islamic Forces and his entourage are landing here soon!”

Monro signaled the journalists to come and listen to him.

“The new President of the Free Islamic Forces seized power in a bloody military revolution because he claimed that the Selected Democratic Organization settled in Saudi Palestine, near Kuwait and turned it into an “enlightened” democracy governed by puppets due to its monetary power, influence and the threats made by the Selected Democratic Organization despite the joy of the residents who were tired of terrorism in the country and whose subsistence was minimal until the arrival of the Selected Democratic Organization. Aswad eliminated its enemies outside and inside with anthrax poisoning, bird flu, swine flu, camel flu, donkey flu in addition to other illnesses. Finally, he took “Mike Satanic” under his wing. Satanic was a former Israeli who converted to Islam and became the notorious and elusive Caesar of terror. Aswad sent him to burn and eliminate his competitors' largest oil wells and since he succeeded at that, the powers of the Free Islamic Forces became the only and the biggest oil supplier in the world. Aswad became the exporter and the billionaire of the oil powers.”The large helicopter adorned with symbols of the Free Islamic Forces landed near them. Monro, bodyguards, government members and the translator waited near the helicopter. When the door opened, President Aswad stepped out wearing a black military hat, military suit similar to Monro’s, with camouflage patterns, with bravery and honor medals, the fruits of his productive imagination, accompanied by several members of his government, the Islamic media and his translator. The photographers of the two countries and from all over the world hastily began shooting. Monro and Aswad were forced to shake hands in disgust in front of the media and kissed each other’s cheeks while their faces exhibited disgust. The two translators introduced the two praised Presidents, their government members who distanced their faces from each other, preferring just a quick handshake. The two leaders walked towards the stage while they congratulated each other with revulsion and asked one another about their health while in their thoughts they prayed for the other’s death. When they had gone half-way, a sudden embarrassing silence rose between them, so they asked each other how they felt without even caring.

“What’s going on, your Honor, what’s up your Honor, how are you doing, how do you feel, what’s going on, how are you doing, how are you feeling?”

They both sighed with relief and satisfaction when they stood on the stage, each holding a nicely wrapped package in his hand. President Monro rushed past President Aswad.

“The honorable new President, Mr. Aswad. I bless you for being chosen as President and wish you, your government and your people wealth, happiness and for you, Suleiman, to take care of your health so you may live long. The people of the Selected Democratic Organization bless you”. Monro held a small model of a camel, with Aswad's face on it and gave it to him “take this small gift from me and from the people of the Selected Democratic Organization”. He mumbled to himself with a smile, “I would have given you poison, you ass hole”. Aswad smiled all over with no connection to the moment and seemed pleased and happy for no reason.

“Thank you, my dear brother, honorable Monro, the new president of the Selected Democratic Organization. The people of the Free Islamic Forces and I bless you and wish you and the people of the Selected Democratic Organization wealth and happiness. May God grant your health and long life. The Islamic people are with you,” mumbling to himself with satisfaction “it’s a pity that Bigler did not exterminate you and all the democrats along with the Jews” holding a miniature statue of a pig whose face resembled Monro’s, he handed it to him “take this humble gift from me and from the people of the Free Islamic Forces who admire and love you.”

They shook hands once again with a smile of contempt to the applause of all participants while the press corps reported and photographed constantly. They remained on stage, and each conferred with his own entourage. Monro whispered to Aswad:

“I hope you will continue supplying oil to the Selected Democratic Organization and stop raising its price, as Mr. Aziz, your predecessor did.”

“I hope you’ll keep sending us your agriculture and grain experts and stop manipulating and fucking us.”

“Of course, President Aswad, you will not be disappointed,” then mumbling to himself “I wish the oil drilling tower will fall on you, you thief, extortionist and liar.”

“Of course, Mr. Monro, all will be fine,” mumbled the Arab “I hope you are swallowed by a combine, you thief and liar.”

Barney stared at them with curiosity and wondered what they were hiding under their blank expressions while they continued smiling at one another. They reminded him of two poisonous snakes that kill when they notice their innocent victims. Aswad laid his fatherly hand on Monro’s shoulder, while the latter was instinctively ready to make a karate move before he regained his composure.

“Maybe we should go inside” Monro’s response scared Aswad for a second, but the latter calmed down when he saw Monro’s embarrassment.

“I want to see the condition of the Arab prisoners; I hope that your prison manager treats them well”.

“Okay, Mr. Aswad. Let us go inside. In addition, you will see there is nothing to worry about,” he chuckled. “You will see that the Arabs receive better treatment than the Selected Democratic Organization prisoners.” Aswad thought for a moment and then suddenly pleaded with Monro:

“Dear Mr. Monro, honorable President, I would like you to make a small gesture due to the good relations between us and our countries. Please release Mr. Mike Satanic and hand him over to us. We will keep him in our prison. We want to get Mr. Mike Satanic back. He deserves to be in the prison of the Free Islamic Forces. Please give Mike Satanic a chance.” He smiled sarcastically in front of the cameras, ”give peace a chance between the Free Islamic Forces and the Selected Democratic Organization”.

Monro was amazed by the effrontery of President Aswad, despised him and answered with clenched teeth.

“The chosen, brave and smart President Aswad, your sweet Mike Satanic caused the explosion of magnificent buildings and massacred innocent people such as children, adults, and elderly without distinction. I will not release such a despicable terrorist like him EVER”. They stared at each other for a long time with looks of hatred like two vampires that desperately need blood and will do anything to get it. As if by magic, however, the two intimidating elected presidents who understood corrupt politics suddenly smiled sweetly at one another in front of the cameras and continued with their diplomatic and political routine. Monro turned to all the journalists with a sweet smile.

“Ladies and gentlemen from the press, if you have any questions, this is the time.”

The journalist of the Democratic Organization asked Munro:

“How do you see the relationship between these two countries?”

Monro was all smiles:

“I’m the new leader of the Democrats who looks for peace and understanding with Aswad and the Free Islamic Forces.”

Aswad said in response:

“And I am the leader and the general of all the Arabs and Muslims who are looking for truth and happiness in the world and especially with the Selected Democratic Organization”.

A democratic journalist who was close to Monro:

“Mr. Aswad, the world would like to know what is going on with the new nuclear reactors of yours. Why don’t you allow the Nuclear Weapons Control Committee or any other Control Committee to check these reactors?”

Aswad grabbed the microphone:

“Bullshit, the Atomic, Chemical, Bacterial, Cosmic and Galactic Control Committee can check whatever it desires. We don’t have any new atomic reactors. The reactors you just mentioned are the elaborate installations of Islamic forces trying to produce gold artificially, synthetically, and microbiologically. We would like to be the first ones in the world to succeed in the production of artificial gold. Our Islamic gold scientists are among the best in the world. Everyone is jealous of them. Another democratic reporter screamed in an uncontrollable rage:

“How is this relevant? Why don’t you let us examine the reactors? What is this nonsense of gold production?”

Aswad chuckled:

“To produce gold is considered nonsense. In addition, what about the Democratic Organization that already has nuclear weapons for use against the forces of Islam? Is that nonsense? We will produce gold missiles, gold airplanes, and gold submarines. We will become the world's largest gold empire.”

Monro quickly responded:

“Mr. Aswad, if the Nuclear Weapons Control Committee does not check your new reactors, we will acquire reactors similar to yours. We will also produce gold like you do, but democratic gold that is better than your gold.”

Aswad was furious:

“I don’t want to hear about the reactors and about gold anymore. Enough with the questions, Mr. Monro, do what you will. You want to check, check but just let us know about it a month in advance.” With pathos: “I am Aswad, the elected leader of the elected people. God elected me to lead the Islamic force forever.” With authoritativeness: “We must continue, let’s go inside”. “Okay, I got you, let's continue, let’s go to the room of my dear friend “Mike Satanic”.

They continued walking in silence along the long corridor until the end and then turned right and left until they stood in front of a knobbles door on which was written in English, Arabic and Russian – “no entry”. Barney understood where they were standing and innocently thought that it was a regular room for VIP prisoners. The prison warden buzzed the intercom and asked to go inside. The camera that was placed on the ceiling above the door focused on everyone and suddenly the door opened wide. Had he not seen this room with his own eyes, he would not have believed that a room like this could exist in a place like this. The guests stared at it with astonishment, enthusiasm, and calls of “wow” burst out of their mouths to the sight of an amazingly organized and furnished room that was nicer than Monro’s office at the Democratic Presidential House. The deputy warden explained but again, his boss, Madoff, was fast enough to interrupt him and explained with importance, his chest thrust out:

“Welcome to the room of the Caesar of Terror: 'Mike Satanic' who once was the leader of the 'Bell Aida' Organization – the most infamous terror organization in the world who was caught with a false identity in Germany by the C.I.A and the Shin Beth. He was smuggled to Demos – the capital of the Selected Democratic Organization and was sentenced to ten life sentences without parole. The adjacent rooms were reserved for his security people who also served as his secretaries, wives, mistresses who sleep with him every night, one girl or two, or three, or four at a time as many as he pleases. Mike Satanic is a man of capital and potency whose property is currently estimated at about 10 billion dollars. The Selected Democratic Organization also regularly places, at his disposal, the helicopter that is parked outside as a means to show our appreciation for his indefatigable efforts and success in the release of the soldiers who were captured by the Syrian Arabic Organization “El Haj” that specialized in kidnapping soldiers from democratic countries,” he chuckled “Mike Satanic takes his helicopter occasionally for a ride, accompanied by his guards, the prison warden, his deputy and some prison guards. He already knows the entire surrounding area; the putz enjoys looking at us from above”.

Everyone burst out laughing while Barney felt the fire of jealousy burning in his aching bones and mumbled in frustration:

“I’m willing to trade with you, Mike Satanic. Who needs Elena when you have 10 billion dollars, a helicopter, and fuck all night long every night?”

The gigantic room 65 feet long and 33 feet wide was furnished with Persian and Chinese carpets that were later discovered to be fakes. The walls were painted with the newest colors; there were new sophisticated air conditioners that cooled or warmed the room according to his wishes. The room was divided into two equal parts. In the back corner – a luxurious, electric canopy bed and on the opposite side a three-dimensional 150-inch TV, with an amazing bathtub beside it, an astounding Jacuzzi, a closet and washbasins. The front corner was a copy of a Hi-Tech CEO office. “Mike Satanic” was sitting behind an impressive large, heavy executive desk, on an executive chair of high-quality leather. He was flanked by four Arabs in suits, his strong and fearsome bodyguards. In front of him beside the desk there were three empty chairs of high-quality leather for his guests. On the table there were desktop computers, portable computers, tablets, land-line phones and a Smartphone. In addition, there were accessories decorating his desk. There were large TV screens opposite him on the walls broadcasting from all the world capitals. His six secretaries/mistresses sat at desks along the walls, dressed modernly and elegantly, wearing veils over their faces and typing on the portable computers on their desks. The Islamic- Democratic group stood in its place astonished. The Caesar of Terror, Mike Satanic, in a gallabiyah and a kufiyah, stood up and walked towards President Aswad with his hands extended for a hug. The latter reciprocated the gesture and roared:

“How are you my dear friend, Mike Satanic, my beloved brother, the new prophet of the Islamic Kingdom? “

They hugged warmly and kissed each other on the cheek.

Mike Satanic answered him:

“And how are you my dear friend, my beloved brother Suleiman Aswad, the new prophet of the Islamic kingdom, the leader of the Islamic army? Did you forget to bring me a gift?”

Aswad answered the Caesar of Terror warmheartedly while looking suspiciously at Barney and the Democratic group, who drew back with discomfort. President Aswad waved his hand towards the man with the briefcase. The man bowed slightly towards the Caesar of Terror and handed him the case. The President opened the case and presented the laptop to the Caesar of Terror.

“My good friend, my dear brother, please accept this humble gift. This is Mickmack's newest laptop.”

“Thank you, my good friend, my dear brother. I accept your gift with love and affection and humility and thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

The Caesar of Terror bowed slightly to President Aswad and laid the case on his desk. Everyone clapped politely while Barney’s palms froze for a second when they approached each other. It was odd. It seemed to him that the Caesar of Terror returned a devious wink at Aswad who had winked first. A scream of “Dirty Arabs, what are you up to?” Was already on the tip of Barney’s tongue and was about to come out but fortunately he bit his tongue and restrained himself, having no other choice. He knew that another screw-up on his part would send him to the scaffold, to the Political guillotine and Barney would lose his upholstered chair on which his ass was supposed to sit in the next term of his tenure. President Aswad approached Monro.

“Mr. President, I would also like to introduce to you a truly outstanding person, precious and tireless. I am talking about Mike Satanic. He is your most important prisoner here.”

Monro approached the Caesar of Terror with six bodyguards at his side and the Caesar of Terror approached him with six of his own Arab bodyguards who matched the six Russian bodyguards while Monro shook the Caesar of Terror's hand, smiling condescendingly. President Aswad stood in front of them with a suspicious and devious smile. Each of Monro’s six Russian bodyguards stood opposite his Arab counterpart. They examined each other like hawks. It seemed that soon enough they would gladly knock their heads into each other. The Arabs and the Russians shook hands with a cold and alienated politeness while each one introduced himself and swore at the other in his own language. Aswad and the Caesar of Terror whispered to each other and immediately aroused Barney’s anger and his fundamental suspicion. The truth was that he was already fed up staying in this horrible and despicable place and he dreamed of going home to his sweet children and his beloved Elena and to her unforgettable curves.

“Mr. Warden,” whispered Aswad, “my friend and my dear brother, Mr. Satanic, told me several days ago on the phone that you promised to organize a masquerade ball for the prisoners instead of the “Halloween” ball that has not yet taken place because you didn’t manage to prepare masks for the prisoners. I am not interested in reporting this to the United Nations. This is a rude and blatant negation of prisoners' rights. I demand organizing this ball immediately and I even brought masks for all the prisoners. They are in my helicopter.”

The prison warden and his deputy whispered to each other with embarrassment. Monro feared the media reaction regarding the masquerade ball fiasco.

“It’s a pity I didn’t know about that. Take the masks that the honorable President Aswad brought and prepare the ball immediately, tomorrow at noon. If you need any help, I will make sure to take care of it. Please come to me with any request.” The worried Monro seemed impatient “I think that we've been here enough. Let’s go.”

Everyone left the facility with a sigh of relief. Some of the prison guards pushed wheelbarrows, laden with large boxes of masks for the ball, from the helicopter. President Aswad parted from Monro with artificial friendliness and the obligatory kisses that included a physical aversion to ostentatious, plastered, and frozen smiles. Monro smiled at him with arrogance.

“Mr. President, if you come to the Selected Democratic Organization for a few days, we would love to have you at my estate and to show you beautiful places,” and mumbled to him “I will take you to a slaughterhouse, so you know what your fate is.”

“I would have gladly accepted your invitation” Aswad patted him on the shoulder and stopped smiling “but I must go back. I would love to visit you next time” laughing cynically. ”I’m sure it will happen soon” and mumbled to himself “be sure that the gates of hell are waiting for you.”

A few minutes later Aswad’s helicopter faded, on its way to “Muslimania”, the capital of the Free Islamic Forces. Monro, Barney and all government members got in their helicopter that flew to “Demos”, the capital of the Selected Democratic Organization. In the beginning of their trip, in the helicopter, the cabinet secretary told them:

“Don’t forget that tomorrow we have a government meeting at 10 AM and a discussion on the country’s budget until…”

Monro remembered something and stopped him:

“The government meeting is postponed, canceled. Tomorrow morning, we are going to meet some of my special friends at a most secret facility, you can bring along your wives” smiling his devious smile “it will be an unforgettable day”.

Yeats “Maybe we can do it on another day. There is a very important meeting tomorrow. It’s best not to postpone it because...”

Monro was furious “I set it for tomorrow and I’m not canceling it. The country’s issues are less important than me and my good friends.”

Everyone shook their heads in a monotonic, apathetic, positive manner that resembled puppets on invisible strings. Barney did not care about the rest of the people and what was going to happen the next day. Since they left the “White Mouse”, his brain hummed like a beehive. Barney suddenly felt chills crawling up his aching spine that always suffered from pain. A frightening black cloud of the unknown, that was about to happen, undermined the thoughts that furiously pounded his temples until he finally gave in to the long-awaited sweet nap.