Chapter 14:

Foreboding Daze III

Sword Quest

“Well, to give brief exposition to the topic, I’d like to revisit the history-or at least the history our knowledge holds, of the various wars within Molovar. We first go back before the Dome came to be, where around half of our Takanova’s four hundred years of existence saw war between us and the Shlanks. In that time, there was also war between the Gleazons of Center Rock and their neighboring Celanocia Island, a war that would prove pivotal in both state’s desire to expand westward. In the end, Celanocia gained the upper hand, securing a sea route toward the western Island State of Felaficia and some neighboring stateless islands.

“Meanwhile, the northern Island State of Snarilia served as our country’s defense force, fighting off invading fleets from the country of Molusht, while also tending to unneeded squabbles between states over small islands that to this day remain unclaimed. This included the Red Exodus, where many Shlanks defected and sought to claim their own island, fighting small battles with just about every state until they found Shraunts Island, a rich northeastern state inhabited by the Verdeans, a longtime rival of Snarilia.

“Through the fierce fighting strength of the Shlank defects, the Verdeans were forced to retreat to a small unnamed island further south. The inhabitants of the newly claimed Shraunts Island of course went on to call themselves the Black Shlanks, and dedicated themselves to becoming an economic powerhouse rather than wage war, evidenced by the many trends and industrial innovations we’ve received from them.

“At the same time, Snarilia had become so focused on the fights within that the emissaries of Molusht seized the chance and forced their way in, setting up camp in another unknown island near the Verdeans’ new home. This fueled tensions between the Snarilians and Verdeans, eventually sparking a three-way war that ravaged the two unnamed islands.

“That three-way war, marks the end of our records leading up to the Day Left in Grey. The true victor remains unknown, but we know of a clear loser, though we do not know the means. After the Dome’s appearance, the Molusht forces slowly rebuilt themselves while the Snarilians mysteriously shut themselves within their fortress of an Island, rejecting any communication. The only certainty that we know is that, once the dust had settled, the Verdeans…no longer existed.”