Chapter 0:

The birth

Reapers Origins

Have you ever wondered what the origins of death himself was How he came to be how he grew to The power he wields? This is the answer to that Question read Enjoy And come along the journey of Death,

We Open to see a women and her husband in a medical room as the women would. Be giving birth,

????: Almost there honey Keep pushing!

As we'd zoom into a tall man With long black hair Alongside his wife a women of practical Goddess beauty With long White hair and pure white eyes,

???: Ahhh!!!!  (A few minutes later.) doctors:It's a boy! another son in the family Aye your one lucky man lord ????

?????: I thank you Doctor  I am Eternally in your debt for this 

Doctor:No of course my friend it's on the house for the leader of the clan 

????:Our son is beautiful ????? He has A little bit of both of us in him. 

????: Indeed +He would grin+ what shall we name him My love?

????: Karito. let's name him Karito,

????: Fitting for The next Rea-Before The man could finish his sentence A large explosion would echo through out the palace of which they lived in, Zalama: What in gods name!?, As then The doors would burst open as they'd see hundreds of people running from soldiers. ?????: What is going on!, As he would run outside to hear screams 


?????: honey? what is happening, ????: WE NEED  TO GO NOW!

As the man would help his wife up as they'd alongside  the DOCTER and child would be running to a docking bay

?????: GET HIM TO THE POD!, as they'd run over to a familiar form of a space pod,

Just as the would be putting him in the pod Men would burst down the door running in as there'd be Particularly different man amongst them.

soldiers: There They are attack! 

As the soldiers would rush towards the group killing the doctor first, 



As The man would Put out His Arm jumping up slamming it into The ground As a Powerful Energy beam would shoot down  Combined with Gravitational Crush On the scale of 100 Milky ways killing All the soldes expect one Young male  

?????: Father... 

As the Young man would be standing there wielding a staff that stems to 40 Feet long and 12 inch's thick

????: you will pay for choosing that Child over me!!

As he would charge at The husband and wife as the Husband would jump above him grabbing his staff slamming him down


As we'd go back to the women

????: I'm sorry karito We will find you I promise We will!

As she would program the Pod to escape the Palace Just as she'd turn to see her Husband he struck down buy their First son

????: NOO!!!

As she would close the pod Sending it off as The last thing our Young Protagonist would see was a battle of celestial proportions,

As We'd see our Mc flying thru the abyss of space Before A black hole would shape from the distance 

As the pod would be pulled in Back instead of being crushed and destroyed buy the gravitational pull He would be teleported to A new realm not of his own A Void 

As we'd see a Small island floating in the void About the size of a large high school As the pod would slam down onto The Island,

We'd Zoom into an old couple sitting in. their house with a young son about 5 years. old As they'd hear a loud explosion occur Outside,

?????: What In tarnations!?

????: Clark what was that!?

Clark: I don't know it was some Sorta explosion

As the family would run out To the crash. site Running as Clark would Slide into the crater. 


To be continued......

This Novel Contains Mature Content

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Reapers Origins