Chapter 3:

Chapter 3


I have to admit, after being brought back to life I wasn't able to get a good night's rest. But when I finally do, it starts raining and I'm soaked from head to toe. It's like I can never have anything without anything bad happening.

I’m lying on my back and staring at the stars that dwindled through the night. My clothes are wet and I’m shivering, if I stay like this I might get sick and I can’t afford to get weak. Especially now.

I pushed myself up and rubbed my eyes. Letting out a tired sigh, I looked around my surroundings. I’m in some sort of open field and must've been wandering for a while.

It must be way past midnight depending on the sky. It had a little dark shade of blue in the mix so the dawn would be here in a little while.

All I kept thinking about was Nightfall.

Who was he? What did he want from me? What did he mean when he said, “We’re the same?” Why does he wear such a weird outfit?

He was certainly a man that you shouldn’t leave unattended. Especially what he does in his spare time.

A part of me wants to stop him, the other part wants to ignore him, while another part is intrigued by him. It’s all in disarray.

But one thing’s for sure, I definitely don’t like him.

Besides, I have other things to worry about like…still tryin’ to figure out my purpose here. I know he sent me here for a purpose…besides getting my memories wiped of course.

I struck a deal with him and ended up here. Although, something tells me that I stayed in that hellish place a little longer than I intended to.

What does it all mean? What does my whole existence mean?

If I don’t know, then who does? Who am I? I’m beginning to wish I knew.

It’s a shame that I don’t know about who I actually am. I know my name is “Minji” but what if it was different. What if those memories I obtained were augmented, altered, tampered with?

What if… I’m someone else.

But could I truly be someone else? I don’t know if I can be someone completely different. There’s a reason why my memories are blank. This is so confusing.

I didn't even know what I'm supposed to do here in this world. I mean, I know I'm supposed to do something, but what?

What should I do?

The grass tickles my legs as I try to maneuver through the field. I've got to find a way out of here. I've been here too long and if I don't leave now I'm definitely going to get sick.

The sky was just beginning to turn a light shade of blue as I walked, yet the rain continued to fall. The longer I ran the wetter I got. I don't know why but my feet moved before my brain could even register it. I wanted to run through the field and just continue running.

It felt so good. The morning breeze hitting my face and my sandals stomping on the green and lush grass. But that was not an excuse to stay where I was.

I didn't know where I was going, I just ran. I ran and ran until I could run no more.

I fell into a heap on the ground and rolled over on my side. Rolling over on my back, I looked towards the morning sky. I just laid there. I tried to focus my eyes but they were heavy. It’s also not helping that said cold breeze was making my body even colder than it already was.

That’s it!

I shot up and started to take off my pink kimono. The good thing about being alone is to not worry about prying eyes or peeping toms.

After doing that “tiresome chore,” I wrung out the kimono. I still find it weird that I covered myself from head to toe in bandages even though I’m not severely injured. I don’t know why I did that. Was it because of my face or I did it for comfort? I would be lying if I didn’t say that these bandages do make me feel a little warm inside. Even the past version of me in my memories wore bandages.

Despite all of that, they did make me look weird. I mean for fuck’s sake, I look like a mummy. I’m pretty sure my friends would get a kick out of this if they were still around.

I still remember the day where I even got this kimono and hat in the first place. It took place upon my return to Korea. I still thought that I was in my original time period but was in awe when everything around me looked more advanced than when I left. The clothes I had on were rags of what I presumed to be my old uniform before dying. Obviously, they were too small for me and I needed a change of clothes. So I broke into a local store, grabbed what I could get my hands on, and got out of there.

Seems pretty anticlimactic but that’s what happened.

After wringing out my kimono and giving it a good shake, I slipped it back on. It still felt a little damp but it was a step up from being completely soaked. Now thinking about it, I should’ve wringed out my socks too. Oh well.

I continued to amble along the grass as the sky got lighter and lighter. The rain started to stop and the air felt a little more humid. I know that I’m getting close to the road because I saw it from afar. Relief washed over me when I saw it on the horizon. I’m getting close to the ending of this empty field.

While approaching the road, something flashed in my mind, paralyzing me for a bit.

"You can run from him, but he will find you. You can hide but he will still find you. Or you can confront him and put an end to this endless cycle of grief, anger, and pain. Choose, Minji. Choose. Choose who you wish to be.”

"Who said that?!" I turned around sharply to look for the source of that voice. It was a little high pitched. Reminds me of a pesky child.

"I did."

A small fairy-like creature appeared right in front of me. On closer inspection, it had pink hair and a red and black striped jumpsuit.

"A fairy? I thought those were myths." I mused, still trying to process the small creature's existence.

"I'm not a fairy!" The ‘fairy' pouted. "I'm a demon just like you! The name’s Lilith by the way."

The "fairy thing" flew over and looked me in the eye. Even though its size doesn't intimidate me, the fairy did scare me a bit. And here I thought fairies were nice and gentle cre—

Wait a minute…demon?

I’m a demon?

As much as I want to deny what the fairy’s saying, she has a point. The regenerative and bandage powers, the memories, and many other things could be a factor in that. Even if she’s wrong, I might as well accept the fact that I’m no longer human. Nonetheless, it’s a hard pill to swallow. Might as well cut to the chase then. It’s not always rare to have a fairy tell you about something that you already know but don’t want to admit.

“What the hell do you want!” I spat.

“Ooooh, cutting to the chase I see,” Lilith hummed in approval. “Well, if you want to know so badly then I’ll gladly tell you. You see, our master Diablo sent me here to watch over you. Like a guardian angel perhaps.”

“Is that what you call yourself? A guardian of something or someone?” I asked.

“Yep!” The fairy nodded furiously. “And you’re lucky enough to have me as your ‘guide’ through this journey of your pain and suffering.”

I stared long and hard at the little demon and scoffed. “You don’t even know half of it.”

I continued to walk towards the road as Lilith fluttered around me. Fuckin’ pest. I’m already getting annoyed with her even after just meeting her.

"Oh, I'm sure I don't. But, I'm guessing that it's something along the lines of you trying to find your family or… something. Or was it friends.” The fairy hummed, placing a finger on her chin.

I grabbed her from the air and growled.

"Look, I don't know who the hell you are but I don't need a fairy to tell me anything."

“I’m not just any fairy!” Lilith. “I am your men—”

“You are nothing to me but a pest!” My grip on her grew tighter. “Get away from me before I pluck your wings and shove them down your throat!”

I let Lilith go and proceeded to walk to my destination. I could feel her little eyes burning in the back of my head.

“Looks like someone’s hit a nerve,” Lilith purred. “You have nowhere to go, demon.”

I continued to walk as I heard her mocking laughter following closely behind. When I turned around to retort, she was already gone.

Turning my head around, I could only wonder where that pest went.

I guess she took my threat seriously. I mused. Doubt then plagued my mind. No, I don’t think that’s the case.

I shook my head and approached the dirt road. Maybe she was summoned by “Diablo.”

Speaking of which, who is this “Diablo” anyway? Was it him?

Was it…that man?

The first flashback I ever saw played in my mind again.

“If it’s revenge you seek then I’ll surely give it to you. In turn for your soul of course!”

That has to be him! No doubt about it. Covered in fire and brimstone with a lone man standing with a devilish grin.

Revenge…revenge…revenge. That's all I wanted. But the true question is…was it worth it?

After trudging my way through the field, I finally made my way towards the street, starting my tiresome journey back to the alleyways that called for me. It’s ironic that this depressing place feels like home to me. I guess it’s true what they say, home is where the heart is.

I found the abandoned building I usually take refuge in and went inside. It was probably once a store of some sorts, but now it is in ruins. The room was cold but I really didn't care. I backed against a wall and slid down slowly.

What the hell do I do now? I thought, hugging my knees close to my chest. I felt mentally stuck.

"Take some deep breaths." I muttered to myself. "Calm the fuck down."

I tried to release the deep breath I took in but I just couldn't.

The flashback was still playing in my mind. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on the sound of my own breath to help me get my mind off of the horrible things I had seen.

I don't know how long I sat there. It felt like hours. Maybe it was minutes? It's not like time is really a factor here anyway. I just couldn't bring myself to move. I didn't want to. I was scared. I didn't want to see it anymore. I just wanted it to all be a bad dream.

The only thing that did startle me was a knock on the door.

“It’s open.” I mumbled. There was no reply.

I got up slowly and approached the door. I couldn't see who was outside.

"Hello?" I called out.

The silence continued and I grabbed the door handle. I opened the door slowly and stepped back. A body slumped in the doorway, startling me a bit. I kicked the corpse on its back and saw that star-shaped symbol on his forehead.

“Nightfall.” I muttered.

I walked outside and couldn’t believe my eyes.

“What the…”

There were about six of them, all dressed in black suits and covered in blood and the same symbol on their foreheads. They had their backs against the building and their heads hanging low. It’s pretty sickening.

On closer inspection, there was a white card placed neatly on the lap of one of the corpses. I took the card and opened it up.

“Do you like my gift?”

I crumbled the card in my hand and threw it away from me.

"You sick fuck." I hissed.

Looking at the sky, I wondered what I should do now. He obviously wants to lure me out somewhere or he wants me to notice him.

If I stay here, he'll be back. If I leave, he’ll do something like this again. It wouldn’t be long when he brings innocent people into the fray.

I have no idea what to do.

Maybe if I sleep it off…I’ll think of something.

I made my way back into the building and collapsed on the cot I made myself.

I don't know what I'm getting myself into. I just know that I can't go on like this anymore. I closed my eyes and let sleep take me away.

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