Chapter 1:



*Huff* Huff* 
A Heavy breathing can be heard in the middle of the dark forest.
"God I know you can hear me ....please god my son...he has nothing to do with this... it's his misfortune to be born into this family...he is just an innocent child, please god save him from those monsters ....don't let him be caught by those people."A very young and delicate lady covered with blood and arrows that pierced through her chest prayed to god.

"Son...I'm sorry son I wanted to see you grow up ....little by little in front of my eyes but I don't have that luxury now...I really wanted to see you grow up as a kind and loving person like your father....but I can't see that now...I'm really sorry..son please forgive your mother...I wish you have a happy and loving life.....when you came to another side by dying in old age...please tell me about what you have done until you live...I will listen to your every adventurous story very carefully....."
The young lady gave a loving kiss to her son and feed her baby for the very last time and shortly she closed her eyes.

After a brief moment of silence, a baby cry was heard. After hearing the voice lots of shadows came around the baby.
"What is this little guy doing in this dangerous forest?".
"Hmm, is she his mother?"

"So you are the one who's prying for those stupid gods ." the shadow around the baby started to talk.

"Foolish human even though gods do this to you .... you're still prying to the gods...if they really care about you...then you and your baby won't be in this situation, Gods Don't care about mortals they enjoy seeing you mortals suffer."
*Wah*Wah* wah* 
"Hmm don't cry, little guy".A silhouette figure came out of the shadow and pick up the baby on arm.

"Don't worry little guy....even though your mother died are not alone in this world. I will be with you from now on."
"But you also have to do something for me when you grow up ....there is nothing free in this world...but the thing that you have to do for me also brings you lots of benefits in the future."
"Now let's give your mother a rightful funeral ".

After saying that lots of silhouette figures appeared. And when they were about to carry the baby's mother....the shadow voice spoke once again.
"Wait a moment ...what's that on her hand?" the silhouette figure takes the necklace from the baby's mother's palm and brings it where the shadow's Voice is.
"A necklace huh? Well, looks like your mother left something for you little guy."
"Put that necklace on the little one".The shadow voice gives the order to the silhouette figure.
"After that silhouetted figure put the necklace on the baby's neck."
"Now let her rest in peace ". Then silhouette figure buries the baby's mother.
"You can leave your son to my care...I will take good care of him."When the shadow voice said that all the silhouettes figure bow to the grave.

"Thank you so much, sir...please take good care of my baby".A pleasant voice echoed in the dark Forest.
"Yeah, I will." the shadow voice gives a slight smile.
"Now every come back ".the shadow voice ordered the silhouette figures and suddenly all the figures disappear in thin air.
Inside the dark cave.
All the silhouette figures that disappear a few seconds ago reappear inside the cave.
There was a long pitch-black sword at the end of the cave and the sword was chained by lots of chains.
"Bring that little guy here."The sword ordered the silhouette figure that was holding a baby on his arm.
The sword was the one that was giving the orders to the silhouette figures up until now from the shadow.
"Hmm, he looks to be 2 months old."

"Go and call the lice".
After having ordered the silhouette figure disappear from the cave.
(half an hour ago)
"Did you find her??".A knight's commander asked his soldiers.
"No, Commander Galahad, we didn't find her."

"Don't sweat it ...she entered the dark forest so, she and her baby will die eventually from the magical beast."

"Let us head back I have to report this to the lord...I think he's being restless by now he doesn't have any patience... If we did not report this soon we will be in trouble so let's head back."
"Yes, Commander".
After that, all knights went back.
(Present time )

"Why did you call me??" An annoying voice echo inside the cave.
"Oh, you finally arrived Lice?"

"Cut the carp and come to the point".

"Don't be like that...I bring a present for you".

"What are you talking about."

"Show her". 

The silhouette figure brings the baby in front of the lice.

"What!? Where did you find this creature?"

"I found him in the forest a few minutes ago."

"So why did you bring him here?"

"Well to tell the truth he's mother died when I find him in the forest so... I bring him here because I was bored being alone all this time. I want someone to entertain me so I bring him here hehe~" 

"Hmm, You did a good thing for the first time." lice started to lick the baby's face.... making the baby boy giggle.
Lice is a black panther and she's one of the strongest magical beasts in the dark forest ....and she's also one heartbroken mother...when the hunters from the human kingdom came to hunt in the dark forest they killed her 2 cubs....after that she becomes a cold-hearted beast ...but a mother is always a I decided to give her our little guy... I know she will take good care of him.

"So will you tell me why did you call me her?."
"I think you have a rough idea of why I called you".

"No will never do it."

"What I didn't even say anything and you already turning me down?"
"I know, what you will say so I don't want to do it."


"I said no."

"Please "

"You damn bastard I said no "
*Sigh* Sword sighs.


"Oh little guy don't be disheartened ...looks like your new mother won't gonna take care of you"
"What new mother ??"
"You are going to make me his mother".

"Yeah, that was an idea but you refused it".

"Okay deal I will be his mother ."

"Huh? What? Why is a sudden change of heart?."

"You bastard didn't tell me to be his mother."

"You are the one who didn't listen to me".

"Now I said I will do it so shut up".

"Okay okay, chill don't get angry at me."
"Hump" lice pout.

"Give her the baby" the sword ordered the silhouette figure.

After receiving his order silhouette figured put the baby on lice's back.
When the lice were about to leave the cave she glares at the black sword.
'TRYFING can I take it as we are even now...I will take care of I'm in no debt to you from now on."
"Yeah, we are even now lice". Black sword "TRYING" is quite satisfied with the outcome.
"Then see you later"After saying that black panther lice left the cave.

                -To be continued....