Chapter 39:

Book 2: Chapter 1: A Step Backward, A Step Forward, and A Long Week Part I

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1 and 2

Book 2: Land of Sand

Chapter 1: A Step Backward, A Step Forward, and A Long Week Part I



“You’re not allowed inside.”

“I won’t say it again, trash.”

“Uh Tayuya, are you sure you should be—”

The unlucky Jōnin ninja collapsed onto the floor, hopefully in a pleasant Genjutsu… doubt. But I understood why Tayuya did it. After that mess with Kimimaro and having me lean on her from the forest through the village, she was on a short fuse. If it wasn’t for Kakashi guarding the entrance to the village, we might not have even been let inside without some form of bondage.

I mean two Genin entering the village in the dead of night, one who could barely stand on his own and the other gave you the devil’s glare as a first impression. That just screamed suspicious, especially when ninja were found dead.

“What?” Tayuya said. “Don’t look at me like that. He didn’t move.”

“You worry me sometimes.”


“All the time,” I said as the door to the Hokage’s office opened. It wasn’t us who opened it but rather—

“Took you two long enough….” Sui paused for a moment as she noticed the Jōnin ninja collapsed in a fetal position. “Why the hell is Ebisu on the ground?”

“Well, you see here—”

“That trash didn’t move,” Tayuya said, cutting to the chase. “And here, take your boyfriend. He’s heavy.”

“Wait, what are you—Tayuya!”

She swung me straight into Sui, where we both crashed into the Hokage’s office. Whatever tense discussion that was being held immediately vanished as I found myself in an inappropriate position. One hand on her chest while the other against the floor, my face and Sui’s inches apart. I stared into her white eye as she stared into my black eyes, and the only thing I could say was:

“You’re definitely softer than Tayuya.”

“Y-You’re unbelievable, Yuki….”

“And your jokes suck,” Tayuya said, intruding on our moment. And my jokes don’t suck!

“Team 9!” The Third Hokage said.

We all looked up to see that we were surrounded by some of the Leaf’s top Jōnin: Shikaku Nara, the current head of the Nara clan and Shikamaru’s dad. The scared-faced ninja was way more intimidating than his lazy son, mainly because he didn’t look too amused by me. The other being Inoichi Yamanaka, the head of the Yamanaka clan and Ino’s father. His long blond hair reminded me a lot of Ino’s, and the red haori was a nice touch to his green flak jacket. At least I know where Ino got her sense of style from.

“What’s up with the brats, Lord Hokage? I thought we were having a serious discussion, not some sort of teen romance?” A slender woman said as she stared down at us. Maybe it was the fact that she had violet hair or that the chainmail undershirt she wore was a tight fit around her curves, but she was 100% in 9/10 territory... if only she didn’t look at us as if we were snake food.

“Still rude as ever, Anko,” Inoichi said.

“But she has a point. Why did Ebisu let them in?” Shikaku said as he cast a lazy gaze towards us, and in that instant, his shadow enveloped both mine and Tayuya’s. There we were forced to stand attention, all while Sui didn’t need the encouragement as she stood up on her own.

“I can answer that. I did not let them in! That runt knocked me out!” Ebisu screamed as Tayuya clicked her tongue from how weak she had to be for Ebisu to already escape her Genjutsu. “Though, fairly impressive, she has violated many shinobi codes with just this one act that—”

The Third Hokage raised his hand. “Settle down. I invited them here because they were just in conflict with one of the perpetrators. Isn’t that why you’re all beat-up Yuki, Tayuya?”

Tayuya opened her mouth, and I would have stopped her, but I couldn’t move my body. So this was what a real shadow possession Jutsu felt like. Shikaku didn’t even look like he broke a sweat holding us two in place, but thankfully Sui held her arm out in front of Tayuya.

“You are correct, Hiruzen-sensei,” Sui said with a slight bow. “It’s why I came to you in the first place. It’s Orochimaru.”

There was a droning silence that enveloped the room from the mention of his name. One that felt colder than using my Sharingan. I knew a Sannin going rogue was bad, but the way it seemed to take hold of Jōnin, even in the face of the Third Hokage, worried me. Yet Anko didn’t help as I noticed she went from trembling to gritted teeth.

“That snake was here…” Anko looked down at us with such venom that I was sure I could only stand because of Shikaku. “Where?”

“Where what?” Sui asked, locking eyes with Anko unfazed, but I doubt she even noticed as her attention was focused on me and Tayuya.

“I wasn’t asking you. I’m talking to these two.”

Tayuya smirked. “Long gone, failure.”

“What did you call me?”

“Anko Mitarashi, used as a test subject, thrown away like garbage, can barely control her Curse Mark. What else but a failure—”

All around Tayuya were snakes ready to tear through her as Anko’s arm had transformed into 3 pythons which were only held back thanks to their shadows.

“I usually don’t do this for someone who should be taught a lesson. But my son had quite a few things to say about you, Tayuya.” Shikaku chuckled as it finally looked like he was interested. “Wasn’t anything good, but something is better than nothing.”

“I have no idea who you’re talking about, old man, but I don’t need your help.”

“Of course, you don’t. What a drag.”

Shikaku sighed as Anko still seemed to be trying to fight his shadow paralysis off, and Tayuya was not making the situation any better. Then Sui glanced towards me with a nod saying, ‘you better fix this,’ which made me sigh. I couldn’t even activate my Sharingan for this, but I spoke anyway.

“We didn’t come into contact with Orochimaru but rather someone named Kimimaro in the forest on the outskirts of the village. Though he did seem to associate himself with Orochimaru. Went on and on about how he was a vessel and that I could be a backup vessel. Whatever that meant. But really, it didn’t seem like he wanted me, rather just my Sharingan.”

And with that, Anko’s snake arm disappeared as she relaxed while Shikaku freed all three of us from his shadow paralysis. There I noticed Ebisu seemed to have been jotting down my story. Thankfully Sui and Tayuya were both there, so our stories shouldn’t be different. Damnit, my big sis is nothing but a pain and headache!

“A vessel….” The Third Hokage turned away from us, staring out towards the village that seemed so peaceful. “Is that all that happened? What did this Kimimaro look like? What could he do?”

“Besides running away after giving us a boneing, that’s it,” I said with a chuckle as both Sui and Tayuya facepalmed. “The guy was strong, like on par with the ninja in this room. Could use his bones as weapons. But couldn’t have been any older than 17.” I laughed as I remembered how much of a gap was between us. “A white-haired monster—”

I fell forward but didn’t hit the ground, thanks to my one-eyed angel who spoke on my behalf. “We can have him write up a report later. Right now, Yuki needs rest. They both do.”

“N-not yet,” I said through hallowed breaths. “Team Rou. What happened to them?”

That time it was Inoichi who spoke as he seemed to have gotten his thoughts in order. “They were attacked while protecting the Hokage’s bodies by a user who could use bones. Kimimaro, was it? Along with three other young powerful ninja. And with your info, things are starting to make sense. Though one thing doesn’t check out. Why were you outside of the village to begin with?”

Sweat dripped down Sui’s face as Inoichi inched closer to Tayuya, his eyes towards her neck. “I really think we should give the interrogation a rest. Can’t you see they’re both injured—”

“Why else other than to get some alone time?” I gave them a wink. “The village isn’t too romantic, you know.”

Inoichi stopped dead in his tracks as his face became flushed. In fact, all the males in the room got red in the face while the women gave me a look of pure disgust. Some things just never change.


“I can’t believe you said that in front of the Hokage….”

“I can’t believe they’d actually think I’d do anything romantic, especially with Yuki.”

“I can’t believe it’s not butter.”

Sui and Tayuya stared at me as I went on about this new creamy paste I tried for our sandwiches. It softened up the bread and tasted like butter, but it was supposedly healthier.

Though, back on topic, it was Monday afternoon when we ate lunch on top of the Hokage Rock, a couple of days after the hushed-up grave robbing. Hiruzen-sensei didn’t want to alarm the village. Apparently, neither did Danzō, so only a few Jōnin, Anbu, and of course we three knew about the incident. I didn’t really know how I felt about it. On one hand, it made sense not to bring it up until we had a solution, but it felt wrong not having a funeral.

“Is that all you have to say?” Sui asked, staring at me with that pure white eye of hers. I was sure she could see through me, but I had to try.

“Ok, ok, I’m sorry. But in my defense, I was tired, about to collapse, and I needed to say something before Inoichi found out about Tayuya’s Curse Mark.”

“That’s not what I meant?” Sui inched closer to me, ignoring that Tayuya sat between us to, in her words, ‘keep me off Sui,’ but obviously, I wasn’t the one she needed to worry about. “You’ve been off.”

“Off?” I took another bite out of my sandwich. It was pretty good. Tayuya’s raised eyebrow was pretty good too, as she clearly had no idea what Sui meant. I mean, I thought I did those last couple of fetch quests pretty well. Training had also been going smoothly, with my Terra Shield becoming thicker, still not enough to stop Kimimaro, but I’m not sure what could stop that guy.

“Yes. Off,” Sui repeated.

“Tayuya, do you think I’ve been off lately?”

“Eh.” Tayuya shrugged her shoulders. “I think these sandwiches haven’t been your best food.”

“I’m sorry I spent a day in the hospital, another being interrogated, and another doing some ninja stuff.”

“Ninja stuff?” Tayuya now joined Sui in this; let’s stare at the Uchiha contest.

“That’s pretty vague Yuki. I know the last week or so has been difficult. I didn’t question where you went on Sunday because I wanted to respect your privacy. But if it’s going to affect the Team—”

“Alright, sandwiches were a bad idea.” I tossed my half-eaten sandwich off the head of the Third Hokage, then with a quick succession of signs, I spat out a small flame that burned it until nothing was left. “I just wanted to try something other than a five-course meal.”

“Ok…” Tayuya stood up. “I’m going to go clean my flute. Sis, fix him, please.”

And with that, Tayuya disappeared like the wind as everything was still the moment Sui’s white eye showed a reflection of me. My eyes were red with scythes in them instead of my two Tomoe.

I blinked once, and they were still there. I blinked twice, and they were still there. I blinked a third time, but I couldn’t see my reflection anymore as Sui pulled me into her chest. It was warm.

“Breathe in.”

I inhaled.

“Breathe out.”

I exhaled.

“Now look at me.”

My eyes were black.

“Feeling better?”

“Yeah… Thank you.” I said as I pulled away from her and looked down at the village. It was like looking at ants as they all went about their day unaffected by the fact that there were six of them missing. More like Unaware. Blinded from the truth of reality.

“So you’re going to tell me what happened while you were doing that ninja stuff?”

I laughed. “It was a pretty bad excuse, huh?”

“Yeah, it was.” Sui chuckled as she leaned her head against my shoulder.

“Did you know Kou has a kid?”

“You spent your time off snooping?”

“What else was I supposed to do? Pretend like they’re still on some mission?”

“You know Hiruzen-sensei doesn’t want to cause a panic. Even Danzō agreed with him, and those two never agree—”

“An even better reason to tell them the truth,” I muttered, as just hearing his name made the fire within me want to come out.

“And then what?”

“You already know my answer.”

“C’mon Yuki I know you’re not an idiot.” Sui stared at me with a pure gaze that once again saw through me. “I know you know this is the best decision. To keep the peace until we find them.”

“Just because it’s the best decision doesn’t make it right?”

“Then is protecting Tayuya the best decision or the right decision?”

I sighed. “Honestly, I don’t know. She warned Kimimaro when I first came to help her. Imagine that, Tayuya helping someone who hurt her. Not in a million years.”

“That just means you don’t know her as well as you think you do.”

“Is that the same with you?”

Sui shrugged her shoulders. “Did you expect me to protect Danzō—”

“Nope, not in a million years.” I stood up with a smile as I tapped my Leaf head protector. “I’ll trust my Team even if you prove me otherwise. Even if it kills me.”

Sui sighed and simply shook her head as she stood beside me. “You’re such a joke.”

“I know.”


Inside the Hokage’s office, Tayuya was waiting for us as we turned in our assignments. With how many D-rank missions there were, it really did feel like we were indentured servants, but at least we got paid.

“Good work once again, Team 9. At this rate, I’ll have to give you three something harder.” Hiruzen-sensei laughed as we all gave him death glares.

“Yeah, when are you going to give us something harder, old man,” Tayuya said, taking the words right out of my mouth. Kimimaro was near my age, yet the gap in strength were decades apart. Hell, even Kurai stood a better chance, and he was a bigger clown than me. What I needed wasn’t more babysitting missions. I needed a challenge—

Hey! I wanna go on a real mission!”

“D-Rank missions are missions.”

“Babysitting isn’t a mission!”

Me and the rest of Team 9 turned around to see Naruto yelling at the top of his lungs. While he had a point, I didn’t think Sasuke or Sakura appreciated his whining. I had no idea how Big brother Kakashi even put up with the kid, but I knew I had to raise my hand to prevent Tayuya from playing her flute. She gave me a glare as I simply shook my head. We might as well let the brat try since Hiruzen-sensei didn’t listen to logic.

“I’m a ninja now! I demand to be treated as such—”

“And that’s enough of that,” Kakashi said, punching Naruto in the head. It didn’t knock him out, but the lump that grew said it hurt, and I believed it as I rubbed my own head. Big brother Kakashi was ruthless. “You guys can continue your chat. We’ll wait silently, right Naruto.”

“Fine, but they better hurry up!” Naruto crossed his arms as he sat on the floor in some form of protest while Sasuke and Sakura facepalmed.

“You know Hiruzen-sensei Naruto has a point. I think, at the very least, Team 9 should be given harder missions.” Sui said with a nod of approval from Naruto.

“I understand, and I’ve been preparing a mission more suited for Team 9’s capabilities. However, you still need to prove yourselves, which is what the D-rank missions are for and—”

“Hey! Why is only Team 9 getting real missions! Why can’t Team 7!”

With a sigh, I looked at Tayuya, who was already in mid-motion of pressing her flute against her lips, and I would’ve let her do it too if it wasn’t for another voice that spoke up.

“For once, the loser has a point. Yuki’s Team shouldn’t be any more ready than ours. I know they’re your students, but—” Sasuke stared at me with cold eyes. There’s no way he’s still pissed at me for that botched barbeque, right? “I wouldn’t even call Yuki a ninja.”

Yeah, he’s still pissed. I sighed as there was nothing I could say to that, but even if I had something, Tayuya wouldn’t have given me a chance. Her killing intent was loud and clear, forcing Sakura and Naruto to freeze up, all while Sasuke smirked.

“The fuck did you say, trash?”

“Is that supposed to scare me?” Sasuke said, unfazed as he had felt worst. We had felt worst.

“No, but this will Wind Style: Great Breakthrough Jutsu—”

I held onto Tayuya’s shoulder, my eyes pleading with her to stop. Simply because if she hurt Sasuke, I wouldn’t be able to forgive her. And without having my Sharingan active, I somehow managed to convince Tayuya as she spat at the ground.

“It’s because you do pussy shit like this is why he doesn’t think you’re a ninja.”

Sasuke scoffed. “So you really haven’t been taking things seriously since we graduated.”

“Sasuke…” I didn’t know what to say. “You know that’s not true—”

“How about we settle this dispute with a 3 on 3,” Sui suggested, and before I could reject it, Naruto yelled at the top of his lungs.

Finally! This isn’t a mission but a fight with another team of ninja. Yes!” Naruto punched his fist together. “There’s no way we’ll lose! Believe it!

“You got that right, loser,” Sasuke said, breaking eye contact with me.

Sakura smiled, nodding along. “Well, if Sasuke agrees, then I’m in.”

“Ahahaha.” Hiruzen-sensei laughed. “A friendly fight between two ninja teams. I think this will be perfect, don’t you think, Kakashi.”

“Lord Hokage, may I ask what happened to your pipe?” Kakashi said, pointing out the fact the old guy didn’t have his signature smoking pipe.

“Oh, well the students believed it was negative for my health—”

“After this is over, I’ll get you another one.”

“That’s very kind of you, Kakashi.”

“Don’t mention it.”

With one look at Big brother Kakashi, I could tell exactly what he was thinking. We must have done something horrible for the Third Hokage to think Team 9 and Team 7 could have a fight. Maybe it was the teaching on his part or the fact we were gifted, but if Kakashi knew we’d win, and I knew we’d win, then what was the point in this? To humiliate Sasuke, to bully Naruto, to crush Sakura? I couldn’t do that to them—

“I know what you’re thinking, and I won’t let you,” Sui said, staring at me or rather through me. “If you continue to baby him, it’ll only make things worse when he meets someone stronger. Remember Kimimaro.”

“I’d rather not,” I said, as the mere thought gave me a headache.

“Now think, what if Sasuke had to fight him?”

“Ok, ok, fine, but we have to go easy on them.”


“Yeah, it’s a 3 on 3?”

Sui wrapped her arm around Tayuya and gave me a thumbs-up. “Sorry Yuki but me and Tayuya have already agreed we’re sitting this one out.”


“Because Lil bro, you need the confidence boost.” Tayuya tapped her fist against my chest. “Not to mention fighting those three wouldn’t even be fun.”

“You do realize this is only making things worse for me, right?”

“You’ll be fine. If you lose, you can just blame it on the numbers advantage.”

“And if I win, they’ll look even worse.”

“So just don’t win.”

“Yuki, you better not disappoint me,” Sasuke said as he gave me one last glance before heading towards the training forest. I really was caught in a lose-lose situation.

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