Chapter 42:

Book 2: Chapter 2: The First Day Part I

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1 and 2

Book 2: Land of Sand

Chapter 2: The First Day Part I


“It seems my students truly are the cream of the crop,” Hiruzen-sensei said, laughing while he walked in front of Sui and me as we held hands.

“I don’t think knowing these guys is anything special….” I said, ignoring the fact that I felt Kasai’s eyes digging into my back. Of course, she decides to hold my hand when her brother’s around.

“Hey, anyone would die to know a group of Anbu,” Kai said with an agreeing bark from Kabura as they walked out in front of the group.

“Yeah… I’m sure Sakura is head over heels for you.”

Hmph, if she knew she probably would be, right Kabura.” Once again, Kabura barked as Kai patted his companion’s head.

It was sunny, and yet the shade from the trees kept us from burning up while we followed the trail to the Sand Village. In our group of 7 people, Hiruzen-sensei was obviously in the center as Kai and Kurai took point. Kasai was our rear guard along with Tayuya, who at times looked lost until she noticed me and gave me the finger. She really had mellowed out because I was certain she’d cut off my hand for being so close to Sui. And speaking of Sui, we were in the center with Hiruzen-sensei since, apparently, us being a couple would be more distracting than the freaking Hokage! I hate his plans.

“Or she’d think you’re even more out of her league, thus crushing her weak self-esteem even further.” Kurai stared up at the trees with a lollipop in his mouth without a care in the world as he pretty much just struck his friend with a kunai to the heart. Though he has a point.

“Then how do you suppose I impress her?” Kai asked.

“Simple, just save her life,” Kurai said as we all gave him questioning looks. “What? That’s how it worked for the Yellow Flash.”

“Man, your obsession with the Fourth Hokage is starting to get out of hand.”

Kasai raised an eyebrow. “Starting to?”

“Wait, are we not going to question how he would even know that?” I said, stating the obvious since it’s not like the Fourth Hokage just had his life story open to the public.

Sui let out a sigh. “Listen, when it comes to Kurai: The first rule is not to question it. Your sanity will thank you.”


“I’d like to say in my defense,” Kurai pulled the lollipop out of his mouth and pointed it at us. “Isn’t that how you two got together?”

“What! No…” Sui and I said as we couldn’t hide our blushing faces.

Kurai wasn’t completely off base, but he wasn’t right either. I didn’t really save Sui or anything like that. Back then—hell, even now—Sui was more likely to save herself and me if it came down to it. I do however, remember trying to show off when we first met, and it ending with me flat on my back. Multiple times. Though the real question is:

“How would you even know how we got together? Did Sui tell you?”

Sui shook her head.

“Hmmm, think of it like this.” Kurai bit into his lollipop with a crunch and tossed away the stick. His grey eyes finally seemed to focus as he stared up at the leaves in the wind. “I specialize in high-speed movement and shadow clones. Yes, I use the Rasengan and other flashy techniques, but that’s inconsequential to those two facts. For me, information is like breathing. Anytime, all the time, I process something new. Regardless if it’s as mundane as what form of trash Tayuya called you weeks ago in the hospital. Or as important as the Nine-Tailed Jinchūriki going to the Land of Waves for his first mission. If it happens within the village, I’ll know—”

Kasai shoved a lollipop into Kurai’s mouth. “And that’s enough out of you. At least we know that’s the real one.”

“The real one?” I asked as Kasai walked past me back to his position, yet all he did was yawn. Dick.

“Hmmm, so Danzō even taught you that forbidden technique.” Hiruzen-sensei stopped in place, causing us not to move as he stroked his goatee. Both Kai and Kurai stared at the Third Hokage, their cool demeanor broken by worry. While I felt Sui’s hand clench against mine.

Yet Kasai simply muttered with his hands behind his head without a care. “See what happens when you don’t interact with people besides yourself.”

“It’s not Danzō’s fault,” Kurai said, hiding his gaze. “I asked him to teach me the Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu—”

“A technique that could kill you. That is killing you. Why?”

The Third Hokage’s words rang through our ears, and though it wasn’t directed at me, I still felt his disappointment. At first, I didn’t know why but remembering Kurai’s fight against Kimimaro, he had so many clones, too many. While somehow being able to mold his chakra into a ball and teleport. By any right, Kurai should be dead, and yet he wasn’t. I didn’t think about it at the time, or maybe I didn’t care enough to worry. How was he alive using more shadow clones than I’ve seen come from both Hiruzen-sensei and big brother Kakashi?

“Because….” Kurai bit through the lollipop Kasai had given him and stared at the Third Hokage with a steeled gaze. “One day, I’m going to be Hokage. I’ll protect the Village and prevent tragedies like the Nine Tails Attack and the Uchiha Massacre. There won’t be another Great Ninja War. Not with me around. I’ll carry on the Fourth’s Will—”

The Third Hokage tapped his foot against the ground cracking the surface. “Hokage. Hokage. Hokage. So many within this generation want this burden. Yet none are ready for the responsibility. Do you know why Minato became the Fourth Hokage?”

“Because he was the hero of the Third Great Ninja War. The strongest, smartest, and fastest in the village. Who else could compete—”

“Ahahaha, how good it is to be young. To think you admire him so much but forget his most admirable quality—”

Me, Sui, and Tayuya each facepalmed as we knew where the conversation was headed. The fact that Team K were clueless was sad. I didn’t know the Fourth Hokage as the strongest of his time rather I knew him as the savior of the village who saved countless lives with his sacrifice.

“—his heart. Minato cared about the village more so than anyone else. More than Orochimaru, who only cared about himself. More than Fugaku, who only cared about the Uchiha. And more than Danzō, who only cared about his idea of the village.”

“Danzō cares about the village—”

“Say that to one of the last Uchiha.”

I didn’t say a word—though I wanted to—it wasn’t my place. But I stared at Kurai with red eyes I couldn’t control, daring him to repeat what he said. No matter how hard Sui gripped my hand, I wasn’t going to let him say that Danzō cared about the village. Not when I still felt my sister’s lingering hate. The thought of the Uchiha Massacre, also being, known as the Uchiha Coup De Tat. Danzō’s chakra being black, yet it felt so familiar, almost as if—

“Then are you saying I’m missing the heart for it?” Kurai shook his head, averting his eyes from the falling leaves. “Because I care about the village. I know everyone in the village. From their hobbies to routines. The roles they play. The balance they keep. I leave a watchful eye on them and ensure nothing goes wrong. I’d do anything for them to live a happy life.”


“Why? What else other than because it’s the right thing to do? Or is that too farfetched to say?”

The Third Hokage let out a sigh shaking his head as he walked forward, signaling the rest of us to resume our journey. Though Kurai couldn’t take a hint. Simply continuing the dialogue and letting it fall on deaf ears. I wasn’t too sure what Hiruzen-sensei was getting at with the whole conversation, but I knew why I wouldn’t want Kurai to be the Hokage.

Hell, I’d take Naruto over Kurai if I had a vote. Not because I thought Naruto was stronger. His intelligence was also out of the question. And with the Demon Fox sealed within him could I say without a doubt that his heart was in the right place? Probably not either. But at least Naruto smiled, and I just couldn’t trust a guy who couldn’t.


We spent the rest of the day in a silence that was only broken by the occasional sigh from Tayuya or murmur from Kabura. If a conversation did start to build, it was slowly killed off by the tension between the Kurai and Hiruzen-sensei. I didn’t understand what the issue was since Kurai had already learned the forbidden technique and could use it effectively without dying. Sure, should he have been taught the Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu? No, not even I would trust myself to use it correctly. But it shouldn’t matter anymore. What’s done is done. Wait a second, isn’t that the technique Naruto’s been using? Man, everyone is so loose with their lives.

“We’ll set up camp here for the night,” Kai said as he was effectively in charge of the mission.

Hiruzen-sensei was just a guest, as he wanted this to be treated like any other escort mission. Taking orders from Kai came as a surprise as his voice became unusually commanding and almost compelled me to listen. Like he had the authority to tell me what to do. Well, he did have it, but that’s besides the point. I was just surprised he even had Tayuya in line. She hadn’t said much since the arrival of Team K. I had a feeling it was because she was shy…. Yeah right.

“We’re in the Land of Rivers, so we should be careful and have people keeping watch on rotations. I’ll take the first shift while the rest of you are setting up camp. I had smelled some dear nearby and heard the sound of a river not too far either, so—”

Kai looked at me, and I never noticed how dark his blue eyes could be. I guess it came with having a Sharingan. Regardless he pointed northeast. “—Yuki, Tayuya, I trust you two can hunt?”

“Yeah, with my wires and Tayuya’s genjutsu it’ll be easy. Though, can’t we just use our supplies?”

“Right, I didn’t pack this shit for nothing.”

“I’m pretty sure Yuki did all the packing, Tayuya-neesan.”

“I helped!”

“Yeah, pack your own bag,” I said, laughing with Sui and Hiruzen-sensei though none of Team K joined in on the fun. They were oddly serious. Sheesh, I guess they really were Anbu. Sasuke would fit right in.

“Listen, we’ll be entering the Land of Wind tomorrow,” Kai said, killing any sense of a good time. “I know you haven’t made the trip, but it isn’t teeming with wildlife or water like it does here. The place is mostly arid, with nothing but desert for days. Worst case, we get caught in a sandstorm and get lost for a few of them. Trust me, you’ll want your supplies then.”

“Ah, so that’s why you haven’t told Sakura about you being in the Anbu,” I said, calling out his 180.

“Alright, I’ll hunt and you keep watch.”

“Relax. Like I said me and Tayuya got it.”

“Are you sure you don’t need a breather?” Kai said with a growl coming from Kabura.

“I’m sure, Mr. grizzled veteran,” I said, sticking my hands into my pockets, yet before I could do anything, Sui shut me down.

“Yuki let go of your kunai, and Kai, don’t treat my teammates like they’re Anbu. Lighten up.”

“Fine.” We both said, accepting Sui’s word.

“Good, now continue.”

Kai cleared his throat, regaining his composure. “Kasai and Sui, you two can go secure us drinking water while Kurai can build the camp. Everyone clear on what to do?”

We all nodded, murmuring some form of agreement. Well me and Tayuya muttered while the rest were loud and clear with their sirs. I was sure Hiruzen-sensei was taking notes probably why Kai had a stick up his ass. Or maybe he was always like that, simply keeping his cold gaze hidden. Either way, Team leader Kai needed to go. I like my Anbu with a side of laughs.

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