Chapter 2:

02 Yorokobi's Resolve

The Four Wheel Saga

A minute passed in silence. Then there was the rustling of leaves and breaking of twigs. A tall, well-built figure emerged from the wilderness. A warrior-like man. He wore dark, baggy warrior breeches and a sleeveless, black armor vest. A leather mask covered half of his face. Youthful hair fell to his shoulders.

Yorokobi: "Who are you? Identify yourself!"

Stranger: "I feel there is no point introducing myself to weak men about to die."

Yorokobi: "You sound pretty pompous for a bandit and smuggler. Tell me, how did you teleport to this location? Which stolen magical artifact did you use?"

The man scoffed at the Captain and scratched his chin.

Yorokobi: "The Overlord has banned black market items in these lands. We will confiscate the object in your possession and produce it before him. If you submit willingly, perhaps we will let you live. However, you must prepare to spend a long time in the dungeons."

The stranger exploded in laughter as if the mention of the dungeons was a familiar gag joke. It was adolescent laughter that gave away his youth. Yorokobi estimated him in his twenties, perhaps about his own age. 'A life wasted,' the thought. But as usual, he kept his ideas to himself.

Chief Bursar Uno, peeking from the deck, had seen all that had transpired. He abandoned his luxurious breakfast and ran into the cabin after instructing his mercenaries to join the fight. The deck guards of Yorokobi's squad also joined their Captain.

The stranger put on a somber face as he surveyed the eleven defenders.

Six Karasuma warriors led by a captain.

Four fancily-dressed mercenaries.

He thrust his hand into the air, and a large weapon apparated in his grip. It was a seiton technique.

Yorokobi spied the weapon- a pitch-black, four-foot-long, double-edged ax. There was something primeval about it that gave the Captain the chills.

The sun slipped behind a cloud, and the morning went dim.

The stranger placed the ax's head on his shoulder and taunted the defenders with an open fist.

Stranger: "Hmph!"

Yorokobi: "It seems you have a death wish, boy. Very well!"

Fweet! The Captain uttered a low whistle.

Five guards took positions around him in a battle formation—two on either side and one behind. Together, they started advancing at a slow pace. The remaining guard sprinted to his left and disappeared into the woods.

Yorokobi barked an order, and the formation guards activated quick kitsu sequences.

~Fui-kitsu water wolf!~

Energy surged from their feet to their hands. They slapped their palms together and banged the ground with force.

Splurge! Splurge! Splurge! Splurge!

Four water wolves splashed onto the battlefield and dashed forward on a collision path with the target.

Yorokobi's battle formation also spurred on.

'This will be over in a few moments,' the Captain thought.

The stranger stood motionless, unfazed by the approaching water beasts. The wolves were frighteningly close to him when he abruptly took a gasp of air, muttered a few inaudible words, and banged the head of his ax on the ground.

Crackle! Roar!

Almost instantly, a ten-foot wall of fire erupted in front of him and raced ahead. The flames instantly evaporated the water wolves and continued towards the squad.

The stranger's attack grew in size as it sped towards them, taking the form of a winged beast.


It rumbled and growled, threatening to devour.

Yorokobi's heart did a double-take.

'What enormous raiki must this individual possess to summon such an over-powered offense?'

He had never seen such a queer fire beast.

'Is it a dragon?'

However, the Captain was battle-hardened. He immediately made a counter.

'A simple water wall won't work,' Yorokobi concluded.

~Fui-kitsu triple water wall!~

Whoosh! Splash!

Water walls swept forward like sea waves, colliding against the fire onslaught and vaporizing instantly.

Chisssssssshhhh! Chwissshhhh! Chwussshhhhh!

The raging fire-beast diminished. However, it was still alive.


It spread its wings and advanced for the kill. The Captain had to think fast.