Chapter 1:

The Begning for us But End for Someone

Blackmailing:: That's My Way To Top

At one corner of the library, a pair of piercing blue eyes scanned the surroundings, belonging to a young man who appeared to be around 16 years old. His long silver hair was striking, but not in this world as he was in a f*ucking novel. Well, he was Drake, a prodigy who had traveled from the modern world to the equally modern world of a romance novel called "The Syndicate."

 In this world, the main character was constantly involved in the cliché storyline of building a harem and an empire of money, but soon the novel turned into an action-packed one because it was a collab of 2 authors, and one of the authors writing romance scenarios left, so the remaining author turned the book into an action-based one. 

Drake's life on Earth was marred by poverty and stolen achievements. Despite being a top student with a quick brain and photographic memory, his accomplishments were taken by a wealthy second-generation young master. 

However, he refused to let himself drown in despair, sticking to his only law in life: to never touch alcohol or drugs, although he would still smoke. One night, after coming back from the library where he had gone to research law he sat on top of his house's roof and while gazing at the stars, he closed his eyes and the next moment, he found himself in a new world of the syndicate. But after a few struggles and confirming his guess, he decided to take fuck the protagonist and take the top by any means possible whether legal or illegal therefore he has regularly come to the library where most people came to analyze every one of them and choose a target the bell rang,

 Drake packed his stuff and left the library, and went to the cafeteria to get his lunch, where he saw his three partners in crime in this world whom he had found after various attempts. He walked toward the cafeteria to order bread, soup, salad, and milk. Taking his food, he grabbed the chair next to his red-haired companion, Edgar, who was in the football club and had an amazing talent that was necessary for Drake's plan. 

Next to him was a short-structured black-haired boy named Adam, who was a genius in anything related to technology but was an introvert. Lastly, there was a blonde named Luke, who sat just opposite Drake. He was a secret playboy and an extrovert with most friends in the academy. After greeting them and nodding a little, 

Drake said, "It’s done, I have gathered enough data so Meet me at Domland Restaurant at 5:00 pm this evening." hearing Drake, they all gulped and became serious but tried not to show it as they were waiting for this moment for over three years, practicing various things like emotional control and some unspeakable things. As they finished eating, the bell rang again, and they got up to walk toward their respective classes, eager for school to finish. 

As Drake reached his classroom he found his seat at the very center of the class sitting on a chair Drake started searching for the perfect target that he had sorted out to get started with the plan, and then he found it. His target was perfect and beautiful. Seeing it, he let out a grin and became excited breaking the perfect poker face that he had kept from the start. The next few hours were quite uneventful as the teachers came and gave lectures.

 After the bell rang, notifying all that school had finished, he packed his stuff and got ready to leave but before leaving he used his peripheral vision to check at his target who did not know what awaited in the future will be pure hell. Drake checked the school watch and it was exactly 4:45 pm, so after exiting the school, he started walking towards the city's poor section. It was amazing that despite being the top student in school, he did not get any support or attention. 

The reason was simple - he was poor and could not contend with those wealthy second-generation students. But this time, he would not sit idle and let his life be ruined. And moreover, He also had a visitor to amuse and feed. 

As he was thinking, a dark mist formed at his back and disappeared instantly.