Chapter 0:

Prologue - The Tower

Dungeon Eater

Over 50 Years ago the world was thrown into confusion when the sky turned black and a single beam of light cut through the vast darkness.

She was a mystic beauty unlike any other, hovering through the sky with 2 pairs of angelic wings spread out in full.

It was then that she appeared for the first time to us, the Goddess of Creation.

A large structure fell from the heavens and gently rested itself at the heart of the continent's greatest city, Istoria.

“This Tower holds the worst evils of the world contained together on varying floors. Enter and you will receive my grace so that you may counter these evils and reach heights unlike any other. Use them well my children.”

With those words she had disappeared as abruptly as she arrived, vanishing into the light and restoring the sky to its regular open clear majesty.

At first, humanity didn’t know what to make of it but once entering the tower they found out it was quite real.

Massive Ogres, undying spirits, and many other powerful monsters in all shapes and sizes roam the insides of those Tower walls. To a regular human, it would be suicide to even consider entering but the Goddess didn’t leave us defenceless.

Her grace did as promised and gave the people the ability to combat these evils, for the first time since creation humanity gained the power of unbelievable feats and magic.

One by one those who entered the tower found themselves becoming stronger and able to use abilities that were never before possible. Creating shards of ice with a single chant or being able to slice through entire trees with a single strike!

The world has come a long way since then, developing weapons and armour to combat the monsters in the Tower, but the best thing to come out of all of it would be the very people who need to use those weapons.


A special title that is given to the brave souls who risk their lives every day inside the Tower's chilling mountains or scorching sands, able to conjure magic or wield a sword. The adventurers are known to be what Istoria is modelled around as anyone who’s anyone wants to be one.