Chapter 4:

A Dream Come True

Love and Destruction

      From the outside Actavio’s black sedan appeared normal in every way other than its extremely tinted windows; the inside, however, had luxury written all over it from its high-quality patterned leather seats to its chic dashboard. Already Sylas’s imagination trailed off, thinking of all the ways he could passionately contort his crush especially with how vastly comfortable the vehicle is. Only on occasions did he glance at Actavio as he drove, whose eyes were kept diligently on the road.

It was a long thirty minute car ride in complete silence and Sylas knew better than to speak any more than was necessary. He already made it this far and he wasn’t about to blow it right at the finish line. They arrived in a quiet district at a two story apartment complex that could almost be mistaken for a family-run inn due to its outward simplicity and the few cars parked out front under the dim fluorescent street lamps. After parking, they exited the car and he followed Actavio up the stairs to one of the doors.

Sylas fiddled with the scarves tied to his belt. A cigarette would be amazing right now.

“You aren’t worried that someone will see us?”

“I own this building, no one lives here. The cars outside are just for show.”

Why am I not surprised? Sylas smiles to himself, remembering who he fell for.

Actavio flips through his abundance of keys then opens the door, closing it behind them and flicking on the lights. It’s a small studio apartment, with the kitchen oddly on the right near the entrance, the bathroom in the far left corner of the room, and a king sized bed in the center against the wall. Very minimalistic. Very Actavio.

“I have a few of these across the country since it’s difficult to constantly return home every night. What name do you go by? Other than Sly Fox.”

“Sylas.” He almost happily responded then tried his hand at a joke. “Can I call you Actavio then? Mister Meridaitus is a bit of a mouthful.”

“Call me what you want.”

To no surprise, it didn’t get even a smirk out of him.

Actavio removes his coat, draping it across the kitchen counter while Sylas stands at the foot of the bed observing his movements. From the nightstand’s drawer he retrieves a bottle of lube and throws it onto the edge of the bed beside Sylas.

“Not mine.” Actavio answers the delinquent’s both curious and questioning gaze. Prying further would be pushing his luck and Actavio’s temper too far, so Sylas leaves it at that.

The mob boss stood before him and began to slowly discard the rest of his clothes, starting with his blazer and then vest. As he popped off the buttons of his dress shirt with unintentionally taunting delicacy, Sylas’s once suppressed carnal desires swept over him being unable to watch any longer.

Sylas interrupted Actavio’s inadvertent strip tease by forcefully locking his lips into a kiss that quickly skimmed past affectionate pecks and delved straight into his mouth. His tongue was warm and inviting, which contrasted his usual cold attitude in a strangely flirtatious manner. The short strands of golden hair playfully tickled his fingers as he cupped his love, heart pounding out of his chest in longing and completely taking over his actions.

Gasps and saliva passed between them while Sylas made his way lower, continuing to undress his crush while he did the same for him. Every now and then his hands would stop to take in the smooth ease of Actavio’s velvet skin and the curves of his dauntless muscles.

He could only imagine how Actavio looked when he was working out: the drops of sweat gleaming, giving a shine to his already perfect body. To relax him afterwards, he’d take his crush into his mouth, lapping up all the lightly salted beads from his shaft…Why was he imagining things again? Actavio was right here, right in front of him, naked and straddling him–wait naked?! When did he get on top of him??

The blood rushed to Sylas’s cheeks the more his embarrassment escalated as he realized how much had happened while he was fantasizing again. His hands had moved on their own since he himself was still clothed below the waistline by comparison. The love-struck delinquent cussed at himself for ruining his own first kiss with the mafia boss but he didn’t seem to notice Sylas’s absent-minded behavior.

Actavio flipped open the cap of the bottle and compressed it, letting the lube flood onto his hand, right in front of Sylas. That time it felt like he was intentionally teasing him but Sylas couldn’t tell if it was because he’s always an asshole–be it accidental or intentional–or if that was his asshole way of flirting. Then again, he was smirking…SMIRKING??!!

He’d never seen Actavio crack the faintest smile and hardly believed it possible let alone a SMIRK.

“You were the one who asked for this, yet here you are looking like a stunned virgin.” Actavio smirked. “Or are you changing your mind now?”

Immediately Sylas was thrown into a panic, “No! Nonono I’m not I just–” It’s overwhelming. His thoughts finished. As much as he desired this, ALL of this, he could barely handle it. It felt like he was about to go into cardiac arrest from how fiercely his heart was beating as if it was in his throat.

Before he could orally finish his sentence, Actavio was already dipping his fingers into his hole. Judging by his slight twitch, likely in pain, it was probably his first time with a man. Oh fuck–he got to be Actavio’s first? Sylas’s scalding fever reached to his ears now.


From how high Actavio was lifting his ass, Sylas could faintly see his fingers glide in and out of his ring. He was preparing himself for him.

There’s no way this is happening right now–

Sylas didn’t even realize that he was staring, mouth partly agape until Actavio peered at him curiously.

Right fuck I didn’t answer him.

“Let me do it.” His heart blurted against his mind.

FUCK that’s not what I wanted to say!!! Panic struck him to the point of hysteria and he could faint if he wasn’t so painfully erect right now.

Actavio’s expression seemed to question the statement but ultimately let Sylas do as he desired.

At the slight movement of his removal, Sylas swiftly and reflexively objected.

“Keep your fingers in.”

Again, the mob boss seemed puzzled but let it slide. Even if Actavio did ask, he had no way of responding as not even he knew what he was doing anymore. His body was acting on its own while he sat back and panicked for the most part. It’s not like it was his first time with a guy either, he’d been with several men and women in the past, but now? It was like he forgot everything and really was reduced to a soft little virgin.

Trying to play off his rushing torrent of thoughts, Sylas coated his own hand with the lubricant and reached underneath, sliding two fingers inside initially with a bit of hesitation. Their fingers met within Actavio’s puckered rim, rubbing against one another and stretching it wider.

He wanted to stroke his crush–pump his cock until he spasmed and ejaculated all over his face, letting Sylas lick it up like the good and deathly loyal dog he is. But, considering he was already at the point of throbbing all over, Sylas decided against it. He wanted his first climax with Actavio to be from sex: his heat thrashing his insides, not his hands.

“..Mnmh–...” Actavio bit back a soft exhale.

How wonderful would it be for Sylas to hear his name come out of Actavio’s mouth? And that became his immediate goal.

Rapidly they switched positions with Sylas laying Actavio’s back onto the bed, mounting him instead. There the delinquent was, between the legs of his crush, the love of his life, towering over him. Originally he had planned on asking Actavio every step of the way if he was comfortable, but an animalistic sense of lust overran his purity and so the moment he laid him down he drove himself to the hilt without a second thought, extracting a sharp exhale from the boss.

“Fuck–! Give me a warning next time!”

“Shit–sorry.” Saying that he got too excited would’ve just made him abandon the affair altogether from flustered self-hatred.

“...I’m gonna move now, alright?”

Actavio responded with his usual silent dismissal.

So cute…Sylas chuckled to himself then held Actavio by his hips, starting with slow, steady thrusts.

Since he wasn’t kicking or trying to claw at his face, he figured he was doing something right, so he picked up the pace. Before he knew it he had already reached the point of violently pounding against him, gripping Actavio hard enough to leave red blemishes behind. The bed oscillated and creaked in yelps; if the mafia boss wasn’t wealthy enough to buy out the entire apartment complex then they’d undeniably have furious neighbors with noise complaints by the morning.

In the back of his mind, Sylas’s imagination threatened to run wild again as he absorbed the situation. Actavio’s loving warmth wrapped around his pulsing cock as he slammed into him. Actavio himself contorting in pleasure as occasional moans slipped past his grasp. It almost felt like a dream. His eyes really did melt like snow.

Along his abdomen, precum began to stream down until Sylas pinched his member.

Immediately, Actavio refuted the action, stumbling upon his words, “Sylas–hah~–Let..go–..!”

His name. He said his name! Through a moan no less! He couldn’t help but beam. He didn’t care how insane he looked with how outstretched the smile was. He was in love. So deeply in love. Nothing else mattered to him anymore, so long as he had Actavio.

Fuck you’re driving me crazy… Sylas leaned in closer, guiding Actavio’s limbs around him. There you go. Depend on me. I don’t want you to think about anyone else.

His nails desperately scratched the delinquent’s back, as if trying to persuade him into release. Instead he pummeled deeper with more forceful thrusts, constricting his hold all the more.


Finally, he liberated them both, letting Actavio spread his love onto both of their torsos while Sylas filled him from within with his own display of affection.

     Even through his slow, heavy pants and ejaculate that evidently indicated enjoyment, Actavio remained the same prick he always is as he immediately tried to push Sylas off of him and create some form of distance.

“I get you for the night, don’t I?” Sylas ignored the effort and pecked his collar bone, tracing his areola in a tight circle to tease his peaks.

That same glare as always, but he could tell it didn’t have as much enmity behind it this time around. Maybe he was growing on him! Little sparkling bubbles could almost be seen floating around Sylas from how ecstatic he is right now.

He pulled back, removing himself and letting their privates cuddle together. Then he directed Actavio’s hands lower, leading them in a caress of both of their shafts as he held his hands. Even though Sylas had always imagined his crush in all sorts of lustful positions, it was still arousing to see him perform erotic movements such as this since it appeared out of character–but then again he did have five children.

“Do you like girls or guys more?”

“Nei-ther.” Actavio paused as he answered, suppressing a whimper.


He expected him to say women but at the same time it didn’t seem all that surprising.

“Do you–get a kick out of this?”

“Out of what?” Sylas clasped their dicks together in a taunt.

“Talking to me as you–” His voice cuts, ending in a semi-embarrassed exhale.

Ahh fuck, you’re so adorable.

“As I?”

Trying not to play into his hands any longer, Actavio refuses to respond, leaving Sylas with a satisfied smile. Vertigo revitalized, he flips his crush onto his stomach and envelops him from behind with one hand on his hip and the other over the back of Actavio’s, holding it in a deceitful sense of solace.

Sylas playfully bites Actavio’s ear, causing them to flush red.

“I’m going to put it in now.” He whispers softly against his ear, making Actavio regret having even asked for prior knowledge.

This time around, Sylas penetrated much slower; he had finally found his ground with the mafia boss. Teasing worked splendidly.

“Stop–toying with me.”

“Oh, you want all of it?” The delinquent impishly purred, licking the rim of his ear the second time around and causing Actavio to shudder. Shudder! He was having too much fun. It didn’t take Sylas that long to know what made him tick. Tight-asses usually were simple in that regard; always had a soft spot you can poke and prod at all day to rile them up.

He didn’t wait for Actavio to respond, he didn’t need to. Sylas pulled Actavio’s hips against him, letting them meet with his thrust in the same motion. Their skin connected in a wet slap, reverberating in the studio apartment that lacked sound insulation from its blank walls.

It was music to his ears; that along with Actavio’s voice of course. His beloved muffled moans from each thrust that Sylas made. And his hair; the once beautifully partially combed locks now disorderly gathered about his face in uneven strokes. And his eyes, his all-encompassing eyes. There were a thousand reasons why Sylas fell in love with the mob boss so quickly, and those hateful eyes were among the top. Like nothing could sway him. No one could please him.

He had to have been the first. The first to bring those cold hazel-blue eyes to a molten and enraptured glare.

It didn’t take long for them to climax again; inherently they had gone a bit too aggressive with the earlier joint handjob. As Sylas pulled away, he looked upon his work below him: Actavio scurrying to catch his breath through his feverish frame, semen overflowing from his rectum. He ran a caress down the entirety of Actavio’s back with a crazed but affectionate smile.

Sylas glanced at the clock. It was nearly 4:00 a.m.. Had they really been going at it that long? At the least, there was still about an hour give or take before sunrise. And, that meant he still had an hour left to have as much of Actavio as he wanted. 

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