Chapter 65:

Chapter 57: Pixie Hunt

A Terrible Evil Villain And Their Destiny

“This is ridiculous Bryson.” Viola said as she, Florence and Bryson wall stood in a small ground floor room slightly hidden from any passerby. It was just the three of them as Primrose went to get help. Bryson had no idea where from since Duke Coldwater had taken both Nico and Phillip with him when he left.

“Yeah, well it’s the best plan we have.” Bryson said shrugging as he stuffed a few items into a backpack.

“Why are you doing this? Florence said she can handle it herself.” Viola asked.

“Because it’s my fault. So I should fix it.” Bryson said shrugging.

“Bryson.” Viola said sternly, “This is not your fault, none of it is.”

“Well, it doesn’t feel that way. Feels a bit like I’m a curse.”

“A curse that saved a lot of lives.” Florence said calmly as she checked over her gear.

Bryson and Viola looked over to her in surprise. Without looking up from her things she said, “You solved the issue back at those villages.”

Viola then looked at Bryson, “See? You haven’t done anything for you to think like that.”

“But what if I’m some sort of cursed object?”

“You’re not. Bryson, you and I both know that this family history was paved with blood. Eventually that was going to catch up. Maybe this is the time and maybe we deserve this. But it’s because someone else is doing this, some demon or god or whatever. Not you Bryson. Understand?” Viola said sternly.

Bryson couldn’t help but smile as his sister tried to make him feel better, “Yeah, you’re right.”

“Damn right I am.” Viola said with a huff. Florence gave a small, impressed nod as she continued to pack her things quietly.

The door to the room then opened as Primrose entered, “Hello, good to see you all. Are you done preparing?”

“Almost.” Florence said.

Bryson frowned as he watched Primrose walk in, behind her was Lila Frost and standing next to her was a girl close to Bryson’s age.

“Hey guys!” The girl said cheerfully, it was Lottie Frost, Lila’s younger and more annoying sister.

If that is at all possible. Bryson thought as they entered the room.

“Hello everyone.” Lila said sheepishly.

“What’s going on?” Bryson asked.

“I thought you could use help.” Primrose explained.

“Okay… how are they supposed to do anything?”

“Hey!” Lottie complained.

“Well, it’s mainly going to be miss Lottie here.” Primrose said.

Bryson stared at Primrose as if she just grew two heads, “What in the world does she offer?” He asked.

“Hey!” Lottie complained again, “I’m very good at tracking.”

“Yes, she is going to help you track the pixie.” Primrose said, “I have given her the information needed and her abilities will prove vital in finding her.”

Lottie had a proud smile on her face and puffed her chest. Bryson rolled his eyes, “Is she really the only one?”

“The only one that won’t attract any attention.” Primrose said.

“Really?” Bryson asked unconvinced.

“She’s extraordinary in her skills at tracking and stealth. Better than even some adults.” Primrose praised.

“Yeah! Mister Phillip even said so.” Lottie beamed.

“Mister? Who calls Phillip ‘mister’?” Viola asked looking incredulous.

“You’re all right with this?” Bryson asked Lila.

“Not really. Don’t want to see Lottie doing this, but she argued that we owed it to you to help. And she’s right.” Lila said, “Besides I don’t want to be out of a job if your reputation gets damaged too badly.” She joked.

“Your help is appreciated.” Primrose said.

“I’m done packing.” Florence said as she put on her giant backpack, “We can head out.”

“How will you get out? Duchess Coldwater ordered everyone to make sure that no one leaves the perimeter. Guards were posted everywhere.” Lila said.

“They’ll take the secret exit from the cellar.” Viola said.

“How did you know that there’s an exit from the cellar?” Bryson asked.

“I use it to sneak out all the time.”

Bryson gave a look of surprise.

“Trust me Bry, once you get older you’ll want to sneak out all the time.” Viola said with a dismissive wave.

“Won’t someone notice if you guys are gone?” Lila asked.

“Florence won’t attract too much attention, it’s me that’s the issue.” Bryson said.

“Which is why we are going to cover for them.” Viola said.

“We?” Lila blinked with surprise.

“You’re a part of this now.”

“We’ll if it’s to protect Lottie.” Lila said giving a helpless shrug.

“Don’t worry Lila! No one will catch me!”

“Alright, if you’re all ready then head to the cellar quickly, no one’s around right now.” Primrose said interrupting the conversation, “I’ve given Lottie the details needed to track the pixie, keep in communication with us in case something happens, good luck. And no matter what, stay safe.”

The group of teenagers and children nodded their heads in understanding and emptied out of the room.