Chapter 5:

Chapter Five

The Foreign Yakuza

Four days have passed since the unexpected guest arrived at David's home. Except for meals and sleep, they rarely saw each other. David was engaged with university coursework until the evening, and Akira rarely came home before 8 p.m. Although, He had arrived an hour earlier today and peered impatiently at David, who was writing something.

- Hey, big boy, are you always so quiet and your head is in your books?

Without looking up, David said, “When I have something to do, yeah, even though I don't have anything to talk about,” Akira grumbled. “At the very least, you'd get a TV for your house so that others wouldn't be bored.”

- I'm sorry, but I don't look, and I'm mostly alone. I didn't think I could have a roommate one day.

Akira, who felt that this word was said sarcastically, frowned, got up, and said, “You could not have it; I will find a place and leave by the day after tomorrow. I am going out now so as not to disturb your majesty.” As he walked towards the corridor, the foreign boy took his hand from where he was sitting and said, “We want to have dinner in a little while; where do you want to go?”

He pulled out his hand and exclaimed, “What does that have to do with you?! Are you my mom?!” David gave him a long look before saying softly, “Please sit down. You came early today and took a shower; you might catch a cold if you go out.”

- Does it really matter if I have a cold or not? Who do you think you are to tell me what I should or should not do?!

David lowered his head and said softly, “That's right, I'm not even your friend; it's natural for you to say that. But can you sit down for a few minutes? If you're not satisfied, I won't stop you from leaving.” Akira, feeling that he was overdoing it, sighed, and He sat back down but still frowned to keep up appearances.

The foreigner boy opened his laptop, pressed a few keys, then turned it to him and said, "This program shows a few Japanese channels, not many, but maybe one of them will entertain you," and with a little pause, He started working with his papers again.

Akira took a look at the monitor, then at the foreign boy. Then asked calmly, “Why are you doing this to me? You know I'm a yakuza; you know you might get into trouble because of me, but you still care when you see me have a problem. Why?” David stated without looking at him, "I've always been like that; I've learned to care more about the people around me than myself." He hesitated and added, “I'm sorry, Akira-san; I'm not a good roommate or a good conversationalist. I'm usually a boring person, and others don't have fun with me. I hope your problem will be solved as soon as possible so that you don't have to put up with me anymore.” and started writing again.

Akira was shocked by his words. Now he felt guilty that he had acted so harshly a few moments ago. In any case, he was a foreigner and had just learned their language, so there was probably no sarcasm in his words and he had just answered his question honestly. He blamed himself in his heart and started watching a TV series on his laptop.


It was 22:35 when they were ready to sleep. They hadn't talked to each other since dinner and Akira felt bad. As he sat down on the bed he said “I mean...don't you want to sleep on the top of the bed tonight? I really don't mind sleeping on the floor” David said as he sat down on his bed "I don't mind sleeping on the floor either. Don't worry Akira-san" Then as he lay down, He said “Good night”

Akira sighed and lay down, saying, “Good night, big boy.” He didn't know why, but he was uneasy. He thought he had not treated this boy properly. He went to sleep before his eyelashes closed, saying under his breath, “I will repay your kindness.”


It was quite hot. Summer school classes were folly in his opinion, but he needed to pass those tests that he had failed in order to continue on to senior year. As he removed his shoes, he wondered why no one was home. In this heat, where were his mother and Miho?

He shrugged and walked to the living room door, leaving his backpack next to the shoe rack. When the door opened, the cool air from the air conditioner touched his face. He wanted to smile, but the terrible smell, combined with the wind, made him sneeze. He noticed dampness in his socks as soon as he entered the room. When he lowered his head, the only thing he saw was a blood-splattered floor.


With a loud shout, he leaped up and sat on the bed. Someone approached him and said, “Akira-san?! Are you all right? What's wrong?!” With horrified eyes, he looked around and at his hands. His body was trembling, and he wanted to cry, but all of his tears had dried up.

Someone took his hands and said, “Calm down, it's nothing; it was just a dream.” He looked at the speaker's face, slowly regained his senses, and realized that he was looking at the worried face and eyes of a foreign boy. As he tried to stop his voice from shaking, he said, “I-I'm sorry, I-I think I woke you up.”

David nodded and added, “It doesn't matter; please be calm.” He then walked to the tiny table in the room, poured a glass of water for him, and told him, “Drink, it makes you feel better.” He tried to grab the glass, but his hand was shaking. He attempted a smile, and said, “I don't know what happened to me.”

- Don't worry; these are just effects of bad dreams.

Then he gently held the glass in front of his mouth. Akira paused, then took a grateful sip. He wanted to say thank you, but he felt wet under him. For a moment, he remembered his wet feet in his dream and jumped down from the bed like a snake bitten.

David stared at him, surprised and worried. He then looked down before returning his gaze to the bed. Akira checked his pants and spotted a massive wet stain on it. He couldn't believe he was wetting himself in sleep at this age, when he was in someone else's home and bed.

He was about to say something when David said, “You better go to the bathroom and clean yourself up; I'll collect the sheets.” He said shyly, “I... I...” But the foreign boy smiled kindly and said, “It's okay, Akira-san. It can happen to anyone.” He helped him get up from the floor and accompanied him to the bathroom door.

He felt humiliated and ashamed while changing his clothes and washing himself. After all, why didn't this nightmare end? Why did he have to wet himself in bed like elementary school children? As his rage grew, he accidentally hit the wall. When David heard punching behind the door, he said, "Akira-san?! Are you all right?"

“I'm fine; don't worry, I'll be out now,” he mumbled sheepishly, rubbing his hand, changing his underwear, and leaving the bathroom. The bed cover was folded, and the mattress was placed beside the balcony entrance. Akira bowed his head and whispered, “Excuse me...” while David was carrying the sheets to the bathroom. But the foreign boy didn't allow him to speak and quickly said, “I put on another shorts for you; I spread your bed next to me; go lie down; I'll come now” before entering the bathroom.

With a disturbed mind, Akira put on the shorts. There were two beds side by side on the floor of the room, separated by two fingers. David came to the bed, surprised, and asked, “Why are you still standing? It's just 1:00 a.m.; go to bed; it'll be a long time before sunrise.” He switched off the light, sat back, and repeated, “Don't stand there; come to sleep.”

With a pause, Akira sat in his new bed and turned his back on the foreign boy. A few moments later, he felt warm and realized David was pressing his shoulders and waist into him. “What are you up to? Go over there,” he sadly murmured.

- It's okay, Akira-san. It is tough to fall asleep after having a bad dream. You sleep better if you feel safe; imagine that I am wall, and you can rely on me. Rest easy.

When the foreign boy added "Good night, Akira-san," Akira wanted to protest, but he said "Good night" unwillingly and with a slight hesitation.

He had never slept next to anyone like this before. He was initially uneasy, but the sensation of warmth on his back gradually lessened his thoughts and fears. He leaned in a little more unconsciously, and before he realized it, he was fast asleep.


David awoke with a weight on his back. He peered over sleepily, realizing Akira was half-hugging him from behind in his sleep, and placed his hand on his side. He sighed and glanced at the time. He softly removed Akira's hand from himself and slowly stood up, as it was about time to wake up.

He washed his face, ate his brief breakfast, and returned to the room. He carefully made his own bed, trying his best not to wake up the Japanese boy. His face in his sleep did not really show more than 20 or 21 years. He still thought that this hair color did not suit him at all.

He shrugged to himself and said, “I don't care.” As he was getting dressed, he looked at the mattress he had placed on the balcony last night. Really, what kind of nightmare did this boy see that he woke up so shaky and wet himself? He remembered his face again when he woke up; it was pale and shaking violently, and his face was a mixture of fear and misery.

He sighed and said to himself again, “It's not my business; I've gotten myself into enough trouble. I better not get into it any more. If he's really a yakuza, then he can handle it himself." He picked up his backpack, put on his shoes, opened the door slowly, and left the house.


He had a good day, and all of his tests came back positive. He considered getting something to eat while he was leaving Wakamatsu-Kamada Station. He went to Tully's cafe and entered it. A young girl from behind the counter said with a smile, “Welcome, sir. What would you like?”

David looked at the menu and said, “A donut and a slice of cheesecake, please.” The salesgirl asked, “Would you like it here or should we pack it for you?” He wanted to enjoy his order right there with some coffee, but suddenly he remembered something and said, “Please wrap it and please add a donut and another slice of cake to my order.” The girl gave a half bow and said, “Sure, please wait a little while until your order is ready.”

He smiled goodbye to the girl and left the cafe. It would be better if he didn't sit there. He didn't know why, but he quickly remembered the Japanese boy and decided that it would be better if he ate these things with him at home. He checked his watch, which read 18:25. “Of course, if he's home right now,” he sighed.

He made his steps faster and reached home five minutes later. He put the key in the lock and smiled when the door was not locked. He entered the house and said, “I'm here.” As he was taking off his shoes, the Japanese boy appeared in the doorway and said, “Oh, so you're here. Best time. I have good news for you.”

He fixed his shoes and turned to him. “Good news? What happened?” Akira said with a smile, “Tomorrow, you will be free from me. I found a house on the other side of Oukubo Park. I will go to my house tomorrow night. If you bear with me tonight, you won't see me again.”

He didn't understand why, but he stood there shocked by this news. He didn't know why he felt that all the happiness of his day had suddenly disappeared. However, he kept his face emotionless and said with a smile, "I'm happy for you, Akira-san. You don't have to live with another boy anymore." Then he calmly walked past him, put the box of food on the table, and started to change his clothes.

Akira said as he sat by the table, “Don't say that; I will never forget your help as long as you are in Japan. Call me whenever you have a problem, and rest assured that if you need anything, I will definitely help you.”

Without speaking, David just nodded and wanted to go to the bathroom when Akira asked, “What did you put on the table?” He continued indifferently and said, “A little edible, you can start; I will wash my hands now and come.”

When he returned to the room, the Japanese boy had finished his donut and was nibbling on his cheesecake. He sat facing him and took out his own donut from the box when Akira said, “Do these things have a special occasion?” David shook his head and said, “No, I just happened to buy one near the station.”

- How did you know that I was at home when you bought two?

As he chewed on his donut, he said, “I didn't know; I thought if you were home, we would eat it; if not, we would eat it for dessert after dinner.” Akira looked at him and suddenly said in a serious tone, “I'm sorry about last night.” Stunned by the sudden change of subject, he paused and said, “There's nothing to apologize for; don't think about it,” and took another bite of his donut.

Akira put an envelope on the table and pushed it toward him. Without touching it, he said, “What is this? Did you write me a farewell poem?” The Japanese boy smiled nervously and said, “N-No, this is to compensate for the help you have given me all this time; I don't expect my room and food to be free, as well as to compensate for ruining your mattress and clothes…”

David pushed the envelope towards him and said with a frown, “I don't need anything; you didn't ruin anything. The mattress is fine; my clothes can be washed, so take this,” Akira said with a frown. “No, this is a gift! In Japan, you should not refuse the gift! Don't you understand this yet?!”

- Fortunately or unfortunately, I am not Japanese! I didn't help you for money either, and I don't want your money now or ever again! take it!

Akira gave a meaningful grin and said, "Oh, now I understand. Since I'm a yakuza, according to you, that means I'm a criminal, and this money is dirty money that I earned from crime, isn't it?" David threw the last piece of his donut on the table and said, “I don't care what you do or whether you earned this money through crime or respectful work. I don't accept money from anyone, not even my parents, so don't show me your money and keep it for yourself.”

His word was true; despite his hard life, he always hated to borrow money or be financially pitied by others. He never accepted money that he did not work for.

Akira was taken aback by what he stated and responded, “But-but I didn't mean to brag you with my money.” He took a big breath, re-picked his donut, and said, “I'm sorry, Akira-san, please take that envelope away; I won't accept it. And please don't bring it up again,” he said as he finished his donut. As the Japanese boy looked at the envelope with annoyance, David added, “Wait, I'll make some green tea so we can eat it with the cake,” and as he stood up, he said under his breath, “This is going to be like a farewell party.”


After brushing his teeth, he went to the room to sleep, but he was surprised to see that there were two wide beds on the floor, and the Japanese boy was sitting on one of them. He asked in surprise, “Akira-san? Why aren't you sleeping on the bed?”. The Japanese boy shrugged and said, “I slept well on the floor last night; it's better here; you can sleep on the bed if you want.”

David paused, but finally shrugged and laid back on his bed on the floor. Akira also laid down and said, “I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble during this time.”

- There is nothing to apologize for; you can be comfortable at home starting tomorrow night.

He turned his back to him and said, “Good night, Akira-san.” A few moments later, he felt a warm feeling on his back and realized that the Japanese boy was leaning against him. Akira said in a calm voice, “You were right; I fall asleep easier this way... Good night, big boy,” and they both fell asleep peacefully.


After that night, they said their goodbyes early in the morning, and David didn't see the Japanese boy again for a long time. Even if he occasionally thought about him, he believed that this distance was better. He was no longer in trouble and could now relax at home.

He grew accustomed to being alone again and enjoyed his days at university. His manuscript had passed the preliminary review and was now pending revision. He was cramming for the end-of-semester tests, which began the next week. He got off one stop before the customary station, Ushigome Station, on a sweltering day in early July. He'd heard from Narasaka Senpai that the FamilyMart near this station offers good deals.

He was pleased with his purchase and chose to walk the rest of the way home. A voice said to him as he passed by a bar, “Hey, you, big boy.” He didn't want to get into any trouble, so he kept walking, ignoring the voice, until someone grabbed his arm and said, “Why are you always so cold?!”

He turned his head to face the speaker because the voice seemed familiar to him. He was a young boy with black hair, dull gray eyes, a white t-shirt, and black jeans.

David inadvertently fixed his gaze on his face. Something was familiar about his face and voice, but he couldn't place it. He had never met a Japanese boy with such a beautiful and attractive face. So he said confusedly, “I'm sorry, do I know you?”

The boy rolled his eyes and said, “You have to say the same thing every time you see me?! Is your memory really that bad? What are you, a goldfish? It's me, stupid! Akira!” David stared in amazement and returned his gaze to him. His height and physique, tone of voice, and appearance were all the same now that he was paying attention. He said shyly, “I'm sorry, Akira-san, you've changed so much, I couldn't recognize you.”

The boy said with a frown, “Now why are you talking so formally? How are you doing? I haven't heard from you for a long time. How long has it been since the last time we saw each other?”

- One Month

Akira whistled and said, “How quickly time passes. But you're still the same. Why didn't you call me all this time?” David forced himself to look away from that face and said, “There was no reason for me to disturb you.” The Japanese boy gently punched him on the shoulder with a smile and said, “Don't worry, boy, don't be so strange; I consider you my friend.” He pointed to one of the bars and added, “Let's go have a drink together; be my guest; don't worry, I have my wallet with me,” and laughed happily.

David looked at the girls at the front of the bar inviting customers in and said, “Thanks, Akira-san. But I don't usually drink, especially now that I'm studying and need to concentrate.” The Japanese boy smiled mischievously and said, “Don't worry, boy. If you miss a day of studying, nothing will happen. There are beautiful girls here; it's great to drink with them.”

David stopped, unsure why he didn't like what he said, before shaking his head and saying, “I'm sorry, but I can't. I hope you enjoy it.” He gave a half-bow and was about to leave when Akira remarked in annoyance, “Poof, you're such a boring person,” but as soon as he said it, he regretted it, and he wanted to apologize right away, but David smiled bitterly and replied, “Yes, I really am. I apologize.” He bowed once more and walked past him.

Akira just stood there, confused, watching him walk away. He didn't mean to say that, but it came out of his mouth accidentally. Confusion gave way to wrath, and he said angrily to himself, “To hell! Get lost! Who do you think you are to ignore me all of the time?! I'll go by myself!” He kicked the pebbles on the sidewalk violently and headed towards the bar.


He drank for an hour next to the lovely Ayumi and the chatty Chika, but the more he drank, the more irritated he became and the less taste remained in his mouth. He didn't notice Ayumi's beauty or Chika's lovely language. When his arm was stroked, he came to, pausing to ask, “Did you say something?” Chika stated this with annoyance. “You don't listen to me at all.”

“Is something on your mind, pretty boy?” Ayumi, who was older than him, asked compassionately. Akira sighed and said, “No, it's nothing,” then raised his glass and said, “Let's enjoy our drink, girls,” before beginning to drink.

It was dark as he emerged from the bar, half-drunk. He was rambling aimlessly through the streets, attempting to get home without trouble. At the same moment, he was reminded of the foreign boy. Why did he always flee from him? It was true that Akira had caused him problems, but every time he tried to make amends, he refused. With annoyance, he ran his hand through his hair and remarked, “I even let these damn things turn black.”

He looked up, cursing under his breath, to check which street he was on, but to his surprise, he found himself in front of the building where the foreign boy was staying. He stayed for a few moments, wondering why he had come here. It had to have been due to drunkenness. He wanted to climb the stairs, enter that small but comfortable house, and talk to him.

He shook his head and murmured, “But he doesn't like me; I'd better go home,” as he turned and was about to move when he knocked into someone. He raised his head to say something, but he realized that the person who bumped into him was the same foreign boy. “W-What are you doing here?” he said confusedly.

David raised his eyebrows, wrinkled his nose, and said, “Of course, this is my house; what are you doing here smelling of alcohol?” He said with a frown, “What about you?! Since when do you go walking at night?” David sighed and said, “I didn't go for a walk.” Then he raised the plastic bag in his hand, shook it, and said, “I forgot to buy soy sauce today while shopping, so I went shopping. Did you have dinner?”

He wanted to say again “It's none of your business,” but he paused and slowly said, “No.” David nodded and said, “I want to cook; now that you've come this far, let's eat together,” and walked towards the stairs. Akira hiccupped and paused. Was this boy crazy? A few hours ago, he had run away from him like that, and now he was inviting him to dinner! He shrugged and walked behind him.


“I didn't know you could cook Japanese food,” he stated as he felt his stomach full. David answered while washing the dishes, “I don't know if it tastes like homemade food or not; I don't know more about some types of easy food. I don't mind cooking at all." He dried his hands and went back to the room, sat facing him, and said, “I'm sorry it's so messy here; my exam is coming up.” Akira shrugged and said, “It's okay; you don't have any drinks at home, right?”

- I think it is in the fridge. wait.

With that, he got up again, went to the fridge, returned with two cans of beer, and placed them on the table in front of him. Akira raised his eyebrows and said, “I didn't know you were drinking this brand.” David smiled and replied, “I don't; these are for you; they've been in the fridge since the last time you were here.” Akira said in surprise, “What?! From a month! You didn't touch them before? Why?”

- I said that I don't drink much.

- Then why did you keep them? You could throw them away.

David shrugged and said, “I don't know; I said it might be used to put in some food; anyway, it's a good thing I kept it, or you wouldn't have a drink now.” He smiled, took one of his books, and started reading.

Akira paused, gazed at him briefly, then looked around his small room. Why did he feel at ease and secure here and next to her? He sighed and attempted to lift the lid of the can, but his fingers halted, and he questioned, “Am I disturbing your study?” David nodded and said, “Nothing special; I'm just going over a few points; take it easy.” Akira nodded, opened the lid of the can, and started drinking.

He was absolutely inebriated after the first can. Normally, becoming drunk from a can would be impossible, but because he had already had a drink at the bar less than an hour before, that small amount was enough to get him drunk. As he was unconsciously trying to open the lid of the second can, there was a knocking sound, and the latch of the can's lid broke. He cursed under his breath and said, “This… this damn thing broke… I don't know what kind of garbage they make cans of these days...”

“You're already drunk, Akira-san,” David replied with a smile. “Perhaps you should put that can away." The Japanese boy hiccupped and frowned. "No, that's gone to waste. Don't you have a can opener?" The foreign boy thought and said, "No, but wait, maybe I could find something to open it for you, or at least make a hole in it." He closed his book, got up, and went to the kitchen cabinet.

He returned a few moments later with a kitchen knife and stated, “I think this is appropriate.” Akira raised his head with a pause, but when he saw the knife, his eyes widened, and he said with rage, “Put that damn thing away! You have no right doing this!” David looked at the knife in surprise and then looked at him and said, “Calm down, Akira-san, why are you yelling? I just want to open the can for you.”

But he got up angrily, staggered over to him, and frowned, but in a quieter voice, "Please put that away! This is not the way! I don't want to lose you too!" David raised his eyebrows and said with a pause, "I think you're totally drunk; you're babbling." He wanted to raise his hand to touch him, but suddenly the Japanese boy slapped him by surprise. The intensity of the impact was such that the glasses came out of his eyes and fell into the corner of the room.

He put his empty hand on the place of the slap and looked painfully at the drunken boy. Akira angrily said, “Drop it now! I won't let you do this! Drop it before I break your bones!” He raised his fist threateningly and shook it.

Still in shock from the slap, David paused for a moment, then slowly put the knife aside and looked at the Japanese boy as he tried to stop the tears from forming in his eyes. Akira glanced at the knife with unfocused eyes, then glared at him childishly and grabbed the foreign boy's collar with both hands, saying as he forced himself to his feet, “Please don't ever do this. Please never... never... leave me alone like them... I even did this to my hair for you... so... so...” He stopped suddenly and rested his head on the foreign boy's shoulder.

David gently touched his shoulders and said, “Akira-san? Are you okay?” But he fell asleep. The foreign boy sighed and laid him down on the bed. The slap on his face was still burning. He looked at the boy sleeping on the bed and said to himself, “The one you care so much about is happy; of course it's not me, but I got the beating.”

He cleaned up the room a little, replaced the knife, and threw away the beer cans. He took his glasses from the floor and examined them. The frame was undamaged; however, the right side glass suffered a transverse crack. “This is my fortune,” he sighed. “I don't understand why this person always gets in my way and causes me problems.” He adjusted his glasses slightly and remarked, “Perhaps it's better to take it tomorrow for repair; I hope it won't be too expensive.”

He put the glasses on his eyes and sat on the floor behind the table. His face still hurt a little, but he ignored it and started reading another part of his textbook.

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