Chapter 18:

Ides of March Part 3: Savior

Escape Witch

Madoka looked down at the balcony below her.

“Ugh! It really IS too risky to just jump. If it weren’t raining I could go for it, but it’s so bad it feels like I’m standing under a waterfall. I don’t see any rope either, so unless I find a suitable replacement… __!” Madoka smiled as she thought of something. 

After finding a suitable material to act as a rope she slid down to the balcony. She still struggled to hold on, but she managed to reach the balcony. She then swung into the glass door with a mighty kick. Glass flew like rockets across the room. Emeri ducked her head in fear as the man in front of her dove to the ground. Both him and his partner stared in shock at the sight before them. Standing before them was Madoka Ginkawa, who aside from the slip-on sneakers, was completely nude. That caused the men to nosebleed in shock giving Madoka plenty of time to fling her shoes at them, sprint towards the gun on the table, grab it and shoot the goon sitting right in front of her.

"Im-possi-ble..." the goon groaned as he collapsed and lost consciousness.

 Madoka then kicked the other man in the face to completely knock him out before untying Emeri. She gritted her teeth in anger as she noticed Emeri’s bloody left hand. She was free in under 5 seconds.


Madoka turned around and noticed Serika drowning in the tank.

“Huh!? Celery? Why is she- CELERY!"

Madoka charged for the tank as fast as she could. Water poured out as Madoka opened the tank and freed Serika's wrists and ankles before ripping the tape off her mouth and laying her on the ground.

"NO! DON’T DIE!” she pleaded as she desperately began performing CPR and mouth to mouth. 

Emeri pulled out her phone and frantically dialed the paramedics.

"Help me! My friend's dying and needs oxygen. Yeah, she almost drowned. We’re performing CPR now," she stammered.

Serika groggily opened her eyes. She noticed Madoka was naked, and her lips were planted on hers, however she was too out of breath to react.

"You opened your eyes! Stay with me!" Madoka tearfully pleaded.

Serika began coughing. She was still breathing heavily, but it looked like she would survive. Madoka then continued mouth to mouth with Serika. Serika wanted to protest, but was too out of breath to, and realized Madoka was only doing this to save her.

"Damn, complete and utter defeat. this really just became the worst day of my life," she thought as she closed her eyes.


Sirens blared as an ensemble of emergency vehicles pulled up to the hotel. Two pairs of paramedics with stretchers rushed into the room along with Mutsumi, Kurobane and a team of officers. Emerii carried Serika over to them, as the paramedics loaded the goons onto the stretchers.

"Those guys are the kidnappers arrest them. Celery-chan needs oxygen!" Emeri yelled.

The paramedics unloaded the goon that had been kicked and dumped him in one of the wheelchairs. They then grabbed Serika and strapped her to the stretcher. They put an oxygen mask on her and began ripping off her clothes before treating Emeri’s hand.

"Serika! Don't worry! I'll stay with you," Mutsumi cried as she quickly ran alongside the stretcher.

"Wasn't askin you too idiot chief," Serika groaned.

Back in the hotel room, Kurobane approached Emeri.

"I'm Superintendent Makoto Kurobane, please tell me in detail what transpired. Hm? I believe we have met before, have we not? This time I’m afraid I will need your real name."

Emeri sighed and pressed a button on her smartwatch.

“Glad I pre-recorded that face reveal video last night," she thought.


“So, it seems YOU were in possession of detective Myouchi’s phone Miss Kuramori." Kurobane glared.

“I gave it to your officer and the video is restored," Emeri stated.

“Young woman, I cannot simply-“

"Oh, well in that case I'll show you the video right here."

Emeri turned on her smartwatch and showed Kurobane the evidence of Carl’s involvement in the kidnapping case.

“Yes, it seems like this will be suitable evidence, it does match Futagawa’s testimony to a tee. *Sigh* Very well, I will lift her suspension and drop the petty theft charges against her," Kurobane sighed.

“What about Mado-chan?”

“Unfortunately, the higher ups are demanding she be arrested. Not to mention, she escaped police custody. I’m afraid I- “

Emeri pouted and pressed a button on her smartwatch.

"What did you just do?"

"As a precaution, I sent copies of the video to every major news station domestically and abroad. I'm sure one of them will be reporting it on air any moment now," Emeri glared.


At a convention center, Carl was angrily addressing the press

“[These accusations of me being tied to kidnapping is a lie purported by that purple-haired woman from the police. I’ll have you know I will sue her and her entire institution for slander and-]”

“[Hey BREAKING NEWS! My station just got exclusive footage of Senator McDonald kidnapping women!]” a member of the press yelled.

The crowd grew frantic. Some crowded around the reporter, while others pulled out their own phones. Carl's face went pale with shock as his aide showed him a live broadcast of an American news station showing a video of him during the museum kidnapping case. Carl stared in horror at the frantic crowd of journalists demanding an answer. Mutsumi then emerged and cuffed him.

“[You’re under arrest for kidnapping!]” she smiled as she flashed a peace sign to the press and dragged Carl away.

"Talk about good timing and geography. The hospital's a block over and Serika looks like she'll pull through. I know Serika mentioned she had evidence, but to think she'd leak it out as a failsafe? Amazing. And I got in for the arrest at the perfect time. Oh, I guess I did leave my squad car at the hotel. Well, I guess poor ole Col's gonna have to stand around in shame while another one arrives," Mutsumi thought.


Back at the hotel, Kurobane received a call from her superior.

“Ah Senior Commissioner, yes, SHE DID WHAT!? Yes, yes...”

 Kurobane hung up her phone and glared at Emeri.

“I hope you sleep well knowing you just made all our lives harder. Get out of my sight before I decide to arrest you for interfering with a police investigation!”

Emeri ran out as fast as she could and hopped in the limousine waiting for her outside.

“Oh good, you made it out!” Madoka smiled.

“Looks like you’re dressed for the video, oh and hello auntie, looks like everything’s ready, let’s destroy that psycho bitch!” Emeri smirked.

Going back in time 10 minutes...

After Serika's breathing stabilized, Emeri called for a limousine with her smartwatch while she handed her phone to Madoka.

“Fujiko has Yuni! We need to save her, get out of here before the police arrive," she stated.

Madoka instead dialed Yuni’s phone.


Just as Fujiko was about to dump wax all over Yuni's head, the phone rang. Recognizing it as Yuni's phone, Fujiko smiled as she placed down the bottle and answered the phone.

“Emeri-chan! Here to book your appointment? Just wait until I dump all this wax on Yuni-chan-“

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YUNI!?" Madoka fumed.

Fujiko recognized the voice to be that of the silver haired girl.

"Who is this? Yuni-chan's a bit tied up at the moment."

"I'm Madoka Ginkawa! Her friend!"

Fujiko licked her lips as she recognized the name.

“I’m Fujiko, and right now poor Yuni’s bawling her eyes out in the salon. It’s horrible Her hair had all been wrapped up in rollers and superglued. It was hard as a rock. I managed to rip a few rollers out, but I’m afraid I’ll have to wax it all off AHAHAHAHAHA!.”

Madoka began to seethe with rage.


“Oh, want the full story? Well…”

Emeri began sweating as Madoka came closer and closer to crushing her phone in her hand.

Madoka could not believe how deranged Fujiko was.

“WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO YUNI!?” she roared.

“BECAUSE I LOVE HER! I was just going to shave and wax all her hair off, pluck her eyelashes out, gunge her in perma-nair and  give her some vulgar piercings and a head tattoo. BUT NOW, I’m so aroused by her that I want to give her ultimate humiliation service. She’ll be unrecognizable and broken by the end of it. Heck, I think I’ll take her virginity before dumping her in a mental asylum. What a lovely birthday present for me! AHAHAHAHAHA!”

Madoka was so mad, Emeri’s phone was about to be crushed in half, however, she maintained her composure.

“Fujiko, please explain EVERYTHING you plan to do to Yuni.”

Fujiko sadistically explained everything as the glass on Emeri’s phone continued to crack. When she was finished, Madoka asked her a question.

“Say Fujiko, would you be interested in delaying Yuni’s makeover to play a little game? If you win Me, my assistant, and even my mother will join Yuni as your fetish slaves. I’ll even live stream the whole experience, you in?”

Fujiko’s jaw dropped.

“F-four premium slaves... And one is Harumi Ginkawa, the most powerful woman in the world? HELL YES!”

“Good, we’ll all be there with the contract shortly so don’t do anything to Yuni before we get there.”

Madoka hung up and turned to face a terrified Emeri.

“Ma- Mado-chan… What are we gonna do!? You’ve signed a deal with the devil, if you lose, we’re all going to be horrifically humiliated and spend the rest of our lives in an asylum!”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, she just needs to escape faster than me to win.”

Emeri’s terrified face turned into a smug grinning on. She knew how good Madoka was at escaping.

“I’m so glad my first job after my face reveal is going to be an epic flex," she smirked.

“WAIT! When did you do a face reveal!?” Madoka shouted.

“Right now! I pre-recorded the video last night. All I need to do is press the upload button. I imagine the cops are gonna figure out my identity, so might as well get the jump on them and any Illumous jerks targeting me.”

"Is your hand OK?"

"Yeah, it hurts, but I can move it around just fine. The medics will probably give me some pain killers when they get here. Just make sure I have a new phone to record with."

Madoka smiled as she called her mother.

“Momma! You know how you’ve always wanted to do a hardcore video of an extremely humiliating makeover? Well…”


Fujiko laughed as she turned to face Yuni.

“Guess What? Your friends are gonna try and save you. We’re gonna play a game. I’m gonna win, and you’ll all be my slave wives! Your makeover is delayed until I've finished breaking every last one of them!”

Yuni’s eyes went wide.

“Madoka! It must be Madoka, but what will she do? There’s no way she can beat this monster.” Yuni thought.

Back in the present...

Kurobane gritted her teeth as she stood on the balcony and stared upwards. A rope made of prison attire was tied to the railing on the roof.

“That, little...”


Yuni's eyes widened as the salon door burst open. Standing there were Madoka and Emeri. They were both wearing silver leotards that just barely covered their massive breasts and white knee-high boots.

Madoka wore a silver witch hat, while Emeri wore a white one. Emeri pulled out her new phone and began filming Madoka.

"Yo! Gindini-chan here at the Serene Sea Salon with my assistant Hakkai-chan, where we'll lose all our hair if we fail to escape."