Chapter 1:

Muramasa Jouzu and Nika

AGONY! The Omnipotent Deity's Dastardly Quest

This story takes place in a world very similar to the one you are familiar with. However, while it may look the same on the surface, there are far more secrets hidden within. Magic, superpowers, mortals, deities, and omnipotent beings all exist here. Now that you have the gist of things lets travel to Venice, Italy where the story shall begin.

March 24th, 2023:

A young woman with shoulder-length pink hair wearing a white cloche hat roamed the streets of Venice. She gazed upon people with suspicion and concern.

“Why is everyone going along with this like its normal? The Carnival of Venice already took place a month ago. There should be far more outcry and unrest over the fact that there will be a second Carnival of Venice this month!”

The woman was an 18-year-old freelance reporter named Nika Futakawa. She was fresh out of high school and embarking on her first major job since partnering with a well-known magazine. She had been assigned to investigate the reason the Italian and Venetian governments had allowed a second carnival to take place. The rumor was that a wealthy aristocrat threw a tantrum that she missed the first carnival and splashed some cash in order to hold a second one. While it was technically a private event, it had been advertised across social media as “the second Carnival of Venice.” While Nika cared little for gossip and the hobbies of the wealthy, she did have a sense of integrity and felt she needed to discover the truth. Venice itself felt and acted like it was in carnival mode. Decorations were set up and many people were already out and about in masks and costumes even though the event officially began in the evening. Unbeknownst to Nika, this was due to the fact that I simply put everyone in carnival mode. An effortless feat for someone like me.

As she roamed the city, Nika eventually came face to face with a man dressed as a mummified jackal.

Nika was both awestruck and terrified at how realistic it looked.

“Excuse me, I’m a reporter investigating the “Second Carnival of Venice”. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions and possibly take your picture for the article I’m writing,” she asked.

The beast turned around and glared at her. What startled Nika the most were his emerald-green eyes that gazed upon her with envy and scorn.

“You’re a pretty woman. You have such smooth skin,” the jackal growled in a raspy voice.

“I apologize if I bothered you,” Nika said as she attempted to leave. To her shock and horror, the individual grabbed her by the mouth and hoisted her into the air.

“I’m going to slice you to bits,” he growled.

Nika desperately tried to scream and free herself, but the beast was unfazed. He then pulled out a jagged katana from its sheath and held it in front of her face. I decided to give her a little help and made it pour rain, causing Jackal to grimace in annoyance as Nika was able to slip free of his grasp. Sadly, she did not get far before he caught up and kicked her into  the window of an abandoned building. She shielded her head as she crashed through the window, but her arms and legs were now covered in scrapes and bruises much to Jackal’s delight. To Nika’s shock and horror, Jackal entered the warehouse and summoned a mountain of sand.

“CROSS TOMB!” He yelled as his sand shot towards Nika and bound her in a crucifixion pose. Nika screamed in pain as the sand seeped into her wounds. Jackal then sadistically gagged and choked her with a tentacle of sand. As she began to cry, he maliciously commanded his sand to invade her eyes. Nika’s vision became blurry as Jackal smiled and raised his sword in the air.

“I’m going to die! Why!? What did I do to deserve such an inhumane death? I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY! PLEASE! I DON’T WANT TO DIE!” Nika agonized in her mind as Jackal formed a chainsaw of sand around his blade.

 Nika was going to die. 

Too bad for that sandy bastard I was watching the whole thing. What? Did you think I wasn't watching? Anyway, I'll make the text easier on the eyes while you read.

I moved the final piece of my “golf course” into position as I gazed down at Earth. I then chose a music track to play, as I made my grand decent. The entire planet quaked as I flew in at insane speed. The entire city of Venice gazed up in fear as the ground shook and they heard Dvorak’s symphony no 9 fourth movement. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed loudly, but that was all just me making things more grandiose. I grinned as I heard terrified people utter my name as I slammed into the building where Nika was held.

“Muramasa Jouzu!” Jackal screamed in annoyance and terror.

“Yes, that’s right you sand dried shit head! I’m here to kick your ass!”

I effortlessly deleted the sand imprisoning Nika and healed her so she could gaze at my malevolence.


It seems like my dragon form overwhelmed her. Well, I was a titanic black dragon with glowing red eyes and sharp teeth towering above her. I decided to change into my humanoid form. I still looked dragonesque. With my greyed-out pupilless eyes, fixed-grinning mouth of sharp grey teeth, and pitch-black scales and horns, I am a frightening beast. I now donned a dark black trench coat and top hat along with black boots, pants, and gauntlets. I fastened my grey tie and as I walked towards Jackal.

“You’re the one who Invidia-sama told us to destroy at all costs! Now I can beat you, and PROVE I am the master of the sword! I am Jackal of the jagged sand! SAND BUTCHER!”

He swung his little sandstorm down on me. I didn’t even feel a thing, though he sure did as his sword shattered and he recoiled in pain. Not a spec of sand was present on me as I walked up to him.

“Arrivederci Shit head!” I yelled as I flipped off Jackal with my left middle finger. 

The physical force of my flip sent shock waves that sent him rag dolling into outer space at intense speed. The frightened look on his bandaged face was glorious. I watched him crash through planets and asteroids before he landed right in the black hole I placed just outside the milky way. It was a glorious hole in one. I instantly engulfed him and the black hole in my black flames of destruction. He let out the most bloodcurdling scream his vocal cords were capable of as he was encased in pitch black fire. Sadly, the bastard was teleported away by his master before my flames could destroy him completely. I clicked my tongue as I extinguished the flames and restored the patch of space I destroyed.

{If you're wondering how I did all that while standing before Nika. Simple, I’m an Omnipotent Deity.}

“What just happened!? Is this all some elaborate prank!?” Nika thought.

“[You just got… PRANKED!] This is reality! And yes, I am reading your mind Nika-chan."

“What the heck!?”

“I can effortless change your thought process as well how about an example?”

“Hell yeah! You sent that bitch ass mummy flying! You’re a ************* beast Jouzu! __! KYAAAAAA! WHAT DID YOU JUST MAKE ME SAY!? WHY WAS I CONSCIOUS FOR THAT!? WHO OR WHAT ARE YOU!?”

“I’m Muramasa Jouzu! The Omnipotent dark dragon emperor!”


I decided to calm her. Her breathing slowed back to normal, and she stopped screaming, though she was still terrified.

“Why!? Why can’t I scream!? Why am I calm!?”

“Stuff like that is Omni101.”

Nika resigned herself and slumped to the ground.

“What are you going to do with me?”

“We'll, go on an adventure! You’ll still get to do your journalism and I get to see your reaction to all the danger you’ll face. Don't worry, I'll protect you.”

This would be the start of Nika’s agony. She would now be in constant danger both due to my shenanigans and those of my enemies. This was also the start of my quest to become THE Omnipotent Deity to rule over ALL existence, the Omni-Deity King in more simplistic terms. Yes, my ambitions were as high as you could possibly go. The best part was I was already an Omnipotent Deity, or Omni-Deity for short. I just needed to destroy all the other Omni-Deities to achieve my goal. To do that, I decided to raise a party in order to deal with their little minions while I eviscerate them one on one.   Plus, I'd also get a chance to build up my dream harem. It was going to be a very entertaining adventure.