Chapter 23:


Be Yourself, Ayane-chan!

Back outside, I could no longer feel the effects of the weather. Like before, I remained alone with my thoughts. Despite this, I stood tall, making the largest steps I could, feeling completely reinvigorated. Now, seeing my dad in a different light while living with my girlfriend, the highs of life couldn’t be higher. I couldn’t even question it. The excitement wound up growing so strong that my steps turned into a sprint. I ran with a smile on my face. I ran as fast as I could screaming, “Whoo!” like I was three years old.

Eventually making it to their house, I slammed the door open while breathing as heavily as I could, broken and battered by having forgotten I had a heavy backpack on me. I still couldn’t think of that, though, as I had one thing on my mind.

“Ayane-chan, I’m here,” I said as her family all stared blankly at me.

Aya and Aka knew what happened as soon as they saw my backpack filled with my school supplies and clothes. While they started by jumping back a little, they later smiled. I assumed that Ayane didn’t tell them about my arrival, although they genuinely didn’t seem to care once I heard them speak.

“I knew you’d be here.”

Aka said that in a condescending tone as he read his newspaper, although the blush on his face clearly signified how excited he was to see me.

Since he became too flushed to speak again as well, Aya replaced him.

“You don’t need to explain why you’re here. Just change and get comfortable.”

That response didn’t seem right coming from her, but I genuinely wouldn’t be that surprised if she had a quick change of heart. All I knew was that I needed to follow her advice.

In the bathroom, I tried to find room for my supplies, although I eventually didn’t put them anywhere. I guess Aka needed extra shaving cream for his big fat balls. Even though it probably wouldn’t matter if I stole anything, I still chose to use my own supplies, even if I just kept them in my backpack for the time being.

Going into the bath shortly after, my new predicament finally started to settle in. I think I might’ve realized how rash of a choice this was. Even after reconciling with my father, I still chose to go out with Ayane. I didn’t want to stay in those thoughts though, so I quickly washed myself off and put on my pajamas.

“I’m back, I told them,” as I opened the door.

Aya was the one to respond.

“Well, that’s good… Ayane-chan, stop reading that damn book and talk to him!”

It wasn’t until she said this that Ayane even looked at me. When she did, though, she quickly smiled, although the rush of emotion seemed to embarrass her too much for her to keep looking. There was only one thing I could focus on, however.

“Where’s your twin tails?”

“She’s in her pajamas, dumbass. Of course she wouldn’t be in twin tails.”

Damn, I never thought it was possible for Aka to have a sharp tongue. I guess he just got defensive over his daughter.

Aya’s response was very different though, as she rushed over to me to ask a question, right to my ear.

“Is it possible you have a twin tail fetish?”


Why was I only confident at times when I shouldn't have been!? God dammit, I started to blush.

That didn’t deter Aya from smirking before she spoke again though.

“See, Ayane-chan, I was right to give you that hairstyle.”

She’s probably just salty about being too old to pull it off herself. Eventually, though, I had to turn off my snark meter for a second to recognize the look on Ayane’s face, or lack thereof, given how I couldn’t even see it. Maybe it was the combination of my spineless confidence and Aya’s teasing that finally pushed her over the edge. Because I’m intelligent, too, I chose to add fuel to the fire.

“By the way, where should I sleep?”

Aya put her finger on her head, confused that I’d even ask that.

“I mean, you’re dating Ayane-chan, right? Why not sleep with her?”


That was the only way Ayane and I could respond to that, with Ayane even standing out of the kotatsu and dropping her book in this fit of adrenaline.

Aya didn’t seem to hear our response, though, as she kept on talking.

“Didn’t you already sleep together at Yuuki-kun’s house?”

In a shocking twist of events, Ayane was the one to respond instead of me, with her stomping on the floor in a yelling fit of rage.

“We were practically passed out playing video games! If I knew I’d have slept with him, I wouldn’t have!”

I couldn’t tell if I liked or disliked such a harsh remark, mainly because I agreed with her.

“Oh boy, it looks like Ayane-chan doesn’t love you, Yuuki-kun.”

Even though I knew this was untrue, it still stung a bit, although it didn’t compare to the look on Ayane’s face. Frowning, looking down with her hand holding her arm, her sadness seemed clear as her volume decreased into her next statement.

“That’s not true. I’m just not ready yet. You know…. For sex.”

“What, it’s not a big deal. You hear me and your dad going at it every day!”

Too much! I did not need to know that!

Even Aka seemed to agree as he hid his face in his newspaper, although Aya didn’t notice any of that as she stared right at me, awaiting my response. I knew what she wanted to get at it, but I still struggled to say it normally. It wasn’t until I looked away from her and put my hand on my neck that I finally responded to her.

“I’m not ready either. Even if I was, I’d only do it if Ayane-chan’s comfortable with it. As long as you give me a futon, I can sleep in the living room.”

“Sounds fine to me. I don’t want to hear you guys going at it anyway.”

With Aka saying that, it was finally settled. I’d be able to live with Ayane. With that note made then, I could finally sleep, forgetting to realize that this day would change my life forever.

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