Chapter 11:

House guest

Wind Sniper 0

I grumbled as I tried to get home as stealthily as possible. I was lucky that the crowd that gathered for Gorobana’s speech, was nowhere to be found. Had they stuck around, I would have been found out. I also had to be weary of any police officers that would undoubtedly pull me aside if the noticed me.

“It’d be easier if you had a car, right Zerou?” a familiar voice stated.

To my surprise, Sakura was standing before me smirking.

“SAKURA!? But how?”

“Well, once that bitch left me in the shed, I popped a pain blocker I had hidden in my teeth and simply ran off. Though this won’t last forever. Now, care to tell me why you were so loose lipped?”

“You should know, besides your boss already knows everything. Heck, she even approved of the target Himesaki chose.”

“Do fill me in, my phone was taken, so I’ve been in the dark.”

I filled Sakura in on the details as we walked.

“The Gorobana bros? True, its best to take both of them out. The psycho one HAD to go, while the other one was judged for his crimes against the familia.”

“Why couldn’t he start a new life? If he had truly reformed- “

“You’re naïve Zerou. He’s a killer at heart. He himself may deny it, but his killing instincts will never go away.”

I thought back to how he noticed me back then, and sadly sighed in resignation.

“Funnily enough, I’m pretty sure he’s in the same party as Himesaki’s father.”

“Could that be why...”

“Who knows what that bitch’s true motives are. All I know is I need to be on guard to protect Madam. Those two are strong, and worst of all smart. I only escaped because Madam insisted on me hiding a pain blocker in my back teeth. Even then, the gag almost prevented me from swallowing it. Now getting back on topic. You are weak and pathetic for crumbling under pressure like that. If I weren’t injured I’d beat the shit out of you till you’re a mound of bruises.”


“Since I can’t just go back to my place alone, I’ll be crashing at your place till I’m healed.”


“YES WAY! There’s no where else for me to go.”

“Go back to your boss.”


Her silence startled me, but then I remembered how Ramona had seemingly discarded Sakura during her call with Himesaki.

“Don’t get the wrong impression. Madam isn’t going to send hitmen after me because I messed up. I’m merely staying with you since I’m friends with Erika and don’t want to be by myself until I heal up. Unless of course you’d prefer me staying with Naname instead- “


“I don’t understand how she could fall for a dumbass like you. Then again, I don’t understand love very well.”


I looked down at the ground as we arrived at my house.

“We’ll explain that the rifle was from a scout you met at the shooting range. As long as no one opens the case, you’re good.”

My mother answered the door and glared at me.

“Oi Kazerou! The hell did you do to that girl!? She’s all bandaged up?”

“My name is Sakura Harukawa. Your son attempted to assist me during my move-in only to injure me in the process. I do not wish to burden a woman like you with my medical fees, though I would appreciate it if you would permit me to stay until I am healed up. Since I live alone, I would be in trouble if something happened to me. Therefore, I thought I would ask my friend Erika for a small favor.”

Erika then appeared in her pajamas and ran towards Sakura when she saw her.

“SAKURA! Are you alright!? That bastard did so many horrible things to you.”

“I can move around thanks to some painkillers, but don’t feel safe living on my own until I healed.”

“Mother! She’s staying with us! Zerou! Sell your damn bed so Sakura can sleep on something that isn’t contaminated by your filth!”

As Erika took Sakura to her room. I attempted to enter but was stopped by my mother.

“The hell’s with the giant case?”

“Oh um, I ran into someone at the range that took an interest in my shooting. He gave this to me as a gift, or I guess you could say a recruitment incentive.”

Luckily my mother seemed to buy it but told me to shower before coming to dinner.


“She was so brave! She fearlessly tried to fight off a deadly kidnapper all on her own!” Erika exclaimed.

“Well, if you sacrificed yourself to save my daughters life, looking after you until you’re healed is the least we can do,” my mother stated.

“I apologize for this, but am thankful for your hospitality,” Sakura smiled.

I was the only one looking miserable. Not only was Sakura now living with us, but I couldn't call Naname's number because of Himesaki's damn spy toy.

“I really hope she didn’t get mad for the call ending abruptly,” I hoped.

Suddenly, the doorbell rand.

“Kazerou! Answer it!”


I begrudgingly opened the door. It was an angry Naname.

“Naname I-“


“NANAME’S MAD! Why did Kazerou-kun just hang up on Naname like that?”

I nervously held up the walkie talkie.

“The tyrants, they gave me something that blocks your calls.”

Naname looked at the walkie talkie and sighed.

“Kazerou-kun could have just come over to Naname’s house to explain.”

“That too. It won’t let me enter a 1 mile radius of your house.”

“That’s evil! Naname will file a protest!”

“It’s best not to recklessly oppose her. Look at what she did to Erika.”

“Kazerou-kun shouldn’t just give in like that! Fight back!”

If only it was that easy. If I stood my ground against Himesaki, I’d end up crucified atop the school before being sent to prison. Worst of all, those around me including Naname would get swept up in it. Same thing with Ramona. I just couldn’t oppose those two.

“Say since you’re here, why not join everyone for dinner,” I offered.

“Naname’s hungry. Naname will happily accept!”

At least I got out of that mess, or so I thought.


“Kazerou-kun! Why did you bring Sakura home, but not Naname!?”

“She she was injured and um-“


"Kazerou-kun Baka!"


Everyone was quiet for the remainder of dinner. Naname ended up opting to spend the night in order to bond with Erika and Sakura more.


“Great, now Naname's mad at me and Sakura's living with me. Damn you Himesaki.” I groaned.

I then decided to wash my face off in the bathroom. When I opened the door, Naname was inside with a towel wrapped around her.

“KAZEROU-KUN BAKA!” She screamed as I quickly slammed the door.

“What was that!? Sakura yelled as she trudged over along with Erika.

“Just a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding!? Then what’s going on with your nose!?”

My nose had begun to bleed.

“Oh no.”

The last thing I remembered was Erika’s fist slamming into my face.

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