Chapter 32:

Chapter 32

Prince of the Sun

A week of relative calm passed.

Momoka had calmed just a little and had not had any outbursts or accusations against Nikita. Though there was still uneasiness between them, it was generally better. Although Jace actively avoided Momoka, trying to keep himself as busy as possible, scheduling extra meetings, even tagging along with Lynn, Thariel and April when he didn’t need to. He figured the less time he spent around Momoka the smaller the opportunity she would have to have another outburst. And it was successful. He felt like a massive coward yet he needed to weather the storm.

When he was with Momoka he wasn’t really present. His mind drifted off and was unfocused. Mostly so he would be ignorant of an undertone of jealousy and a little because he was lost in a sea of teal.

Though Zebedaios was heavily on his mind, he had not appeared for Jace again. Jace couldn’t exactly blame him. The whole palace was on high alert with the Myth Hunters likely brewing something. Yet he wished for another visit from the demon more than anything.

He sat alone at his window, in the depths of the night, gazing at the sky, the stars winked at him and there was a faint dance of green within the sky. Eerie light pouring over him made him smile yet also made him miss Zebedaios all the more. A candle stuttered behind him, next to an untouched novel. There was a knock at his door. A little excited, he said, “Come in.”

A being of pure light stepped in instead. Lynn.

“Sitting alone by candle light, how very angsty of you Jace,” she said as she moved past the towers of books.

The warm candlelight flickered against the wall creating dancing shadows as Lynn passed by. It bathed her in its warm light turning her pure white into a cream, she almost looked as if she had a normal skin tone.

She sat down across from him.

“Am I not allowed to be dramatic?” Jace asked, wistfully.

Lynn giggled. “You abuse your dramatic licence, Jace.”

“Your opinion,” he said with a smile that soon faded, “things have been dramatic of late.”

Lynn’s tone became more serious too. “You do seem distracted lately.”

Jace looked at her directly. She shifted a little not expecting it but she didn’t look away from his gaze, she held it.

“I can trust you to keep secrets can’t I?” Jace asked.

Compassion shone through her smile. “You always can.”

“On the night of the solstice, I met someone and I don’t know what to do,” Jace said quietly, still looking at his sister.

Lynn considered what he was saying carefully. “Is this Zebedaios, the mysterious myth you were telling us about?”

Jace nodded. “He is just, the most wonderful person. I danced with him that night but there is more to it. After we did our speeches I saw him in the crowd and I followed him out to the balcony. He was just so damned charming. I know you won’t be interested but I wish you had seen him, he’s beautiful. I know I have Momoka but when he kissed me, I…” Jace suddenly found it difficult to say out loud, “it was the best kiss I’ve had.”

Lynn reached over and held his hand. A rare gesture of physical contact, neither of them were wearing gloves and their power hummed beneath their skin. Jace smiled at it, breaking his trembling. Lynn was always like that though, no matter how badly he was freaking out she was there to steady him.

“Thank you for telling me Jace. I’m happy you feel comfortable coming out to me. You don’t need to be so ashamed of it Jace,” she said with all the kindness she could muster.

His hand shook a little with the words spoken out loud, “I’ve never felt this way about a man before.”

“It’s ok, we are both still discovering ourselves. It’s true that we have people we are promised to but we are allowed to love whoever we want,” Lynn said with certainty.

Jace gave her a shaky smile. “Isn’t that exactly what I told you when you came out?”

Lynn grinned widely. “Sometimes you need to hear your own words. What are the chances that both of us would be gay?”

“It’s unlikely, isn't it? I still am attracted to women as well though,” Jace said.

“Oh I know, I know how you talk about romance with them,” Lynn said, humour sparkling in her voice, “though maybe your scope of romance will be wider now.”

Jace took a deep breath and retreated his hands from her. Steeling himself, he said, “That’s not all…” he paused, “Zebedaios is… a demon.”

Lynn just stared at him for a moment, her smile slowly dissolved.

“Jace…” She started to say.

He cut her off, “I know. I know. But Zebedaios is so completely different to anything we’ve been taught about demons. He’s not cruel and he’s not out to hurt me. He’s had so many opportunities too yet I’m fine. He’s sweet and compassionate, he’s a person not just some kind of incorporeal monster from our textbooks and seemingly our imaginations.”

“But how?” Was all Lynn said, flabbergasted.

“I don’t understand, I think he was created here from all the unhappiness within the palace. He’s living in just about the most dangerous spot yet he doesn’t want to hurt anyone,” Jace explained, desperation in his voice.

Lynn exhaled, with her eyes wide. “Jace you need to be careful. With Zebedaios and with whom you share this information with. Demons are masters of trickery and he is living with the enemy.”

“I know, he isn’t trying to use anything on me though,” Jace said quietly.

He wasn’t sure if Lynn believed him. “Your secret is safe with me of course but what a person to discover your attraction to the opposite sex with Jace, you truly are dramatic.”

Jace smiled at his sister.