Chapter 51:

CH 51: A Memory does what?

I was Born the Unloved Twin

Hello, the imaginary audience in my head!Bookmark here

It's Plusle and Minun here!Bookmark here

By that I mean it's Lilyanne and I and it's magical charging time. Rawr Rawr cheer, I don't know what I'm doing but it must be doing something.Bookmark here

I really can't feel anything but it looks like that if I concentrate on pushing at the same time as Lilyanne, the magical charge is more effective and her control is better. Again I'm not sure how it works, this is just what they're telling me.Bookmark here

Even if it doesn't it makes Lilyanne happy so whatever.Bookmark here

It feels stupid just pushing with my imagination so I make it slightly less stupid by pretending I'm a fictional electrical rat. The mental image somehow works apparently.Bookmark here

Rosalia use 'Light Screen', buff up! Lilyanne, spam that 'Thunderbolt'! Back to me, Rosalia use 'Helping Hand'! Now everyone, use 'Volt Charge'!Bookmark here

I feel like a legitimate child playing pretend but the mental image is much more interesting than staring at Lilyanne or this blank stone. Pokemon is for all ages ok, even the confused reborn sort of people.Bookmark here

Today we're taken to charge a certain ruin looking plaza with a stone arch. It looks sort of like a giant gazebo, a much nicer more complicated version of stone henge.Bookmark here

Gable must have had a hand in this place because it's somehow hidden in the training camp. This entire camp is really funny, it's much bigger on the inside of its walls but even there there's so many twists and hidden buildings. This strange gazebo courtyard is just one of them.Bookmark here

Without grampa or someone us leading, I would have never found this place on my own. There's definitely Gable's illusion magic involved in masking all the hidden places and space distortion in the camp.Bookmark here

We took a few days off from charging anything to let loose on this baby. According to uncle Geoff, this is one of those kinds of things that's incredibly difficult to fuel, money or not. We've been here once before but just like the pillars deep underground it zapped out everything from Lilyanne with no sign of being sated.Bookmark here

After that we let Lilyanne take a long break with some light practice on armor and weapons. It was to some very specific people and mass materials so I think it's for a raiding crew leaving soon.Bookmark here

Like an old school gaming guild, there's multiple raids and outings going on at once. The one that Amar said he'll be going on a small to medium-sized informational scouting mission prior to a planned raid. The talk of spices interests me much more than a potential dungeon excursion though, no offense.Bookmark here

I somehow convinced a few of the cafeteria chefs about what a good idea it would be to tag along. There's more than a few capable sorts of folk in the kitchens. Mr. Boar didn't immediately yell or stop the talks so that's a good sign. Besides I can't be the only one to be excited over the prospect of cheap foreign herbs and spices.Bookmark here

For that reason, I managed to gather coins, actual physical bags of money!Bookmark here

It was actually quite easy asking mother for allocated funds. Much easier than I originally thought. She didn't even grill me on why but I told her truthfully anyways how I wanted the chefs to buy me some foreign ingredients when they're off accompanying the scouting raid teams.Bookmark here

Then something odd happened.Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

The day before:Bookmark here

"Oh that's just funds, the staff will be able to take care of that don't worry. We'll be sure to give the cooks some extra spending money too, don't worry about that. But of course, here's a little something for you too my darling. "Bookmark here

"Thank you mother....mother is this the chefs' funds too?"Bookmark here

"Why it's yours silly, my little girl I know you're very kind and love to share but this is all yours. If you give money out too freely bad people will come and try to cheat you."Bookmark here

"...I see."Bookmark here

"Remember Rosa, you must not let bad people try to trick you even if they look friendly. "Bookmark here

Well maybe don't give a kid so much money then! That just leaves them vulnerable!Bookmark here

What is this!?Bookmark here

It's a whole velvet purse stuffed full of coins, I feel like a robbed and old school bank! Is this normal or does a born rich person like mother just not understand the concept of monetary value! Who just leaves kids with this much money?Bookmark here

Really I don't get rich people at all.Bookmark here

Something like a memory regurgitates itself up while I stare at the overwhelmingly large amount of cash.Bookmark here

Something that looks suspiciously like this very scene but it's not. It's Rosalia, just as sharp-eyed but a little older, more extravagantly dressed, standing before her mother. I can't hear them but this Rosalia is asking for something, I can feel her nerves as if they were my own.Bookmark here

This mother, just as beautiful in my memory as she is now, claps her hands in mild surprise. The servants, previously hidden in the background arrive with bags upon bags of money. At least 5x the ridiculous amount, I'm holding now.Bookmark here

The maids by the child Rosalia's side take the money, the dresses, the ribbons and all those things I don't even know where they all came from. Neither does that Rosalia and she looks on in anticipation, this is not what she wants not what she came for. She near crumbles down into herself but holds still and curtsies gracefully.Bookmark here

When the maids finish receiving the money and more, mother, that mother, makes the steps over to pat the other Rosalia's head.Bookmark here

It's such a simple gesture but she blooms under it.Bookmark here

Was this what that child was all anxious for? A little touch?Bookmark here

Mother's lips move, I think there is sound coming out.Bookmark here

"Don't spend it all in one place now sweetie....Rosa? .... Rosalia, can you say something for me? Rosa are you alright? Rosa!? Rosa what's wrong! Rosa can you answer me, can you hear me?!"Bookmark here

It takes me more than a moment to snap out of the daydream, the memory, I seem to have fallen in. I hadn't realized when that time and this one blended into one and separated. Talk about deja-vu, what an odd way to zone out.Bookmark here

"...mama?"Bookmark here

"Rosa!"Bookmark here

Where the mother in the dream, the memory, had merely patted that Rosalia's hair, this one was on her knees. Her hand frantically rubbing and patting all over my face and body as if to check for injuries.Bookmark here

"Oh thank goodness, yes what is it my darling? Are you alright? Are you feeling unwell? It's not the magical runoff from your sister is it?!"Bookmark here

"What happened?"Bookmark here

"Darling you just were standing there, staring and not responding. It was like you coudln't see or hear me. Rosalia, are you feeling alright?"Bookmark here

I know the answer I'm supposed to say, it's "I'm fine" or some other coherent enough response. It surprises me then, to hear the wrong words come out of my mouth.Bookmark here

"...I don't know."Bookmark here

"Oh dear, call for the doctor! Oh my baby."Bookmark here

"Yes my Lady."Bookmark here

The accompanying maids are sent to make the arrangements and I'm scooped into mother's suffocating chest before I can escape in time. But for some reason, my body doesn't want to resist at all. Not to my mother's touch. How weird, I'm not normally so...needy? I'm not sure.Bookmark here

That particular memory must have shaken this body of mine up. But I really am okay though.Bookmark here

"Ack no I meant I'm fine, really. You can let me go now."Bookmark here

"Oh no you don't darling, to bed and we'll have the doctor take a look at you. I knew something wasn't right, you never call me mama unless you're unwell. "Bookmark here

"What, no. Look 'mama' I'm really fine. Thank you for the allowance. I'll be good and won't spend it all."Bookmark here

"I just knew it, to bed dear."Bookmark here

"Mother!"Bookmark here

-------Bookmark here

And that's how I spent my day under house arrest with mother standing guard. No sneaking out possible. I really am fine, it's just the memories from the past sometimes gets to me oddly. This one was weirder than usual to zone me out like that.Bookmark here

Normally no one witnesses it when I do but unfortunately, mother had to see that episode.Bookmark here

I don't even know where they come from or what triggers them.Bookmark here

With enough of pleading and reassurance from grampa I got out to make the charging trip today. Maybe the requests for money wasn't really that easy but hey, not a bad price to pay. Half a day od awkward fussed over bed rest for the stacked purse mother gave me. The amount inside was more than enough to feed two small families for a year.Bookmark here

She said don't spend it all in one place but where else will I spend it on? I don't go anywhere but grampa's garrison camp. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to tuck the physical money away for a rainy day. I don't expect to be run out of the household for another couple years but it would be smart to save up early.Bookmark here

Still, I think it's more important to make investments and raise favor at this stage.Bookmark here

After zapping the stone pavilion with all that we got, Lilyanne fell into her usual nap and I rushed off on my missions of the day.Bookmark here

"Wait right there my little hero hopeful." shouts grampa overly dramatically as always.Bookmark here

What is with the nicknames? I don't know where he gets the impression I want to be a hero like him? I'm not OP enough for that kind of thing. Besides, it's too much work and I'm lazy.Bookmark here

*sigh* "What is it now grampa?"Bookmark here

U-turning back I'm greeted with the sight of him slinging a dozing Lilyanne up into his chest. Possibly the world's safest place to take a nap. I am very careful to not nap or fall asleep around grampa lest he put me up there too.Bookmark here

"Such a lovely little grumpy face, it wounds me so. Did Gable teach you that?"Bookmark here

"No grampa, this is my usual face."Bookmark here

"I swear you're getting more Gable like since you came back"Bookmark here

I'll take that as a compliment, who wouldn't when compared to their favorite person. But no I'm not copying him, rather I'm just more free about showing more of myself. I'm not particularly grumpy in my opinion but I was never a naturally patient sort of person.Bookmark here

That and with Gable's talks and reassurance I'm a not less likely to be cowering and playing nice and dumb in from grampa. Don't get me wrong, the old man is still scary as hell but he's also just so ridiculous it's hard to be reverently fearful of him all the time.Bookmark here

I once gave the man a knitted headband, a spare that I made for fun, but with cat ears and cutesy bow. He seriously wore it for 4 days straight.Bookmark here

How do you stay scared of a man like that? Also, Gable's stories helped.Bookmark here

"Well turn that frown upside down because I come bearing letters and gifts!"Bookmark here

See it's pretty hard to stay cowering in his presence though I'm definitely not brave enough to slap away the oversized hands pinching my cheeks. Ow ow ow my face is baby soft and squishy, stop rearranging my mouth already! I admit you're scary grampa, very very scary but for an even more fearful reason than I previously thought.Bookmark here

"Okay! I'm smiling, seeeeeee. Please, my cheeks."Bookmark here

The old brute gives my poor face a little pat and pulls out two packages from thin air. They're not very large and wrapped in a plain brown twine and look plain but the pressed green leaves decorated on top tells me they're from Gable.Bookmark here

My mood improves drastically.Bookmark here

"Now that's a much cuter face from you, I should be jealous."Bookmark here

"Grampaaaaaa."Bookmark here

"Alright alright, put them away in your bag for later. It's not only from Gable but your little friend Lukas too. The larger package is for your other little pal when you run into him."Bookmark here

"Oh? For Amar?"Bookmark here

"Yes! It's very cute, the kid finally got his first ice stones made and charged. Wanted his friends to have them. Keeps you nice and cool for summer."Bookmark here

"So he and Gable are good?"Bookmark here

"Great! Gable complains all the time but he loves having the kid follow him around the house. It's just adorable! He's like a duckling! Keeps it lively when I'm not there."Bookmark here

I can see that actually, they would balance each other out despite their differing personalities and if there's anything Lukas can do it's livening things up. I mean just looks at grampa and Gable, they might as well be night and day and they're somehow BFFs.Bookmark here

Hey, wait a minute-Bookmark here

"So you have been visiting Gable without me!"Bookmark here

Gramps bends down with the packages and drops them into my waiting arms. His overbearing grin is awful and I can't avoid it when he double pinches my cheeks again.Bookmark here

" Mayyyyybe, whatcha going to do about it?"Bookmark here

"No fair, I hwate yuu."Bookmark here

"Aww I love you too. Now don't get into anything too dangerous or cook up all the ingredients in the kitchens again. See you by dinner time!"Bookmark here

My poor cheeks! Ow my face! I scamper off as fast as my tiny legs take me the moment grampa releases his pinching hold.Bookmark here

I swear he doesn't abuse Lilyanne so much!Bookmark here

------Bookmark here

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