Chapter 47:

Super Jester Bros Super Show

Escape Witch

“You weren’t kidding when you said it’d grow back fast,” Serika cooed as she rubbed Emeri’s head.

Emeri’s hair had now grown to short buzzcut. However, she hated the feeling of having her head rubbed while her hair was so short.

“Ugh, stop rubbing my head,” Emeri pouted.

“But it feels nice and fuzzy.”

“Ahhugh, I’m ordering milk dammit.”

Emeri’s wrists were now healed to the point where she could move around like normal. She grabbed her phone as Serika pressed her head into her breasts and ordered 3 gallons of milk from a grocery app.


Everyone watched in amazement as Emeri’s hair began to grow as she chugged through the milk.

“Looks like baby’s thirsty,” Madoka jibbed as Emeri shot her an annoyed glare.

After finishing all the milk, Emeri ran her now fully healed hands through her hair. Her hair was now just as it normally looked.

“NOW you can stroke my head,” Emeri giggled as she trotted up to Serika and leaned her head into her breasts.

“Well, seems we both enjoy having long hair,” Serika smiled as she happily stroked Emeri.

“I still can’t believe you can just heal up like that simply by drinking milk,” Yuni stated.

“Well, Ginkawa milk works the best, but normal milk can work in large quantities. Of course if we lose a hand or half our skull, no amount of milk will restore that. Though Tetsuka-nee-chan’s probably the only exception. She can easily regenerate any lost body parts. Though getting back to the milk, it sadly only works if you have Ginkawa blood. Some members of the family tried to experiment to see if they could gift the ability to those without Ginkawa blood, but it ended in failure,” explained Madoka.

“Well, it just stopped raining, so let’s enjoy the sights before your birthday party tonight," Yuni smiled.

The girls got dressed and enjoyed the sights of Venice. As they stopped for lunch, two men dressed in hats and overalls approached their table.

“No way! It’s Marco and Leo!” Madoka said.

“They do look like them, but I think the Marco guy looks more like Warco with that bod and the pointy red shoes,” Serika said.

“It’s also hard to see their faces, though we probably shouldn’t be too critical. They’re most likely here for the Carnival,” Yuni said.

The shorter stouter man then lifted up his cap.


The girls suddenly went on guard, however, their bodies went limp and they slumped back into their chairs.

“Buwahahahaha! I put immobilization serum in the pizza you just ate. NOW, you won’t be going anywhere while I sing my NEW intro song. Vincenzo! Hit the start button,” Jester ordered.

The other man, revealed to be Vincenzo, lifted up his cap before sighing and playing the song.

A familiar jingle from a famous video game played as Jester began rapping.

“YOYOI! We’re super Jester brothers though we’re from other mothers. We go around the world and make your head swirl. When you’re on the brink of death, we throw ya in the hearth. We stronger then the others now you’ll fear the super brothers. Uh! Da da da -“

“[No brother! That jingle is copyrighted!]”

“Da da da-“

“[Aiyaiyai we’re gonna get sued.]”

“YOYOI! Get ready to bleet cause you're gonna get beat. Get ready for a spicy meatball of a death. I’ll cover ya in pasta, bake ya in a pizza, hang ya up high while ya fear the super brothers and you scream! Da da da- "

“[I’m telling ya, they’re gonnna sue us.]"

"Uh! Uh! Da da da- ”

"[Don’t get mad if those ninjas show up.]”

“I said feeeear da Jester brothers! ”

After completing his parody of a copyrighted song, Jester and Vincenzo gagged the girls and dragged them into the pizza shop.

“Welcome to Jester’s  a kitchen! Today, we’re a gonna turn you into a crazy a pizza girls,” Jester laughed as he began drenching the girls in dough, marinera, and liquid cheese.

“MMPH!” The girls all screamed in disgust. It was sticky and gross.

“Now we just chuck em in the oven and run for it.”

“[But brother, what if the owner comes back?]”

“I told that dumbass a flying pizza would destroy his shop with an ICBM if he didn’t get to Pisa. That’s on the other end of the country, no way he’ll be back. Besides, even if he does somehow make it back, we’ll just say he murdered the girls.”

“[I’m pretty sure the Bombinos could cover it up if we just killed them now.]”

“Screw them! Besides, I hear Antonio’s in full powder keg mode after what happened to his great granddaughter.”

“[I guess you have a good point there. Wouldn’t wanna piss off ole Tony. Though whoda thought that Nadea girl would become such a menace.]”

“Hah! Told ya she was a genius! I get 100,000 euros!”

As the brothers bantered, the girls glared as they tried to figure out how they’d escape.

Suddenly, someone entered the shop.

“Doka! Emeri! You in here? My watch was goin nuts and said you were here,” Tetsuka called out.

Jester and Vincenzo turned around.

“Who’re you? WHOA! SEXY MUSCLES!? NICE BODY!? Are you a sports model?”

“Who the hell are you two clowns? Anyway, seen a girl that looks just like me, but with shorter hair?” Tetsuka asked.

Vincenzo’s expression went cold as he pulled out his gun and fired multiple shots at Tetsuka’s face.

“[Brother, I’m sorry, but she needed to be taken down quickly. We’d-HUH!?]

Vincenzo and Jester gaped in horror as Tetsuka leaned her head back. She had all the bullets Vincenzo had fired at her in her mouth. What terrified them more is that she then ate all of them.

“Heh, so you’re those Illumous clowns I heard about. Welp, time for an assbeating.”

Tetsuka grabbed the two and tossed them in the air before kicking them both in the stomach. Jester and Vincenzo crashed through the building as they flew out and into the canal. Satisfied with her work, Tetsuka freed the girls.

As Jester and Vincenzo crawled out of the canal, they were greeted by a group of  men in suits.

“Hello, we’re from Wintendo. We heard you ripped off our music,” the leader said as he cracked his knuckles.

“[Oh no, I told you this would happen!]” Vincenzo screamed as he and Jester desperately began swimming away.

“[**** YOU MADOKA!]” Jester screamed.


“Wow, I had no idea you were so strong,” Emeri said.

“Well, I do train like crazy. Anyway, might wanna wash off before tonight. I’ll keep watch for those creeps, though I doubt they’ll bother us considerin they were paddilin away like crazy from some guys in suits,” Tetsuka said.

“Losers must’ve gotten struck by the Wintendo ninjas,” Madoka snickered as she gave a middle finger salute.