Chapter 6:

Chapter 3- Character Profile: Elijah

System Gate Ignition

Elijah Ortiz

Age- 16

Born- January 4th

Favorite Food- Enchiladas

Favorite Music Genre- J-pop

Hobbies- JRPG’s, System Gate, and sandbox games

Future Career- Game Designer

Deck profile-

Gate- Cyber Space Gate

Gate Master- Spyder

4x Spyder

4x Spyder Queen Routina

4x Jumping Spyder

4x Virtual Private Network

4x True or False

3x Spyder World Wide Web

4x Reboot

2x Quad Core Overclock

4x Probability Sword The Seed

4x Phising Spyder Charlotte

4x Malware Peddler Nathan

2x Hypertext Lookup

2x Frontline Fortress Firewall

2x Unstable Hax

2x Morris Revenge

1x Spyder Roulette