Chapter 20:

Chapter Twenty

The Foreign Yakuza

Akira stood in a corner, looking at them regretfully, as the two men put the foreign boy on the bed that had been prepared for David during this time. Tajima turned to him and asked, “Where is the first aid kit? The wound above his eyebrow is not serious, but it needs to be cleaned.”

Akira paused and then answered, “In the restroom, behind the mirror.” The bespectacled man nodded and walked towards the restroom. Mikitani took off his overcoat, unbuttoned his coat, and loosened his tie. As he sat down on the couch, he said, “Don't stand there, boy, come sit down.”

While Tajima was walking towards the bed with the first aid kit, Akira nodded and sat on the couch without taking his eyes off David. Mikitani lit a cigarette and said, “May I ask what the hell you were doing in that damn park in this weather?”

Akira, who was completely focused on Tajima's hands while cleaning the foreign boy's wound, didn't notice the man's question at all. Suddenly, Mikitani yelled angrily, “I'm talking to you!” The Japanese boy was shocked and said to the man, “I-I'm sorry, Mikitani-san. I didn't notice,” and bowed his head.

The man puffed on his cigarette, blew out the smoke angrily, and said, “I asked, what the hell were you doing there?!” Akira answered as his head was down, “I wanted to get some air. I mean, we wanted. Ever since David regained consciousness, he was in the house all the time, so I thought it wouldn't be bad to take him out.”

Tajima asked as he collected the dressing supplies, “Then why did you turn off your phone?” The boy raised his head, looked at the cleaned and bandaged wound of the foreign boy, and said, “I'm sorry, Tajima-san, you called me when we were leaving. I didn't want to disturb my schedule because of work, so I didn't answer and turned off the phone.”

The bespectacled man sighed as he got up to put the first aid kit back in its place, said, “At least you had some intellect to text me before turning it off,” and then headed for the restroom.

Akira turned his head towards Mikitani, who was putting out his cigarette, gave a half bow, and said, “I'm sorry for causing you trouble. I take responsibility for everything that happened.” The man sighed and said, “Keep your head up. You don't have to do anything” then as he rubbed his forehead, he added softly, “I'm glad you're healthy.”

The boy raised his head and said to Tajima, who was sitting on one of the sofas, “But how did you know that me, I mean us, were in trouble?” The bespectacled man looked at Mikitani, who allowed him to speak by moving his head.

Then he sighed and said, “This morning when I was in the office, Arata called and said he saw someone in the street near the Daito Bridge who looked like a courier who delivered the bomb. I quickly went there with some of the guys and found him at Fuji no Sato Karaoke.”

He loosened his tie and continued, “We had a small and painful chat with him until he opened his mouth and said, Yabuki ordered him to do that. Then we took him to the headquarters and informed Mikitani-san. When he saw Mikitani-san, out of fear, he told everything he knew, and we found out that Yabuki has returned to Shinjuku and is waiting for an opportunity to hurt you.”

Akira frowned and said, “I don't understand; before that incident in the abandoned warehouse, I didn't know this man at all. Why does he have a grudge against me?” Tajima shrugged and said, “I don't know, but we called you as soon as we found out, but you didn't answer; you texted that you were going to Toyama Park and then turned off the phone. Mikitani-san was worried; that's why we came here first, and when we saw that you were not at home, we quickly gathered our men and came to the park.”

Mikitani, who had been silent until now, added, “And luckily we arrived in time,” then continued with a frown at Akira, “But how did he surprise you by himself? You're not the type of person who would give up in a one-on-one fight, even if the opponent has a knife. Did he go after Higuma first? That's how he got hurt?”

Akira paused, then said, “He wasn't alone; there were three other people with him.” Tajima frowned and said, “But we didn't see anyone.” The boy shook his head and added, “They ran away before you came.” Mikitani raised his eyebrows and said, “Now I understand. You made the three escape, but Yabuki hurt Higuma, and when you tried to take care of him, he wanted to stab you in the back.”

Akira shook his head in shame and said, “No, I couldn't do anything; if it wasn't for David, I'd be bleeding to death by now with severed fingers.” Tajima said in disbelief, “What do you mean if it wasn't for him?” The boy sighed and then told the truth of the matter: how they surprised him, beat him up, then showed no mercy to the foreign boy either and mockingly kicked him.

And he described how, when Yabuki tried to cut off his fingers, David stopped him, and Yabuki's men fled in fear. Mikitani and Tajima looked at each other in surprise, then at the bed and the foreign boy. After a few moments, Tajima asked, “Did he really stand and try to strangle Yabuki?”

Without speaking, Akira just nodded in agreement. Mikitani smiled and said, “Higuma's nickname really suits him. I hope when he wakes up he can really walk again.” He tightened his tie, took his overcoat, and added, “I have to go back to headquarters to report to the boss and decide what we should do with Yabuki.”

Tajima also got up with him and said as he pointed to the foreign boy, “His pulse is regular and there is no problem, but if there is a problem, call me immediately so that I can come and take him to the hospital.” and as he was arranging the clothes, he added, “And please keep your phone turned on and answer it.”

Akira got up and led the two men to the threshold of the house. He glanced at his face in the hallway mirror before returning to the main room. The place where he had been punched in the face was now slightly bruised and painful. He sighed and went to the kitchen, made himself a cup of coffee, and returned to the main room.

As he impatiently walked towards the sofa, he glanced at the bed and suddenly felt dry. The foreign boy's eyes were open, and he was looking at the ceiling. Akira quickly ran forward, put the glass on the table, sat on the edge of the bed, and asked, “Are you alright? Can you hear me?”

David slowly turned his head towards him and stared into his eyes without saying a word. Akira, who was trying not to cry, slowly said, “I'm sorry, I forgot you can't speak.” Then he lowered his head and added, “You saved me and got hurt again. Even though you were vulnerable yourself, you fought for me.”

Slowly his tears began to fall, and he continued, “I thought I could take care of you, but no, I'm just a cursed person. Every time you're around me, you get hurt.” The foreign boy's fingers gently came up and touched his cheek and his tears.

Without raising his head, Akira pressed David's hand to his face with his own hand and continued to cry silently. The foreign boy said quietly, “A...A...” This sound made the Japanese boy cry even more. He didn't understand anything from this voice; everything was over. After the vacation, he should have asked Riki to take David with him.

In the midst of his tears, she heard “A... Aki... Ra” suddenly raised his head and looked at the foreign boy with wet and surprised eyes. He said confusedly, “You called me now?! Did I hear you right?!” David wiped away his tears with his thumb, smiled, and nodded slowly in approval. Akira felt like he was dreaming. He took David's hand from his face, squeezed it between his hands, and said, “Do you understand what I'm saying?! Please speak again!”

The foreign boy looked at him kindly and barely said, “” This time the Japanese boy began to cry with joy, bent over the bed, wrapped his arms around the lying boy's neck, and hugged him tightly. He said in a quiet and trembling voice, “Damn you, Big Boy... You only know how to make me cry... Since I met you, even more than in the past 11 years, I have cried like a girl...”

The foreign boy's hand slowly came up, was placed behind Akira's head, and gently stroked his hair. After a few seconds, David barely said, “I...I'm...choking...” The Japanese boy let go of his neck in shame, moved away from him, and said as he wiped his tears, “I'm sorry; I was very excited.”

Then he looked at him worriedly and added, “Are you okay? Are you in pain? Let me call Tajima-san so he can come back, and we'll go to the hospital.” Just as he was about to get up from the edge of the bed, David gently placed his hand on his, shaking his head in denial, and said, “I...I'm fine.” Akira asked worriedly, “Are you sure?” And David just nodded his head.

The Japanese boy sighed, relaxed on the edge of the bed, and said, “Do you want me to get you something? Are you hungry?” David smiled and shook his head. Akira looked at him kindly, took his hand in his, and said, “Welcome back, damn Big Boy.”


The next morning, despite Akira's insistence, David told him that he didn't want anyone to know about his small recovery right now. He could speak slowly and move his left hand, but the fingers of his left hand were still clenched and could hardly be opened. Even though he could feel his legs, he was not strong enough to move them, stand, or walk.

Akira said as he was getting dressed, “Are you sure you don't want me to stay with you? You don't mind being alone?” David smiled from the wheelchair and said softly, “Don't worry... If I had... a problem... I'll... call you...” The Japanese boy put on his jacket and said, “But I really don't need to be there.”

In the early hours of the morning, Tajima called him and said that Yabuki was going to be taken to the boss today to explain the recent events. Although he didn't want to go and leave David alone, the foreign boy had asked him to attend the meeting.

David said with a smile, “Don't whine... so much... Go quickly...” The Japanese boy tied his scarf, gave him another look, and said with sadness in his eyes, “Do you promise to be the same when I come back? Do you promise that all this wasn't a dream?” The foreign boy sighed, then motioned for him to bring his head forward. Akira hesitantly leaned forward and moved his face forward.

David raised his hand, then pressed his index finger against the bruise on his face. Akira jumped back with a groan of pain and said, “Are you crazy?!” The foreign boy smiled and said, “You go...” The Japanese boy sighed and said, “Okay, so see you.” He went to the door, put on his shoes, and left the house.

As he walked to the station, he had mixed feelings inside. On the one hand, he was happy that David had finally recovered, but on the other hand, he was sad that he still couldn't walk and talk properly.

Last night, after three months, he was finally able to sit next to him and talk to him, but talking took a lot of energy from David, and he soon got tired and fell asleep. Akira would have preferred to stay with him today and talk to him, but the foreign boy insisted that he attend Yabuki's confession session. He sighed and said under his breath, “I'll finish it soon and come back,” then took a deep breath and boarded a train bound for Shinagawa.


When he entered the room, Yabuki was sitting on his knees in front of the boss with his hands tied behind his back and a bruised face. Mikitani and three other men from the group were also present in the room. But for Akira, it was surprising to see Kurogane-san among them.

Kurogane Naoki was the second lieutenant of the Yonkiko Group and often resided in Yokohama, overseeing the company's shipping matters and otherwise traveling abroad to find business partners. He was a man in his mid-forties with gray hair, a neat beard, and a serious look. It was rumored that there was a 20-year friendship between him and the boss.

Without speaking, Akira bowed his head to all the audience members and sat on his knees next to Mikitani. Yabuki's profile could be seen from that angle. The boss cleared his throat and said, “Well, now that Shinka has joined us, it's enough to wasting time.” He looked at Yabuki and said seriously, “Yabuki from the Nakayama group, do you admit that four months ago, you attacked to Kyodai of my group in an abandoned warehouse?”

The man said in a hoarse voice, “Yes.” The boss continued, “Do you also accept responsibility for the bombing of Yonkiko's office two months ago?” Yabuki gave a positive answer to this question with a pause. The boss took a deep breath and said, “Under normal circumstances, I would have my men cut you into pieces and throw your pieces into Tokyo Bay so that they can be eaten by the fishes! But I want to give you a chance, so be careful not to miss it.”

He paused for a while to let his words take effect on the man, then continued, “Why did you do these things against the peace agreement between the two groups? Was it of your own accord, or did you receive orders from someone?” Yabuki paused for a few seconds, as if he were checking the answer in his mind. Just as he was about to open his mouth, a loud noise and footsteps were heard from outside the room.

Suddenly, the sliding door of the room opened violently, and a young man entered the room with an angry face. Yabuki turned his head and suddenly said, with a glint of hope in his eyes, “Boss!” The young man rushed forward, grabbed him by the collar, lifted him off the ground, and punched him hard in the stomach. Then he threw him on the floor again and punched and kicked him again and again.

Mikitani was the first to recover from the shock of this change of status; he quickly stood up, ran forward, grabbed the man's hands, and said, “What are you doing, Nakayama-san?! Control yourself!” The leader of the Yonkiku group also stood up and said loudly, “Calm down, Keizu! What's going on here?! What does this mean?!”

The young man, who Akira had just realized was the new leader of the Nakayama group, slowly freed himself from Mikitani's grip, bowed and said, “I'm sorry, Uncle,” then pointed at Yabuki, who was lying unconscious on the floor, and added, “This bastard had committed sabotage twice before. I ordered him to show responsibility by amputating one of his knuckles the first time and his entire finger the second time and never returning to Tokyo.”

He stood up straight, took out a handkerchief from his coat pocket, and continued as he wiped his bloody fists, “But it seems he didn't learn his lesson and returned to Tokyo without my knowledge to make trouble.” Then, with a shy look, he bowed again and said, “Please let me deal with him myself, Uncle. I assure you that his actions were arbitrary, and I had no knowledge of it.”

The boss looked at him for a bit, then said, “Ok, he's at your disposal.” Then, as he sat down again, he added, “Be more careful with your men, Keizo; next time it won't be that easy.” Akira wanted to protest, but he knew that in his position, he couldn't meddle in these matters. The young man gave a friendly smile, called his men to carry Yabuki's body, and said, “Sure, Uncle, I'll be more careful in the future. I won't bother you anymore.”

As he turned to leave the room, his gaze met Akira's for a moment. The only thing the Japanese boy was sure of was that a fake smile had no place in the young man's menacing eyes. Once he went out of the room, Mikitani closed the door and sat down next to Akira again.

Kurogane, who had been silent until now, stroked his beard and said, “I don't like this situation. He arrived just in time,” glancing at the boss. The old man sighed and said, “That's enough for now; I still don't want a big fight.”

Then he looked at Akira and his bruised face and said, “I'm glad you're safe, boy.” Akira bowed his head and remained silent as the old man added, “I heard that Higuma got better and helped you last night; is it true? How is he?”

Akira wanted to tell the truth for a moment, but he remembered David's words and said, “It must have been an unconscious move; when he woke up this morning, he's still the same as before.” The old man shook his head sadly and said, “I'm sorry to hear that. I hope he gets well soon. Men with heart and courage like him are rare.”

Akira gave a forced smile and said, “I'm sorry, boss, but he's alone at home; would you let me leave your presence?” The old man smiled kindly and said, “Of course, my son, you can go; take my greetings to Higuma.” Akira stood up, bowed, and left the room.


As he was taking off his shoes at the threshold of the corridor, he felt that he could hear a conversation in the main room. He frowned. David was alone at home, so who was he talking to? Was that damn fox back? He got angry at this thought and quickly went to the living room. As soon as he opened the door, David was surprised and spoke in a language that was not familiar to him.

Confused, Akira looked around the room for any sign of Riki. Meanwhile, the foreign boy hung up the phone and said to him, “I was having... a stroke... why didn't... you talk... when you... came?” The Japanese boy frowned and asked, “Where is he?” David looked at him with confused eyes and said, “Who?”

- The same damn fox! Where is Riki?!

- I don't... understand... why should... he be here...?

Akira stepped forward and said with a frown, “I heard you were talking to someone!” David sighed and said, “I was... talking on... the phone...” The Japanese boy raised an eyebrow and said, “With the same bastard?” David gently rubbed his forehead and said, “I don't understand... why you... are so... sensitive about... that boy” then continued with a sigh, “I was... talking... with... my mother...”

Embarrassed by his own rash judgment, Akira looked away from him and said, “Aha,” but suddenly turned to him with concern and asked, “You mean you want to go back to your country?” David rolled his eyes in the bowl and said, “Don't... ask too much... questions. first... change your... clothes...”

The Japanese boy paused for a while, then went to the bedroom and returned to the living room after a few minutes in his home clothes. David was watching TV; he sat down on the couch sadly and said, “I'm sorry.” The foreign boy said, without looking at him, “It doesn't... matter….”

Akira was angry with himself; as always, he acted without thinking and out of anger, ruining the situation. As he cursed himself, David asked, “How was... the meeting...?” The Japanese boy looked at him and answered, “Nothing special happened; he just accepted responsibility for the attack on the warehouse and the bombing, but before he could say more, his bastard boss came and took him away.”

David turned his head and asked “His Boss? But... how?” Akira sighed and told him the events of the meeting. The foreign boy thought for a while and said, “This is... very suspicious.” Akira shrugged and said, “I know; the boss and the others are thinking the same thing, but there was nothing that could be done. The slightest wrong move would cause a war between the two groups.”

The foreign boy nodded and thought. Akira suddenly remembered something and hesitantly said, “Can I ask something?” David nodded, and he continued, “How did you find out about the bomb and come there?” David sighed and slowly told the story of seeing Yabuki and his men in the cafe where he worked and listening to their words.

Akira said with a frown, “Now I understand, but why didn't you call me instead of coming all the way there? You had my number; it would have been faster that way, and no one would have been hurt.” David sighed and said, “I called... but... You weren't answering.” The Japanese boy tried to deny his words, but he remembered the unknown number that had called him several times on the day of the incident, took out his phone, and after reading the number, he said, “Was that you?!”

David nodded in agreement and said, “That new... number” Akira closed his eyes. He felt even more guilty now; if he had answered one of those damn calls that day, he could have prevented David from getting hurt.

He opened his eyes and said sadly, “I'm sorry; if I had answered, you wouldn't have been hurt.” David shrugged and said, “It's... the past.” Akira was silent, but something was bothering him, so he asked softly, “You changed your house and number so that I wouldn't disturb you, so why did you come and save me?” David said in surprise, “I...didn't...that”

- What?!

- I said... I didn't change… my house… and number... to escape... from you...

Akira sighed and said, “I know you lost your house because of me; I saw that letter from the university. You must have changed your number, so you won't be in contact with me anymore.” David shook his head in denial and said, "That's right ... I changed the house… because of... the university letter... but I changed… my number... also... for that... not you."

Akira shrugged and said, “You don't have to lie for me.” David scowled and said, “Idiot! When I saw... the scholarship organization... which is a government organ... is going to supervise me... I changed my number... so that they couldn't track you...!” Akira raised an eyebrow and said, “What does it matter? They're not the police.”

The foreign boy rolled his eyes in the bowl and said, “Why are you so...stupid? scholarship...because of...the police report. So it's natural...that during the surveillance... on me... they cooperate with the police...” Akira thought about his words for a few moments and said, “You're right; I hadn't looked at it from this angle.”

Then he added with shame, “No matter how much I apologize to you, it's not enough. You lost your scholarship and your house for helping me, and you still got hurt like this to save me. I really don't know how to thank you or apologize. But...” He paused and sadly continued, “But I wasn't a good friend to you; ever since you met me, you've only been hurt.” He lowered his head and said, “My aunt was right; I'm a cursed person. that I only bring misery to those around me.”

David pushed the wheelchair over to the couch, then raised his right hand, gently patted Akira's head, and said, “You're not... cursed, you idiot. I helped you... of my own free will... and I have... no regrets.” With these words, the Japanese boy felt warmth in his heart.

Sensing that tears might start flowing again, he cleared his throat, raised his head, and changed the subject, then said, “Shouldn't we go to the hospital for physical therapy?” David shrugged and said, “Now...isn't the right time. I'll go... there after... the New Year’s break.”

Akira sighed and said, “So you don't even want to tell your professor or your college friends that you got better?” David shook his head and said, “No… it's vacation now… most of them… go to their families… I don't want… them to come… here because of me. I don't want… crowded and noisy.”

The Japanese boy said with shame, “I'm sorry, you just got better, but I'm going to force you to talk.” He got up and said, “Let me heat up the lunch.” As he went to the kitchen, he said, “Your family must be worried, right?” The foreign boy nodded and said, “I said… to them… I had a project, and... my phone was… also broken.”

- Do you think they believe?

- Even if… they don't… they can't… do anything.

Akira went into the kitchen, put in the microwave the dishes that Riki had left in the fridge, returned to the living room, and said, "Wait a little; the food will be ready soon." David smiled, then paused and said, "I'm sorry… you have to… take care of me. I'll go back… to the dorm… when I get better."

The Japanese boy frowned and said, “Why are you talking nonsensically? You got hurt because of me; did you expect me to leave you on the side of the street?!” David shook his head in denial and said “No… But you… don't owe me.” Akira rolled her eyes in the bowl and said, “Don't start that bullshit again.”

David looked at him and said, “I won't start... but surely... you'd rather... spend Christmas with... your friends and colleagues. Or maybe... your girlfriend.” Then, with a sad smile, he patted his legs and added, “Not with... someone... like me.”

Just as Akira was about to say something, the microwave alarm sounded from the kitchen. He fisted his hands and went to the kitchen. But he stopped in the middle of the way and said, without looking at David, “I don't have anyone. I'm alone most of the time on vacation, so don't talk nonsense, please.” As he walked again, he said under his breath, “You're the only one I want to be with, idiot.”

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