Chapter 77:

Under the starry sky

Escape Witch

Yuni and Madoka sat and gazed at the stars as Serika and Emeri slept soundly.

"It really has been a crazy trip ever since we first met," Yuni smiled as she gazed at Madoka.

"Yeah, life became so much more fun, even though we've had to deal with a bunch of crazy shit," Madoka smiled back.

"I'm so glad I met you. Back then, I was miserable. Even when I had sensei I was never this happy, heck even when I was living with my aunt and cousins, I don't think I was ever as happy back then as I am now."

"The same goes for me. Before I met you, I was being kidnapped and escaping almost daily. Then when you came along, my streak got disrupted a bit. Now there've been days where I do the saving instead of escaping from the inside."

"I wouldn't say our collective kidnapping streak has been broken, but it's nice knowing you're there to save us."

"You're saying I'M the hero!? But I'm miss damsel in distress! I have a near unbreakable record of being captured and kidnapped."

"Nah, you break out easy. If anything, you're a badass in distress."

"Badass? Not sure if I see myself as badass when I'm bound and gagged."

"I meant how you effortlessly break out. Besides, I'm sure you're capable of taking out an entire squad of goons while bound and gagged."

"Yeah, bet I could."

Yuni inched closer to Madoka.

"Madoka, you give me strength and make me smile. I'm so glad we became friends and could go on this world tour," Yuni said.

"I enjoyed it too. The mansion will be boring by comparison, but there's plenty of stuff to do there," Madoka chuckled.

"Boring to you maybe. I've barely even explored that massive floating island. Besides, your lively family's there too. ___."

"You alright?"

"Yeah, just got a bit sentimental. Finding my family is the main reason I even bothered becoming a detective with sensei. Yet, I've honestly kind of forgotten about my goal, and feel kind of bad."

"It just shows that you were having a good time. I'm sure your mother would be happy."

"Yeah, she probably would feel better herself knowing I'm safe and sound. But it's moreso my cousins I'm worried about."

"Come to think of it, I don't really know much about them."

"Well, the good ones are Nika and Miku. Nika was primarily the one that got mad at me and kicked me out of the house. Miku's a bit nicer."

"Maybe momma might know where they are."

"Why do you think that?"

"Cause she knows pretty much everything."

"I guess from your perspective. But even I don't know where they could be. Their old address was all I know."

"Maybe they became famous. Do you know what they wanted to do when they grew up?"

"No. Though Miku mentioned making a video once, but that was a one off conversation."

"Why not look and see if she has a Ewetube channel?"

Yuni did so, but found nothing.

"Oh! Have you heard of Kumi? I love watching her videos," Madoka said as she clicked on a video.

"I didn't want to- __!"

Yuni's eyes widened as she stared at the video. Tears began to drip out of her eyes much to Madoka's surprise.

"Wow! I know Kumi's great, but I didn't think you'd cry at her sheer presence- "

"No, it's her voice. That's Miku. My cousin Miku. All this time, she was there. I could have just sent her a positive comment. But I didn't even think to look. Why?" Yuni cried.

"Hold on, why not just send a comment now? It looks like she's been uploading constantly. _!? Huh!? She made a new collab with Momma just yesterday!"


"Ugh, shut up, we're trying to sleep," Serika mumbled.

"It's not time yet," Emeri mumbled.


Yuni then watched the video.

"I don't recognize her by her look, but her voice is still the same. But why is she with your mother? Does that mean she's at the mansion? But what about Nika!?"

"Kumi's Ewewtube's most subscribed channel after Momma. I bet she had her move into the mansion to protect her. Even more so if she's your cousin," Madoka smiled.

"But we never saw them."

"I did see the servants moving stuff into the guest rooms when we were last there. Plus didn't you see them in Italy and France? Maybe they were traveling too."

"But what about Nika?"

"Let me check her recent videos real quick... That was fast, look! She claims that girl with her is her sister-"


Yuni had begun to cry again as she stared at Nika.

"You look almost the same as you did back then. This was also uploaded after Paris, and it says it was a stream. Then she's safe. Madoka, once again you've helped solve my problems," Yuni tearfully smiled.

"No problem," Madoka smiled.

"Madoka, when I'm with you, I feel happy and at ease. I also want to be by your side, forever and ever."

"Wait are you proposing!?"

"Yes, I love you Madoka. Not just as a friend, but I think romantically too," Yuni tearfully smiled.

"Momma would be so proud. Well, I love you too Yuni. Not fully versed in romance, but if being in love with you means I can spend the rest of my days with you, I'm in love," Madoka smiled.

Yuni and Madoka then leaned towards each other and kissed on the lips. They both immediately went bright red in the face and quickly separated.

"That w- was my first kiss," Yuni nervously blushed.

"Mine was Serika, but yours was the first, you know love love kind of kiss," Madoka blushed.

"Just kiss again you lovebirds, you'll get used to it," Serika growled as she got up.

"No sleep, but it was nice to hear you two falling in love," Emeri smiled as she got up.

"We're gonna have a lot to talk about when we get back to the mansion," Madoka smiled.

"I'll tell Auntie to get the wedding ceremonies set up."

"Tying the knot already? Well the answer's yes," Serika smiled.

"Yes for me as well," Yuni smiled.