Chapter 1:


Gurren shinigami volume 1

My name is Naoko Kokutou. My mum died when I was three years old. 

I was told that my father died before I was even born.

A night I was running away.There was a creature.It wanted to eat me.I was lucky because a man appeared and killed it.

The man took me to his house.I escaped from being killed.But my grandparents...they were killed.

My grandfather was Hiroyuki Kokutou and my grandmother was  Sorata Hasekura.

"I have an idea.You can live with me along with my son."



Suddenly a boy came to the living room.

"Kaien this Naoko.She is going to stay with us from now on."

I was still a bit scared.From that night mr Kamui Arima became my guardian.