Chapter 14:

014 – Normal School

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June 13, 2018. 6:30 in the morning.Bookmark here

Well, 7 hours of sleep sounds quite nostalgic. This time, it's legitimate and I'm not going to be scolded by Kei and go back to sleep anew.Bookmark here

What do you know, time flies fast and summer vacation ended already just like that. Now, it is once again the first day of school for who knows how many years-Bookmark here

Actually, it's probably the 5th year, as far as I can remember. I started coming to school in my first year in junior high.Bookmark here

Anyways, it just hit me. This is the 14th chapter already? Fast. But hey, when you think about it, Chapter 14 is quite special I guess. Well, in Normal in Parenthesis, at least.Bookmark here

Who would have thought that a ramen-eating gathering turned out to be the time when I went all dramatic and straight up told Rin that I love her? And it all happened in the same numerical chapter!Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

I really should get up now."Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

After doing all the boring and habitual things I do early in the morning, I prepared breakfast for myself as it seems that the girlfriend won't be coming over right at this time.Bookmark here

"Hmm…Bookmark here

Nothing new with the news as usual."Bookmark here

As a senior high school student, one thing that has changed is of course the uniform.Bookmark here

Since the seasons of this (seemingly) tropical country recently changed, so is the uniform. The top is still kind of similar to our old uniform back from junior high as the colored end of the hem of the button down polo tells if one is right handed or lefty, the same with the color of the collar which is black that is also the same for the bottoms.Bookmark here

At winter, we get to wear a black coat with the option of a long sleeve as an under layer.Bookmark here

"The quality of the eggs I bought is quite good. It's great that I did shopping before school.Bookmark here

Oh, and there she comes."Bookmark here

As I heard a clinking noise, it was immediately followed by the opening of my locked door from the outside.Bookmark here

Yes, it was Rin which possesses one of the greatest treasures of this house: A spare key.Bookmark here

"Good morning, Potato!"Bookmark here

"Morning. Did you get a good sleep last night?"Bookmark here

"I think?"Bookmark here

"Good for you, then. Still don't want to go to school…"Bookmark here

"Gin, you're already 18 and you still say something like that. Amazing."Bookmark here

"I may have spent two years of isolation but it doesn't change the fact that there's still a kid inside me.Bookmark here

The uniform looks good on you, by the way."Bookmark here

"Hmm. Thanks."Bookmark here

It has a similar design to what my uniform looks like aside from the black skirt that goes down to the knees. No way I'll be wearing a skirt, for crying out loud.Bookmark here

"Looks like you're all set to go. You'll have to wait for me to finish breakfast, though."Bookmark here

"It's okay. There's still time."Bookmark here

"I guess we'll be on the bike, then."Bookmark here

"Ah, do you know today's schedule, Gin?"Bookmark here

"Hmm… I think it's mostly orientation and homeroom. I don't know if we can go to the Art Room, though. But I heard that Tenth will show up in the whole student body for the first time in his term."Bookmark here

"I guess we'll be quite busy because we have two departments to attend to."Bookmark here

"Well, I helped you study about culinary so I hope that we can apply what we learned from self-study."Bookmark here

"I do wonder about that."Bookmark here

"Uhh… I guess we're good to go once I get these plates washed."Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

Passing on the White Street never gets old. It has been a while since I get to feel the vibe of this road since I don't really go outside.Bookmark here

It still has the same serenity and silence that takes it apart from the others. It's so silent that it was like the sound of my bike amplified along with the subtle noise of the wind hitting my ears.Bookmark here

I am glad that I live in this street.Bookmark here

But after five minutes of pedaling, we reached the school gates.Bookmark here

"Hmm… No changes to be seen in front."Bookmark here

"My guess is that the gymnasium is near our building."Bookmark here

"Well, we'll find out soon, Rin."Bookmark here

A lot of things have changed since the term of Tenth or Taketo Juushiro, as he is the current principal of this school. Small details were also reimplemented just like how the bulletin boards are being used again properly.Bookmark here

Posted there are school information and the class rosters. But it seems that we only need to look for our rooms as all of the departments are only one class per. Bookmark here

"Ohh. So we'll still be on the new building."Bookmark here

"Look, Gin. It seems that the Culinary Arts room has a different style."Bookmark here

"Oh, I look forward to that, then."Bookmark here

"He~y, you guys are early."Bookmark here

Come Nagi and Shiro, as we were called out.Bookmark here

"Hey. Good to see you two. Visual Arts room is in the new building. It's not that hard to find there."Bookmark here

"I guess we'll be going on ahead, Gin. Later," and so the autumn couple left the scene after a brief greeting.Bookmark here

"Sure, go ahead. Rin and I have to check up on the fourth years."Bookmark here

And we did exactly what I just said.Bookmark here

We looked around all of the sections of the fourth years and found our way to Anna's class which is 4B. It seems that she's together with Naru and surprisingly, Ai-san was in the same class.Bookmark here

I am sure those three will be good friends.Bookmark here

Now that I think about it, I haven't seen Jean yet.Bookmark here

"It should be good as long as she won't get found out."Bookmark here

"Let's go to our room then, Potato."Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

It looks to be that the new building from last year was extended to have another floor. But in this case, our room is located at the second floor just right beside the room we used as fourth years.Bookmark here

Upon opening the familiar door, the display of the room is quite different. Instead of individual armchairs, there are medium length tables rowed in two.Bookmark here

Or so I thought. They're detachable!Bookmark here

The front is the same as always with the platform and the teacher's table apart from the addition of a built in projector sheet.Bookmark here

Seeing where Nagi and Shiro are sat, it seems that they reserved two seats that are the nearest to the windows in the back row. Oh, how I missed that spot.Bookmark here

"I'm not used to not seeing Jean and Akira here. Things sure have changed."Bookmark here

"Quite right, Nagi."Bookmark here

"Hey, Ringo. It's surprising how I still can't find any other classmates from last year."Bookmark here

"Oh, yeah. They're probably in different departments."Bookmark here

As Shiro pointed it out, we finally noticed that no one in the Visual Arts dep. is our former classmates from 4A. But there is a deeper reason that stems outside from our new class.Bookmark here

"About that, Rin. I've heard from Murasaki that us five may just be the only remaining Class 4A in this school. They all transferred apart from us, apparently."Bookmark here

"Hmm. I guess we'll be around new students, then. I haven't seen anyone from other classes from last year. Not that I know them by names," Nagi nonchalantly stated as he rocks his chair.Bookmark here

"I'm not used to how quiet it is. I guess the new guys still don't know anyone," the still wondering Rin mumbled.Bookmark here

The sliding door rattled loudly with the entrance of a teacher.Bookmark here

Wait… Mato?Bookmark here

"Hello, class. Orientation's about to start so stay put on your seats and quiet down.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Looking around with a slightly blank face, he started talking.Bookmark here

"Mato-sen~ The room was already throttled down even before you entered."Bookmark here

Rotating his head as he scanned the whole room, he stayed silent as he just stood with his hands rested on the desk.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

"I guess we'll start."Bookmark here

"Eh. He's embarrassed."Bookmark here

"I am Martin Arlo and for this year, I'll be the head teacher of the Visual Arts Department for the first years.Bookmark here

Visual Arts. Very self-explanatory. I wouldn't understand why you would be here if you don't even know why you enrolled in this department. Just one thing to remember:Bookmark here

If you're not serious with your art, you better get los- leave this room now and don't come back."Bookmark here

As usual, Mato is throwing daggers with his mouth.Bookmark here

He already introduced himself so I don't need to. He is the Art Club's supervisor and now an adviser of a class. But outside of the school, he's like a childhood friend.Bookmark here

He started teaching here when he was 20 and this is his sixth year. But even before working here, he was the one that recommended me to enroll in this school.Bookmark here

Strict as he may sound, that's just him being a teacher.Bookmark here

"Keep in mind that your goal as students inside this room is to enhance your creativity and mastery of arts. It is within your capability whether you unlock more potentials than what you have, or not.Bookmark here

The purpose of this newly erected education system is not to bring out talents of superiority or achieve fame as artists in the creative realm.Bookmark here

I want you students to think and feel that you are doing what you love.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

With all that being said, it looks like the attendance for today is complete. In total, this class has 21 students majority being from other schools.Bookmark here

May I ask the students from the first row down to the back to introduce themselves one by one.Bookmark here

Just tell me your name, age, and the school you came from if you are from a different school."Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

"I'm Dominic Rias, 16, from Rosé."Bookmark here

"Vincent Garic, 16, from Hive."Bookmark here

"Fuuzan Kouki, 16, from Arachle."Bookmark here

"Marie Turmeryc, 16, from Canson."Bookmark here

"Anzu Yumie, 16, from Gil."Bookmark here

"Poru Shinbou, 17, from Cobalt."Bookmark here

"Aljon Lim, 16, from Canson."Bookmark here

"Ryota Mizuno, 16, from Wisteria."Bookmark here

"Riku Wakamatsu, 16, from Gil."Bookmark here

"Marcus Lagrima, 16, from Hamma."Bookmark here

"Yuuga Ayame, 16, from Wisteria."Bookmark here

"Ginji Satoshi, 16, from Mykes."Bookmark here

"Yui Akina, 16, from Rosé."Bookmark here

"Edward Muvon, 17, from Ten-es."Bookmark here

"Jayson Geronimo, 16, from Mykes."Bookmark here

"Michael Cruz, 16, from Arachle."Bookmark here

"Mori Inari, 16, from Gil."Bookmark here

"Nagi Kajima, 16, a student of Blue Ink."Bookmark here

"Shiro Kirishima, 16, same case, so are the last two."Bookmark here

"Ringo Akanami, 16."Bookmark here

"Gin Sakato, 18."Bookmark here

With that, the class stayed as quiet as ever. But it was observable that some of them had a school in common. Though as seen, none of them probably know each other.Bookmark here

The guy named Poru Shinbou, though. It's the first time I'm hearing the name, but for some reason it sounded familiar. I wonder why.Bookmark here

"Now that everyone has been introduced. I'll be giving you all a few reminders. Let's see…Bookmark here

First of all, since most of you are transfer students, I'm pretty sure that you have been oriented about the Amplification incident. If so, then there's no need for it to be told again.Bookmark here

Those four at the back, from Nagi to Gin. Please come here in front."Bookmark here

We did as what Mato-sen said. It is apparently giving us our protective earpiece back. We did return it after the last school year ended. So it was returned because it was being modified.Bookmark here

"Thanks, Mato-sen."Bookmark here

"As you can see, the school provides a protective earpiece for all the students entering the school premises. With your knowledge about the incident, this earpiece serves as a shield to your whole body and nullifies the extreme frequency of sound waves. It now has a modified chassis which makes it more appropriate to the ear.Bookmark here

As of right now, only the old students were given their pairs. And with that, we apologize to the delay as it endangers our students if ever the incident happens again.Bookmark here

Next, you may have known but since last year, the school is now allowing students to bring their cellular phones along with a system that restricts one's phone from non-school related software. In a way, it is kind of a hack."Bookmark here

"Thank Marco Lugis for that."Bookmark here

"Furthermore, there are a handful of clubs and organizations that are established in this school. First is the Entertainment Club which is an organization generalized for drama, plays, music and such. Generally, it's the biggest club. Bookmark here

Second is the Sports Club. They will be in-charge of sports-related activities in the school, including a sports festival. Though, there are still no decisions as to when it will be.Bookmark here

Next is the Literature Club, where the members have the freewill to write various literary pieces and is affiliated to the library.Bookmark here

Fourth is the Cooking Club in which you can pretty much showcase your cooking skills or just learn about it.Bookmark here

Fifth is the Art Club. Being a small club, a club president was not and will never be necessary even if it expanded. Yeah, you do art there.Bookmark here

The last two is kind of merged as they work side by side—the Student Council and Disciplinary Committee.Bookmark here

Also, club recruitment and membership will be this Friday.Bookmark here

Lastly, I will briefly explain this system of senior high school in Blue Ink. It is a bit different from the standard system where some of the courses are generalized or combined. This new system is specific, but the catch is that since Blue Ink is just a small school, we can't accommodate every specific course. The available courses here are Visual Arts or VA, Culinary Arts or CA, Business Management or BM, Filmography and Photography which was once separated, shortened as FP, and the last one is Accountancy.Bookmark here

This system became possible with the proposal of the principal, Taketo Juushiro to the Education Department.Bookmark here

And please be reminded that every course has only one section. Visual Arts will be shortened as 'S1VA.'Bookmark here

That's all I have to say. If you have any question, feel free to ask. But if none, just do what you want. Assembly will be after the morning break. Just don't be noisy. I'll just be here watching anime."Bookmark here

I can't blame the others for showing an "Eh?" expression on their faces. In the duration of the orientation Mato-sen consumed only fifteen minutes. Morning break is 9:30, which means that we have more than an hour to do nothing inside the classroom.Bookmark here

But hey, Mato. You're really not holding back with your dose of anime even in the school, huh.Bookmark here

"Well…! That's quite a surprising news," uttered by Nagi while stretching his arms on his seat.Bookmark here

"The what?"Bookmark here

"Film and Photog. Being merged."Bookmark here

"Oh, surprising indeed."Bookmark here

"Then I guess Gin and I will be in CA and you two will be in FP."Bookmark here

"Quite right, Ringo. Talk about being able to attend your second choice course."Bookmark here

"But man… if we only knew that Mato-sen's homeroom is this short, I would've thought of something to do."Bookmark here

"Well, have you read the fourth chapter of Flower of the Unknown, Nagi?"Bookmark here

"Wait, Gin?! Chapter 4 is released already? Didn't know that!"Bookmark here

"I haven't read it too, okay. I just got it downloaded from the digital store so I can't send it to you, and we can't go online in school.Bookmark here

I'll let you read it once I'm finished.Bookmark here

But just by looking… man, Yuki Amagami's art style is really something."Bookmark here

"Yeah, and look at that background. That's some serious detail."Bookmark here

*clink*Bookmark here

*clatter*Bookmark here

"Umm… do you need help?"Bookmark here

"Ah, n-no need… I can pick them up."Bookmark here

It seems that someone from the second row is drawing something, and goodness, he's packed with materials and he even has a sweet, sweet type of dip pen that fell from the table.Bookmark here

Well, I'll start reading.Bookmark here

"I'll tell you that's some great writing too. It's just chapter 4 and the development is already this good. Do you understand now why I recommended this to you, Gin?"Bookmark here

"Hahaha. Yeah, yeah. Thanks for giving me some great manga."Bookmark here

"Potato, admit it that you just read too much shoujo manga."Bookmark here

"Ahahaha… I sometimes sleep late because I get too absorbed in binge reading."Bookmark here

I turned my head, and I saw the other couple with such a satiric look towards me.Bookmark here

"A-A birth of a maiden…"Bookmark here

*clatter*Bookmark here

And again, the same guy dropped his materials and as he docked down, he had a quick glance on us with a sweat-pouring face of nervousness.Bookmark here

"H-Huh…"Bookmark here

I didn't mind it.Bookmark here

Shiro then changed the topic that was directed to Mato-sen with an audible voice.Bookmark here

"Mato-sen~ How are you and Nana-sen?"Bookmark here

The said teacher then slammed the screen of his laptop down to a fold and he eventually folded it out again and hid his face.Bookmark here

Even though it was fairly quiet, only a few caught the attention. But the whole class's attention was caught because of Mato-sen's reaction.Bookmark here

"Don't bring that up now…"Bookmark here

"Heh."Bookmark here

"The four of you at the back! Stop smirking!"Bookmark here

It clicked and I remembered what was the reason of the well-hidden flustered face of his.Bookmark here

At the day of our graduation last March, specifically at the 19th, that guy, Martin Arlo asked out a fellow teacher in the name of Nanase Itsuna, or so we call her "Nana-sen." They weren't really close and Nana-sen sort of liked Mato not in as a part of opposite sex. She just found him interesting. But hey, it went well and they're together. I'm happy as his friend.Bookmark here

Also, he's one of the few dense ones that do not know that Rin and I are together but knows about Nagi and Shiro. Mind you, he's our club supervisor for the 'whole' school year last year.Bookmark here

Anyways, we continued to do nothing until it is the morning break.Bookmark here

We checked if the lone table us four used (formerly a group of six) is still there. We met up with Jean there who was already sitting alone. We really are not used to the surroundings without Akira.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

Finally, all the students have gathered inside the newly built school gymnasium as opposed to using the school stage due to the growing population of students.Bookmark here

And after four years of his term, the principal of Blue Ink, Taketo Juushiro showed himself to the entire student body.Bookmark here

"Ahem…Bookmark here

Good morning, my dear students and welcome to another year here in Blue Ink High School. I am sure that most of you don't know me as this is my first proper appearance in front of you all. But anyways, I am Taketo Juushiro, the principal of this school."Bookmark here

As expected, it raised noise to the entire gymnasium that is mostly coming from old students in junior high as it is the first time they saw him.Bookmark here

"There is honestly a reason for my being present in front of all of you after four years…"Bookmark here

That's because he is also an Exile.Bookmark here

"…but that is all in the past. I hope to work with you all from this point forward.Bookmark here

As you may have already known, a new system in the senior high school department has been implemented to this, and this school only. The implementation includes specific courses which are not grouped together in contrast to the academic tracks and strands.Bookmark here

And yes, we are aware that it will and it has taken criticisms that it has limited the students from enrolling as we do have only a few courses to offer, for instance.Bookmark here

But the purpose of this system is to bring a more collegiate approach. Academically speaking, those courses will not only focus on written outputs but also more practical outputs in which the students can show and improve their abilities. What we hope to see is not assessment according to standard. We want our students to enjoy themselves in the courses they went into as it is needed in your careers.Bookmark here

Remember, aptitude is not the only factor necessary as there is also attitude.Bookmark here

Additionally, this is a trial for this year, but all academic rankings are not included in the system, in which this applies to the whole school. We want to know if such ranking system is really needed. The school is avoiding many possible situations to happen, just like pressure, discrimination, unnecessary hierarchy and such. Thus, all of the students are equal in many ways.Bookmark here

But of course, there is the question as to why this was raised.Bookmark here

We value you, students. And so, we prioritize your safety while you are all inside the school premises. As I have said, we want all of you to experience an enjoyable school year. In school, we as educators do not only teach academically, but we also teach about our humanity.Bookmark here

Wisdom is applying your knowledge to do what is right.Bookmark here

One of our objectives is guiding you all to a path that does not know of desire and materialism. As much as possible, we want to remove the notion of using our knowledge to gain what we want. Adults work to make money because they have a family that they are supporting them. It is always needs over the wants.Bookmark here

Having a simple and humble sight is the key to having a content life. Wealth is nothing if we don't have happiness in our self. I personally want to see a future where humans are treated equally. It is hard to envision, but that is what I wish for.Bookmark here

With that, I wish you all a good morning."Bookmark here

The speech ended with applause from every corner of the gymnasium and the assembly ended.Bookmark here

As a fellow Exile, I can't help but relate to what he said and I was truly amazed with how much he voiced out his life experience. Now I get why he became the principal of this school.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

Starting at 1:00, we will have two hours in the afternoon as a vacant time and as the arms of the clock pointed at the said time, the others in VA started doing their own arts and the awkwardness earlier had disappeared.Bookmark here

Others finally conversed through talking about their art and the room has gotten livelier for the most part.Bookmark here

We also finished our orientation in CA in which it briefly introduced the irregular students, or those who chose a second priority course like Rin and I. And it does seem that VA does not have any irregular students.Bookmark here

"Mato-sen, you know the drill. If you need us, we'll just be in the Art Room."Bookmark here

"Sure. Here's the key so don't bother going to the staff room."Bookmark here

"Thanks."Bookmark here

The door of the room closed and the four members of the Art Club left.Bookmark here

"Uh-oh… I forgot to tell them…"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Has anyone called Jean? I'm pretty sure that we have the same schedule."Bookmark here

"I did, Gin. He'll be on his way, he said," the reply came from Nagi.Bookmark here

"Uhh… Potato. Is it just me or are the keys different?"Bookmark here

"You can't call me with that in the classroom okay, Rin?Bookmark here

But yeah, I wonder if they replaced the door or Mato just gave the wrong keys."Bookmark here

"We'll just see on the way."Bookmark here

And that's what she said.Bookmark here

The Art Room is (seemingly) gone as a new room is now housing the (former?) room of the Art Club.Bookmark here

"We're not lost, right…?" Shiro tiringly asked.Bookmark here

"Surely we're not…"Bookmark here

"Where's the Art Room then?!"Bookmark here

*Ping*Bookmark here

"What was that? Gin?"Bookmark here

"Ah, I got a message.Bookmark here

Aaaand it looks like it was from Mato-sen."Bookmark here

"Sorry, forgot to tell. Art Room is just below our room."Bookmark here

"Huh," we blankly said all at once.Bookmark here

"HUUUUUUHHHHHHH?!?!?!?!?!?!" we shouted all at once.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

And so, we finally got into the Art Room which is-Bookmark here

"This is pretty much the same!!!" Nagi angrily exclaimed.Bookmark here

Indeed, it's as Nagi said. It is a mystery as to how the Art Room literally looks exactly the same as it did. The materials, the desks, my framed artwork, and even the windows are in the same place. It's like it was teleported from one place to another.Bookmark here

"Wait, there's a PC and a printer here now?! Man, I should've brought my tablet with me!"Bookmark here

"Y-Yes… We can finally scan our stuff…"Bookmark here

"And we can easily produce commercial prints for commissions and such…"Bookmark here

"Ahhh… we just love art so much…"Bookmark here

And our face fawned over the countless possibilities.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"When you think about it, this wasn't the same scenario last year."Bookmark here

"Oh? Ah, you have a point, Shiro. We were just celebrating over Gin's piece last year and now we went here with you two girls."Bookmark here

"Aaah. Now I'm remembering when I sneaked and listened when you were all shouting here."Bookmark here

"Really… I didn't know at first that it was you, Rin."Bookmark here

"Wait, something like that happened last year, Ringo?"Bookmark here

"Y-Yeah… And I kind of stayed just before the door and the four of you didn't even notice me."Bookmark here

"I-I'm amazed at myself to only realize that after almost a year…"Bookmark here

"I get how you feel, Nacchi."Bookmark here

Seeing that there is really nothing new to the room aside from the PC. We all sat on our chosen seats and did some sketching.Bookmark here

But with the dropping of my eraser, the mood changed just a very small bit.Bookmark here

"Ack…!"Bookmark here

I crouched as it landed underneath the tables and hit my head. But I noticed a small piece of paper taped under the table.Bookmark here

"Seriously was this even cleaned?"Bookmark here

I took the paper and unexpectedly, something was written in Japanese. I tried to translate it and what came is…Bookmark here

"Look inside the drawer carefully…?"Bookmark here

So, I did what it said and found a picture frame. It is to my surprise that an old memory was pulled back in my head as I saw a portrait of Rin in the frame.Bookmark here

As fast as the speed of sound, I put it in my bag.Bookmark here

"Gin? Something wrong?"Bookmark here

"N-Nah, Rin… I just found a priceless treasure- I mean… Nevermind."Bookmark here

"Seriously, Itori-san… I can't thank you enough."Bookmark here

"By the way, Gin. You saw the girl in my class with… I guess the longest hair?" Jean asked out of the blue.Bookmark here

"…? Hmm… Was her name Rena Azuki?"Bookmark here

"Yep. It's not that big of a deal but I'll tell anyway. Apparently, she's also the same age as you, but I think older than you by a few months.Bookmark here

It seems that she paused studying for a year that's why she's still a first year."Bookmark here

Hearing his gathered information, I recalled how I initially made a description of her. She may be quiet and possibly introverted, but I sensed an experience in the field of culinary from her.Bookmark here

It may just be the intuition that I developed as a sous chef, but I'm sure that I'll find it out.Bookmark here

"Hmm… Surely not a case of someone entering the Room of Reality, of course. Definitely someone from the surface."Bookmark here

"I guess you'll be doing a lot of observations, then. You've been eyeing out on our classmates back in the room."Bookmark here

"Well, who knows?"Bookmark here

This new education system definitely made an impact to a lot, and maybe even academes.Bookmark here

If I were to be asked of what is the possible outcome of it, I have no clear and definite answer to that.Bookmark here

But I do hope that this year will be a successful one, where a levelheaded and humble mindset is planted as a sapling to our minds.Bookmark here

I myself do not understand why the concept of competition exists, and it is hypocrisy if ever I say that I am against that concept. Winning and losing—we learn a lot from those, but even in the face of that, I cannot sweep away the pessimism from it. It is a double-edged sword. Bookmark here

Without even the beginning of the academic studies, there is already a lesson coming from the wise words of the principal. I realized that those times where I stood beside him was not even a comprehension of what's the depth of an iceberg. There is a continuity of experiences where one does not stop learning because there are still the experiences from the past, the present and the future.Bookmark here

Truthfully, I am still a child. I may have a critical perception of the reality of this world, but there's more to just what I have applied to myself.Bookmark here

I am very grateful that there are people that support us to take grasp of a future in our hands.

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