Chapter 33:

Chapter 32. Entwined

Zero to Hero

Standing in the vast chamber with the supposed rightful monarch of Yelwraek, I deeply lamented ignoring Carla's counsel, realizing I had embroiled myself in matters far beyond my abilities.

"I appreciate your offer, but I must decline. I have personal matters to attend to, and I seek only a simple life of peace," I replied respectfully, attempting to extricate myself from the precarious situation.

"Your teleportation ability could prove advantageous in the current climate, but I do not compel unwilling individuals. I am not my brother. Carla, escort our guests back to their lodgings. Once settled, deal with those traitorous beastmen," the king commanded.

"Yes, my King," Carla acknowledged dutifully.

"Please, spare my people! We had no choice! My father even lost an arm trying to resist him, but he is too powerful!" Abigail pleaded desperately, falling to her knees, her voice tinged with fear.

"The weak merit neither mercy nor my attention. The fact a lowly beastman such as yourself dares to speak to me is enough to warrant your death," Cyran retorted callously.


Without hesitation, Carla charged at the defenseless Abigail, ready to take the girl’s life if I hadn’t intervened.

"Stop! Spare Abigail and her kin. Upon fulfilling my obligations, I shall return to offer my service," I interjected firmly, bracing for another potential strike from the horned elf.

"And what, pray tell, are these obligations?" Cyran inquired, signaling for Carla to stand down as I steadied myself, making sure no lasting harm from the encounter had occurred.

Taking a moment to compose myself, I outlined my plan to Cyran: a journey to Yelwraek City to investigate the teleportation circle's destination, followed by visits to Darrumburgh and Kirksawald.

"A busy man indeed, but necessity often outweighs desire for simplicity. The teleportation circle in Yelwraek will transport you to Sraderham City. Coincidentally, Sraderham hosts all three sanctioned circles—one each for Yelwraek City, Darrumburgh City, and Kirksawald City—allowing Sylvester unhindered travel to dismantle illegal teleport artifacts across the continents," Cyran explained, his tone carrying a hint of disdain.

"Excellent! If that’s the case, I could expedite my tasks in under two years, after which I shall return to offer my allegiance," I responded, hoping to mask my trepidation with false confidence.

"Do you truly believe entry into the circles is so easily gained? Even if my Yelwraek subordinates smuggle you in, Sraderham's authorities will apprehend you upon arrival. How do you plan to navigate once in Sraderham?" Cyran challenged, his skepticism palpable.

"As unremarkable as I may seem now, I was in fact Sylvester’s only daughter’s lover. I’m sure even if she had moved on to better things, Surely, a few permissions can be granted for old times' sake," I countered.

"Ah, yes. I recall now. My disgraceful brother allowed his daughters to associate with you, tarnishing our pure elf lineage," Cyran sneered, igniting my disdain for him further for the racist elf.

"Will you grant my request? In two years' time, I shall return to serve you faithfully. Spare Abigail and her village, I beseech you," I implored once more, eager to extricate myself from this ordeal and avoid further encounters with the self proclaimed king.

"Very well. Talent transcends race. I will not squander a valuable teleporter. Carla, accompany and safeguard this human on his journey. Two years hence, return here or face the consequences. I expect your return within thirty months," Cyran commanded, his tone unwavering.

"Yes, my King," Carla affirmed dutifully.

"While I appreciate the offer of your company, are you certain you can spare such a capable subordinate, particularly for a human such as myself?" I queried, having no desire to ever see this murderous psycho again no matter how beautiful she is.

"She is an insult to my lineage. To think a Yelwraek could turn into such a hideous creature… You really are underestimating me aren’t you? Do you think I could ever reclaim my kingdom if the likes of her are considered talented?" Cyran retorted, his arrogance palpable.

Resigned to the futility of further discourse, I thanked Cyran for his leniency toward Abigail and pledged my return upon completion of my missions, eager to sever ties with the loathsome racist and his domain.

"I'll ensure my contacts in Yelwraek City provide any necessary aid. And one final caution: don't underestimate my disgraceful grandchild. She may not seem formidable or you might even think you could charm her, but should you betray my trust, I'll ensure everyone associated with you will suffer unimaginable horrors," the despicable fucker threatened, his demeanor betraying no hint of his malice.

Forcing a smile, I vehemently assured him of my loyalty, relieved when Carla guided us out of the oppressive atmosphere back to the mansion.

"I'm too exhausted to keep meddling in others' affairs!" I vented into the darkness as we traversed the shadowy forest, releasing some of the tension from the encounter.

"Thank you for saving my people," Abigail expressed her gratitude.

"I couldn't abandon people to a lunatic," I retorted, shooting a disapproving glance at the elf girl.

"Now what's the plan? Things keep getting messier," Candace inquired as I struggled to collect my thoughts.

"Firstly, Tina deserves credit for not blowing up. Despite her temperament, she remained composed," I acknowledged the wolf girl, giving her some much deserved credit.

"She's plastered. She kept drinking to not get angry when those nasty people kept making derogatory comments to us. Probably doesn't even grasp what's occurred," Abigail observed.

Examining the wolf girl, I realized she was indeed extremely intoxicated, finally realizing the reason for her subdued demeanor.

"Seems like getting her deadass drunk is what we need to do whenever we need to keep her calm," I mused.

"Are you bound for Yelwraek City soon?" Abigail queried, supporting Tina's weight.

"That's the plan. No reason to linger here. This place irks me more with each passing moment. We'll depart tomorrow. And you, Abigail? Joining us or returning home?" I inquired.

"I'll decide tonight. It's all happened too swiftly for me to comprehend," Abigail responded.

Upon reaching the hotel, Yami greeted us warily, eyeing the horned elf girl with suspicion.

"Sorry, Yami, I'm too exhausted to accompany you tonight." I released the obedient wolf onto the balcony, watching her vanish into the dark night.

“What a day. How are you feeling right now?” Candace joined me on the balcony, radiating beauty.

"I don’t know. Nothing’s been going my way since we set out. I thought we'd be done in a few months, but now we're knee-deep in matters I shouldn't even be involved in."

“If you'd let Carla finish off Abigail, we could've avoided all this,” Candace suggested, provoking the typically stoic elf who’s been right by my side ever since she got her orders.

"Yeah... Seeing Abigail torn apart would've solved everything. At least this time I kept my wrist intact. You could've warned me, Carla. If I knew your grandfather was a bigger lunatic than you, we'd have left," I sighed, trying to shift the blame though it was my decision to disregard her warning.

“You're lucky my grandfather sees potential in you. He for certain wanted you executed,” Carla defended.

“Hating me for what? For having elf lovers? Did you hear what he said about you? Why defend the delusional racist...” I seethed, enraged at the elf's grandfather.

“Disrespect my grandfather again, and I'll take your head,” Carla warned.

“Wasn’t he the one who told you to protect me for the next 2 years? Killing me would disobey his orders,” I retorted, incensed by her casual mention of murder.

Before the argument escalated, Yami's return calmed my mind. “Alright. Enough for today. Let’s get some sleep and figure things out tomorrow,” I yawned, retreating to my room with Yami.

“What are you doing!” Candace shouted, alarmed. Turning, I nearly collided with Carla, who stood right behind me, stripping naked.

“Why are you following me into my room and why are you getting naked?” I questioned, bewildered.

“You said you wanted to sleep,” Carla replied, perplexed.

“He didn’t say he wanted to sleep with you!” Candace snapped.

“Why are you angry? Every person I had to guard on my grandfather’s order expected me to serve them in bed,” Carla stated matter-of-factly.

Gazing at her almost naked form, my anger dissolved into pity. “Go sleep with Candace. I don’t need or want you in my bed. You shouldn’t be offering your body to strangers,” I said gently.

“How do I guard and protect you if I’m not next to you?” Carla protested.

“No one else has tried to kill me recently. Keeping you close might be the most dangerous thing I'll face,” I joked, attempting to ease the tension.

Reluctantly, Carla left with Candace, leaving me to ponder the new challenges I faced. All I had wanted was to escort Candace home, reconcile with my former lovers, and live a simple life. Yet every step I take trying to move forward, I’m faced with more obstacles and life altering challenges.