Chapter 0:

Entrence: 1

Vanishing Vail

We are outside of a police station on a rainy day its around 15:00 we see a door slowly open and then a nice leather jackter geting trowend in a clothes hanger then a hand grabs files with the name evidence and a old tape we hear footsteps in the coridor as the mysterious figure starts to walk towards a room slowly the door opens as the mysterious figure stares towards a guy who has put his feet up on the interrogation table he is pale with sunglasses with a black colored emo haircut that covers one of his eyes wearing a light brown trench coat grey skinny jeans and black sweater seeing the figure staring towards him he puts out the cigarette he was smoking but not before inhaling and exhaling one final smoke he then stares back at her she was a young woman around her early 20s with white skin a big long darkish brown hair as small bangs spread all across her face some strands of hair waving around her hair wearing a big bland tight white flannel shirt with middle length the blue tie and big black baggy jeans they stare at eacheter for a second or two she trows the files on the table 最初から始めましょう。殺人事件のとき、あなたはどこにいましたか?the guy stares in confusion but smiles slightly then speaks ,,mind repeating that chin chong girl?,, the woman sighs in annoyance she speaks ,,look i dont have time for stupid jokes just tell me what happend in the time of the murder,, ,,what murder,, the man asks ,,You are the main suspect the murder of Mr.Kaito,, the man speaks ,,elaborate what evidence do you have and why do you think i killed him?,, 

,,simple,, she answerers in a confident tone as she puts the tape into an old school tv a video is loading at it begins play as the video gose by the woman begins to speak again 

,,In midnight when Kaito disappeared he was walking down his usual path you were in the store at 1:03 then the cameras show you walking towards him at 1:07 his body was discovered,, 

,,and haw are you sure i wasnt just walking,,

,,Simple you were very stressed and paranoid on the cameras might have been youre first murder check mate,,

,,Not exactly i havent done anything,,

,,evidence speak for themselves,, the woman smirks staring at him 

,,i saw it the murder i know ho did it,,

The woman seems very suspicious but her curiosity shines trought ,,and ho is that,,

As she asks that a big man enters the room dressed with suit he shows his badge and fbi badge the woman looks intrigued as the fbi man begins to speak ,,good afternoon miss might i take over?,, 

The woman looks down towards the suspect as her toughts go trought 

|fbi is searching for him can he really be that dangerous..strange dont they invastage when there are 5 muders or more involved or drug dealing

The fbi man asks again ,,miss land the suspect to me,,

The woman looks at him

,,no i think i have this thank you tho,,

The fbi man pulls out a documet I have an order that I can take it,, 

The woman looks annoyed at him and speaks in slightly frustrated voice 

,,i told you i have this i dont need help or ramdom people messing around my case,,

The fbi man pulls out a gun ,,i said give him to me,, 

As the fbi agent is about to shoot the suspect acts quickly and looks down at the chair uses his handcuffs lifts the chair and wraps the handcuffs around the leg of the chair and cuffs it out the before he can fall he quickly stands up grabbing the broken chair leg with both of his arms launching towards the fbi agent and hitting him in the head making him unconscious as the bullet from the gun he shot launches at misses the woman with with a centimeters

Then the man grabs the woman by the hand and starts running with her trought the police station coridor the woman stops and speaks in an angty voice almost screaming 

,,What the hell is going on,, she asks very intimidating 

,,i will tell you bit we gotta get out of here first,, 

The man starts looking around as more agents seem to uproach 

,,Im not going anywhere un-,,

The man cuts her off ,,Dammit woman we are im a great danger right now,,

,,i dont trust criminals,,

,,I saved youre life back there,,

The woman gose a little quiet for a second or two she starts to speak but the man quickly grabs her by the hand and starts running trought the cafeteria they escape trought the window of the cafeteria as they are on the ground the man stands up 

,,Do you have a car somewhere,, 

The woman nods as she runs to her car with the man she opens it and they both get inside she starts to drive as we see an agent in the baground seeing them and calling the others to follow she quickly drives away in the car the woman speaks more calmly but still with a hint of annoyance 

,,explain yourself what the hells is going on,,

She trows him a key for his handcuffs to free himself 

As the man frees himself form the handcuffs he also speaks in a more relaxed tone of voice 

,,My name is William im from England what you saw there were fbi agents im getting chased by them,,

,,No shit figured that much on my own why are you getting chased,,

 ,,well im not a criminal if thats what you think i gues i was curious one day as i was going trought some dark weeb rooms i- 

The woman cuts him off 

,,only broken minds go there what were you doing there?,,

,,heard a rumor about fbi files named Kitsune full of videos, photos, stories and files upon files of mythological monsters i didn't belive it at first but i tried my lick anyway since im good with computers i hacked the fbi and found it out noticed and download on my laptop on flash drive since then i have been getting chased all around the world trying to not die,,

We see at the baground the fbi agents are chasing them with cars william looks the cars window as some of them roll down there windows and point guns at them williams eyes wide up a little 

,,Faster woman they are chatching up to us,,

,,Im going as fast as i can you idiot this is a car,, 

She tries speeding up even more but the fbi agents catch up to the car and as they are ready to shoot there is a tunnel on the long road 

,,hold yourself its gonna get messy,,

She speeds up a lot and then the woman kicks the car with all her might, turning the car diagonally climing in to the top ot the giant tunnel william then he grabs the upper side of the window and goes through the car window using his strength turns it back to the normal position then goes back inside the car the woman is looking very stressed out and in panic mode as then she speeds up driving on top of the tunnel driving down jumping towards another road 

,,Damn youre pretty fast it was some of the craziest driving I've ever seen."

The woman tries to calm herself down taking deep breath and inhaling them 

,,You okay?,, william asks as he reaches his hand slowly toward her 

,,Dont touch me,, the woman screams out a little but then sighs and calms herself ,, okay dont worry,, she answers

They drive to near by food shop william and the woman then go out of the car the woman points gun at william 

,,you have the flash drive with you right?,,

,,something tells me you wont get no for an answer,, william smiles a little 


William puts his hands up in the air ,,relax i have it i was just messing with you,,


,,in my pocket,, he slowly pulls it out the woman clams down she grabs a laptop from her car they go inside the store and sit on chairs by the table at the end of the store she puts her laptop down at the table 


William insurts the flash drive in and plays a video its loading and loading until we get into around 5 people and a camera man he holds the camera screaming trying to escape as the other 4 have guns and try to shoot at a strange unhuman creature with human body but the flesh is all brown and reaching down it has a hidius cwas and the head of a disturbed dog giant piercing theeth it jumps at one of the man tearing his skin apart limp by limp scraching and biting legs and hands out of the man as blood spills on the craauters body the man lets out a big scream from the top of his lungs as the other 4 man continue to shoot but the monster heals and ignores the wounds as it jumps to another and another man tearing them apart as the camera man starts to run away in the baground horific screams can be heard screams of pain and agony the camera man runs and runs trought thick woods at nigh as all kinds of animals can be heard he runs and stops to hide at a three the man is trembling the screaming of his fallow man had stopped as big giant footsteps can be heard running they run past him as the man calm down out of no where the creature wraps his cwas around the man and ripps his skin screatching them the man screams in agony but then the monsters gets shot and it hurts it as it screams in pain we see 3 fbi agents shooting it and trying to kill the monster as the man tries to craw and scream for help oen fo the angets smiles and shoots him down killing him and then the lost footage ends

Vanishing Vail