Chapter 27:

027 – Sadness and Sweetness

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"Excuse me~! Is Mr. Gin Sakato around? We have a delivery for you!"Bookmark here

A male voice shouted from beyond the walls of the house.Bookmark here

It is the last day of October and the snow has once again fallen early in the ninth hour. The heaters and television are turned on. The household have had their breakfast, but Yuna quickly came back to their room doing work early in the day.Bookmark here

"Huh… I don't remember having a delivery today.Bookmark here

Just a sec, Rin. I'll check it out.Bookmark here

On it-!"Bookmark here

Upon opening the door, there stood a deliveryman with snow piling up on his layers and cap. Behind him, on the street parked the delivery truck he is driving.Bookmark here

"Are you Mr. Gin Sakato?"Bookmark here

"Yes… that's me."Bookmark here

"We have a package for you. Please just sign the forms and there will be no payment needed."Bookmark here

I read through the receipt. It had my full name and exact address. I doubt that this is just some mistake to the delivery. Then I looked through the address where it came from.Bookmark here

"Did someone send me something from Aikiya?"Bookmark here

"Yes, sir. It's still on the truck so I will just take it out."Bookmark here

"Ah, I'll help you out.Bookmark here

Rin~? Can you prepare tea for deliveryman-san?"Bookmark here

"I'm already making it," she voiced out from the kitchen.Bookmark here

Making our way to the back of the truck, there is a sealed square cardboard box that stands between a thigh of mine as its height or higher. Simply put, it's thicker than a big TV box, but square.Bookmark here

"That looks heavy."Bookmark here

"I appreciate the help," the deliveryman broke into cold sweat… in winter.Bookmark here

Having it carried on both sides, the struggling man found himself at ease on his arms, although the box indeed holds a weight.Bookmark here

He has someone carrying it on the other side with meta-human physicality after all.Bookmark here

It was placed inside the house without fail as Rin silently peeked from the jamb of the doorway to the living room.Bookmark here

She went out after dropping the box safely and served the tea.Bookmark here

"Please have some tea. It's cold outside."Bookmark here

"Ahh, thank you very much."Bookmark here

With the teacup being empty, the deliveryman departed.Bookmark here

"So… what could this be?"Bookmark here

"All I know is that this might be furniture having said that it came from Aikiya.Bookmark here

Red and white, not blue and yellow."Bookmark here

"A table, perhaps?"Bookmark here

"Well…?"Bookmark here

Without further ado, Rin grabbed a knife and swiftly cut through the massive amount of tape wrapped on the box.Bookmark here

Opening the box, it revealed what it seems to be a wooden base with detached wooden table legs. Beside those is an electric heater and…Bookmark here

"A futon…?"Bookmark here

Seeing everything that is inside the box, Gin took a stopwatch and ran after the time started. Some of the couches started to disappear and reappear, along with the coffee table while Rin just stood watching the living room getting reorganized with flourishing speed.Bookmark here

Having made enough space, Gin stopped and so did the stopwatch.Bookmark here

"Not a sweat dropped."Bookmark here

"Gee, you're simply amazing, Potato. Like you didn't even get sick."Bookmark here

"Hehe… This is a kotatsu after all. I'm sure that even Haku will like being underneath the table."Bookmark here

"Oh, there's also a letter inside the box."Bookmark here

"How did I not see that."Bookmark here

"It says… 'Go feast yourselves with this kotatsu as an after-sickness gift. This is a limited edition from Aikiya w/c was imported from the North. I hope you like it for all the eternity of winter in Orio!'Bookmark here

…from Tenth."Bookmark here

"Ooohhhh… I really have to thank him for this soon. That's so nice of him.Bookmark here

Well? Should we assemble this?"Bookmark here

"Yes, yes…!" Rin's eyes sparkled.Bookmark here

Putting together the kotatsu didn't last very long. But with all the excitement inside us, assembling it felt like an eternity.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

What ought to be a normal cold day had become a comfortable morning under a warmed comforter blanket. It was a feeling that removed the stress and relaxes one's body through the blissful experience.Bookmark here

Although, we started to melt due to extreme coziness.Bookmark here

But Haku has been under the table already. Who knows if he's asleep or what. My cat sure likes warm places.Bookmark here

Seriously, though, don't let your cat go in such a confined place, with a heater, at that.Bookmark here

I stood up from the kotatsu, as if out of my will and came upstairs to knock on Rin and her sister's room.Bookmark here

"Hey there, Sis. You should come and do your work downstairs.Bookmark here

We have a kotatsu~" I said with a tone on my voice.Bookmark here

After a bit of silence with nothing happening, my senses told me that I need to move.Bookmark here

"Okay… I better be quick…!"Bookmark here

Yuna knew that Gin was still in front of the door while she silently picks her things to put downstairs. Her true intention was not truly perceived, but Gin sensed a feeling of urgency.Bookmark here

Yuna wants to race even knowing that he can't win against Gin!Bookmark here

She heard the sound of stomping from outside, and thus, she ran with her things. Having gone down from the stairs, Gin is already letting himself absorbed in the table.Bookmark here

"T-That's some huuuuge kotatsu we have here. How did this end up in Orio anyway?!"Bookmark here

She is indeed right, if effort is truly exerted, eight people can fit.Bookmark here

"Don't sweat the small details, Sis."Bookmark here

She went inside the futon and after a blank pause, she slowly melted and swiped away her paper works and rested her head on the wooden table.Bookmark here

"I don't wanna work anymore… This is so comfy…"Bookmark here

"Hey, you're pretty much neglecting your work."Bookmark here

"You know, Sis. Why don't you invite your boyfriend here? It's not everyday that you see a kotatsu in this country, and I think it's about time you introduce him to us."Bookmark here

"Uwhaa… How come you're much more curious than Ringo? And don't pressure me to that, li'l bro. He also has work."Bookmark here

"I see… I guess I should go back to work soon."Bookmark here

"Well, yeah. You're a sous chef. I guess it's hard on Hiroomi for maintaining the resto."Bookmark here

"And I owe Jean a lot too. I'll surely give him my thanks when we meet at school again."Bookmark here

"Speaking of school, Potato. The second semester will finally have the irregular students (us two) do practical assessments in CA."Bookmark here

"Thank goodness we're finally having those. I'm so itching to do that now.Bookmark here

And I even have so many things to catch up since I was pretty much an off-the-grid student."Bookmark here

"Well, I think you'll just be fine."Bookmark here

After a few, someone came knocking on my house again.Bookmark here

Just as I opened the door, Anna came flying towards me with a hug.Bookmark here

"Niiiiiiii…! Waaaaaaahhhhhhh…! I'm so glad you're alive! Waaaaahhhh…!"Bookmark here

"O-Oi! Nice way to greet your brother after seeing me.Bookmark here

Well, it really is been a while since I last saw… you… Chain… Sumeragi…"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Anna, what the fluff happened to your hair?"Bookmark here

"And what the fluff also happened to your hair?!"Bookmark here

She sat down in the kotatsu not minding the open mouths of Rin, Sis and even Haku from the shock of seeing her.Bookmark here

For the entire time that I am alive, I've seen her hair to be way past down her shoulders in a half-up hairdo. So I have been asking myself for five minutes as to what happened to my younger sister's hair. It is now the length around her chin, but it looked shorter since approximately two inches of it to the ends puffed out and curved in a bit.Bookmark here

And what's up with the short cowlick?!Bookmark here

"You know… I should be more worried about you since you're a worrywart…"Bookmark here

I sure did not make any sense from that.Bookmark here

"…but please don't tell me you got depressed because of me and did badly in school."Bookmark here

"I-I was depressed…! But it wasn't like that at all! I'm not as emotional as you."Bookmark here

"I see. Then you shouldn't have cried when you came back to the house a year ago, and you also bawled when I opened the door just earlier."Bookmark here

"Are you implying that I'm also emotional, Potato?"Bookmark here

"Hmm. Yep."Bookmark here

"Makes sense."Bookmark here

I got scared for a second.Bookmark here

"Nee-chan…! I was just teasing Nii but why did you take it differently?!"Bookmark here

"Why…?Bookmark here

Because it's true…?" we both answered.Bookmark here

A natural airhead couple…!!Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

Even with the kotatsu being finally present, the days still passed by, although not as fast. Before the end of the remaining days of the break, I took Rin out to various places on a date as an overall show of gratitude to her. I'm happy seeing that she had fun.Bookmark here

But it is now Sunday. Not only is this the last day of the break and my absence, today is also the time where Rin will come back to their house.Bookmark here

I had my last breakfast with her and soon she packed all her things out of the room they used.Bookmark here

"Don't be sad, Potato. We're just neighbors."Bookmark here

"Eh… I don't think I can do that."Bookmark here

"Well, I don't think I forgot anything."Bookmark here

"I'll send you back, then. It's snowing again outside."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

With that, they went out of the house to walk just by a few steps. Finally reaching the front door of Rin's house, Gin decided to do the knocking, but hesitated at first.Bookmark here

He hasn't been able to talk to her parents even after the things and revelations that have been said. Mustering up the courage and steeling himself as he is aware that faces of sadness will grow on the couple’s faces, he finally knocked.Bookmark here

The door opened after a few seconds with Shuu and Sumi in front of them. It was the first time seeing the silver haired man. Of course, the sense of guilt is inevitable and their faces hinted fright.Bookmark here

As the married couple's head slowly lowered down, they were halted by Gin's arms wrapping around them.Bookmark here

"Uncle, Auntie… You don't have to say anything. There's no need to say sorry, alright?"Bookmark here

Even after hearing the relieving words, they burst out in tears and reciprocated the warm embrace to the cold weather.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

"Well… I guess this is where we part ways as housemates, then?" I forced myself to say those words, even if they somehow sounded like a joke.Bookmark here

"…"Bookmark here

It took a while for the parents to calm down, but they successfully voiced out all the guilt and regrets that piled up over the years.Bookmark here

"I'll be coming back now. Take care, Rin. See you in a few."Bookmark here

"Pff… This isn't supposed to be a sad goodbye, you know?"Bookmark here

"Yep, I know. I live next door after all.Bookmark here

See ya."Bookmark here

Not even losing sight of Gin, Rin then immediately ran as quickly and as carefully as she can to her room.Bookmark here

"I'll just drop my things in my room. Be right back!"Bookmark here

With her bag thrown wherever on the floor, she quickly opened the curtains and opens the window amidst of the freezing weather.Bookmark here

Having seen what's outside, she vigorously bent her head down as she heavily sighed.Bookmark here

"You're just too fast, Potato!" in the opposite window shows Gin with his right arm on the sill, having his chin rested on his hand.Bookmark here

"Ahahahaha. Welcome home, I guess?"Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

Having been involved with Akaji's case of his death, it became a reason for the former Class 4A's change. With that, they were saved from straying to a dark path.Bookmark here

For Rin to be cleared from being a Medical Child, I myself became a Child and had her life saved… even when I was not aware of it.Bookmark here

Sometimes, I ask myself.Bookmark here

Why is there a sacrifice involved just to have something be saved or benefited?Bookmark here

That has probably become a law in this twisted world. "I have a condition…" or "In exchange…" is the most common beginning of the mind games. You are being forced to decide with something that you don't even know if you will merit to or not.Bookmark here

Those stories that we thought are just fiction, are actually happening right in this world. Because if it did not, it will never appear. We are forced to make a choice. There are times where you save yourself, and you save others. But then we can also be deceived. In A and B, there is a C, perhaps there is even a D or E.Bookmark here

From the very start, I don't like… I hate that concept. But I finally found that my question is not entirely worded right. It can be a yes and no question, where it's not fixated to yes nor no.Bookmark here

There is something that we can gain even without something in exchange. That concept is just an illusion that can be swept by the wind. But sadly, it had become fortified.Bookmark here

I know, however, that this world is very difficult to change. A lone ant, should it conquer a house can lead to its demise. As much as it has been said so many times, the weak has no place in this cruel world.Bookmark here

What we exchange sometimes is unequal to what we want to be returned or obtained.Bookmark here

But thankfully, there is a very small place in this world where someone as weak as I am could fit in with all of my perceptions.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

I opened my eyes with the feeling of cold penetrating through my blanket. But there is a feeling that I haven't felt for so long. I was suddenly recalled to this experience that I wish I could have felt earlier than now.Bookmark here

My bed is continuously pulling me down and making my eyes close. Nothing like paralysis, but as much as I want to move or get up, I can't.Bookmark here

I then looked at the calendar hanged on the wall, focusing my gaze to a cell that was intentionally shaded as a whole, unable to see what the date is.Bookmark here

"Schooooooooool…"Bookmark here

I then directed my sight to Haku, who just woke up from sleeping beside me, and shifted it to the clock.Bookmark here

It said 7:31am. Seeing that, I took Haku's paws and placed them on my face.Bookmark here

"I'm laaaaaaaate…"Bookmark here

Monday, November 5. Today is the start of the second semester, and I'm already late for my comeback.Bookmark here

Oh, I forgot to yawn.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

"Geez…! Of all the days you have to oversleep, why today?!"Bookmark here

"You know that it became a habit, Rin. Sorry."Bookmark here

Entering the school grounds, they ran through the awfully quiet pathways with their footsteps greatly amplified. Rin have been scolding Gin for the past ten minutes as they still try to race against time even knowing that it was too late, and that they have been late for twelve minutes.Bookmark here

But as soon as they reached their building and went upstairs, "You can go ahead, Rin. I really need to get something from somewhere. It won't take long, promise," Gin said, and diverged paths from Rin.Bookmark here

"What? You're going to fix your hair with this time we have?"Bookmark here

"Nope. Nothing like that."Bookmark here

"Hahh… Just make it quick, then!" she frustratingly said.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

By that time, homeroom has already started by Mato-sen.Bookmark here

"Now that that's topic is done, let's move on. Gin and Ringo are apparently coming back from their horrendously long absence, but they're still not here.Bookmark here

Nagi, any news from those two?"Bookmark here

"Not a word, Mato-sen. We're also in the dark. No one knows what's going on at this point."Bookmark here

"I see… Oh, and one thing, Gin may have lo-"Bookmark here

"Sorry, we're so late…!!" Rin strongly slid the back door of the classroom open, making a startling noise that made some of the students flinch.Bookmark here

"Ringo, you say 'we're' but you're just by yourself. Take your seat, anyway," a blank, unimpressed face surfaced on Mato-sen. "Where is Gi-"Bookmark here

"Someone left the door open~ This is why we shouldn't have hurried too much, Rin.Bookmark here

Anyway, we're very sorry for our tardiness," Gin bowed upon entering the room.Bookmark here

But just after he raised his head, the whole class's and the teacher's head turned with their eyes slowly widening.Bookmark here

There stood at the doorway is a student with a silver hair tied to the back, leaving the front, right side of his hair connected to the usual fringe, while the left side brushed back to where the hair was tied. He also has a mug on his hands.Bookmark here

"Umm… who are you?" the teacher questioned after breaking the deafening silence.Bookmark here

"Eh. I guess my head makes so much difference. It can't be helped."Bookmark here

"G-G-Gin…?!" all at the same time, Nagi, Shiro, and Ginji stood up with their jaws rolling down to the floor.Bookmark here

While Mato-sen froze as his glasses slowly slanted an fell down. "N-Nah. That couldn't be Gin. It's not a law in this school that dyeing your hair is prohibited, but there's just no way that that guy will have the guts to go gung-ho on his hair," he explained flawlessly.Bookmark here

"Uhh… Mato-sen. Just so you know, this is natural," Gin replied.Bookmark here

"Huh? I find that hard to believe. I haven't heard a person grow biologically with a natural silver hair, you know?" Upon taking a closer look, he leaned forward with his weight directing to his arms and squinted heavily.Bookmark here

"Oh, hey. You look a lot like Gin."Bookmark here

"Mato-sen, hello? Can we go back to reality now? Granted, my hair makes so much difference, but I am Gin Kurogane Sakato coming back from his cwap long absence," still stood at the doorway, he then took a sip on a mug brimming with hot coffee.Bookmark here

Satisfactory truth as it have become, Mato-sen's body weakened as he shivers from the sudden uprising of his emotions.Bookmark here

"W-Wait, Gin… you know me… like, right now…?"Bookmark here

At that point where their teacher blurted those words out, the other students can't avoid thinking that the situation has gotten weird, excluding the fact that they were also surprised by Gin's appearance.Bookmark here

"Wait, where did you hear that from, Mato-sen?!" Gin exclaimed as he made his way to his desk. "But, yes. Thankfully, it wasn't that bad, and it's not like it's 'rare' for me anyways."Bookmark here

The students have internally and literally scratched their heads while they listen to the conversation of the two which they can't find where the context is.Bookmark here

"Hahh… Have your seat for the time being. We'll talk about this later," Mato-sen placed his hand on his face due to the sudden stress that was pushed in his mind. "And Ringo."Bookmark here

"H-Hai?!" having been called suddenly, Rin flinched out of surprise.Bookmark here

"You'll also come discuss what happened in your absence. I will be exempting Gin, but you'll have to write a letter of apology in behalf of him too," he frighteningly glared.Bookmark here

"A-About our absence… I suppose?"Bookmark here

"Of course, NOT. I'll have you explain how I didn't know of that.Bookmark here

Congratulations, by the way."Bookmark here

Once again, Nagi, Shiro and Ginji acted differently from the class; turning their heads towards the seatmates, glaring as if saying "busted."Bookmark here

"Ahahaha… So he already knows, huh…?" again, their thoughts synchronized.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

As if a short summary was not enough, the explanations alone took an equivalent of two class periods to complete a narrative of what exactly happened in the whole month.Bookmark here

Of course, not everything was said. The existence of Exiles involving Gin hasn't yet been told to anyone outside of Gin's most trusted others. But the explanations were delivered well and carefully, nonetheless. Having heard everything that has been said, it seems that Mato was unable to stomach all of what was fed to him. And so, he needed a rest to vent off some stress.Bookmark here

But things went well with the coincidental save and rescue of Nana-sen. It was quite ironic that he talked frustratingly about only recently knowing about Gin and Ringo when he even had his own relationship.Bookmark here

However, there are things that are still not clearly said, not to anyone as Gin kept things to himself until now.Bookmark here

Thus, the impending opening of the rooftop of the new building has come to date, and they made the opportunity to discuss everything that happened together with Akira.Bookmark here

It was in the same day that they had to explain the circumstances twice. With that, the clock hit the seventeenth and a half hour.Bookmark here

"Phew… I swear my throat is about to give in. That's so much energy from just talking."Bookmark here

"Well, that was probably the first time I heard you talk that much in five years," Nagi retorts.Bookmark here

"But my word, does my dad already knew about Ringo being a potential to a Child?"Bookmark here

"Not even he knows it yet."Bookmark here

"Ugh… Just look, Ringo being a Medical Child candidate is surprising per se. And then Gin was a replacement to that? Just what degrees can coincidences exceed?" Shiro jested, as she was led to Nagi by pure coincidence, although not really under a direct influence of the phenomenon.Bookmark here

"Well, that's that and there are those too.Bookmark here

I have things that I haven't yet told anyone."Bookmark here

"Oh?" they all opened their ears.Bookmark here

"Let's see… I just said that I lost my memories last month, although temporary. And there's also the time earlier when I said that it wasn't 'rare' for me. That, I meant it seriously.Bookmark here

But then again, I hope you wouldn't be so surprised. Including just recently, I have lost my memories 73 times."Bookmark here

"73 times?!" all of them exclaimed surprisingly at the same time as they leaned forward to Gin.Bookmark here

He expected the outcome to be like that. What he can only do is scratch his cheek as he smiled dryly in front of the pressuring astonishment.Bookmark here

"What the… how did you even know that when you clearly lost your memories?" desperately pressing his temples with his thumb, Nagi sighed with anxiety boiling up on his chest.Bookmark here

"Well, to explain, what happened to me was rare, actually. The last time, the 72nd time was way over ten years when I left the labs. It's unusual that it took me more than a decade to recover my memories unlike when I lost them in the past, they came back after two days at least and all at once."Bookmark here

"Uguu… *sniff*" Rin turned around with her groans being heard.Bookmark here

"Umm… Rin-san. Are you crying?" Gin asked.Bookmark here

"…"Bookmark here

Shiro then asked why.Bookmark here

"I don't know…"Bookmark here

"You're weird!" Gin exclaimed.Bookmark here

"At least not as weird as you!" Rin angrily yelled out being accused by his lover, as it is in fact that Gin is outright weird.Bookmark here

But then she added, "Why didn't you tell me… Why didn't you tell me that you've suffered more than what I thought?! I could have helped you more…! I could have stayed by your side more…! The more I think of it, I just can't lightly take that you were hurt because of me! I can't accept that, Gin…! I don't want you to get hurt anymore…"Bookmark here

Seeing her in such distress, Gin can't help but pull her head towards his chest as she teared up clenching tightly to his uniform.Bookmark here

In Rin's perspective, it was inevitable for her to do that. All this time she was still hiding the guilt of being the reason for Gin's almost never ending agony.Bookmark here

She could have cheered up, knowing that Gin will say that they wouldn't have met if it wasn't for that, but even if that might be the case, it was still something that is unacceptable for her. But behind the sadness that she is showing lies bliss.Bookmark here

Gin is indeed different, perhaps due to his ignorance of human emotions, or perhaps not; he did not succumb to fear and anger, and did not leave Rin behind. His sense of forgiving is very childish and that, she knew and made her happy, even if it was just a fleeting moment.Bookmark here

"Now I'm starting to realize how much worse I've been when I was out of it. Calling someone a killer, shunning off anyone in sight every once in a while… even to you… I did so badly.Bookmark here

I don't even know how I'm still okay after breaking down so many times. I'm scared that I may never recover, and I don't want you, and you guys to break down because of me. I fear that."Bookmark here

The others have remained sat, silent with long faces.Bookmark here

"But still, I am alive.Bookmark here

If you just know how much I held back today and at that time in the late sunrise when I came back from the Void… I was so exhilarated.Bookmark here

Then again, it just feels like things are always revolving around me. That was selfish on my side. Anyway, I owe you all an apology for not telling you beforehand.Bookmark here

But these times… These moments won't happen frequently in the future. We'll all find our own paths at some point—what I'm saying is that we all have our own lives."Bookmark here

He leaned back to the cold railings and let Rin lie her head down on his crossed legs. He continued:Bookmark here

"Just like me, I'm fortunate enough to have a job I and I sure am having fun with. I also want me and Rin to be together onwards. I want to have a peaceful life.Bookmark here

And Rin also has her own path. We do not always have similar views. We see things differently. She has her own liking and I can't argue with that.Bookmark here

Nagi, you have Shiro; and vice versa. You two have your own lives. But of course, I will always wish you a better relationship.Bookmark here

As for Jean, I could say the same thing. You decided to pursue cooking as your career, and moreover, you decided to make the one you love to smile with it. I know that you'll do your best for Ai-san.Bookmark here

And then Akira, you've become an Exile. You have your family with you now. I'd say you're doing really great.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Some of you already have a clear sight of what you want. And you are acting on it. I actually never thought of it seriously, so I'm a little jealous."Bookmark here

After a long pause, Nagi let out a chuckle and stood up. He began to walk and shuffled Gin's hair as if patting it. Then he made his way out of the rooftop, with the other three following.Bookmark here

"We'll go on ahead.Bookmark here

And from now on, I will wish you for the best… Gin," he said with a flawless smile Bookmark here

But Gin, of all people did not get the entire meaning of what Nagi said, leaving it as a vague statement.Bookmark here

He understood that it has to do with what he just said about their own lives, but he at least felt that there was something more to it. Though, he just can't find what it is.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Ahhh… That guy…" Nagi sighed as they walked on the halls.Bookmark here

"You suddenly came out weird just then," his significant other presumed.Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

It's nice to meet Gin."Bookmark here

"Uh, huh?" their eyebrows raised and their heads titled. Something so mysterious is mostly heard from Gin, but Nagi suddenly blurted out without the others getting what it mean.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

The sun has begun to sink down to the horizon. Bookmark here

"I really wish that this would be the last."Bookmark here

"…?"Bookmark here

"I think I have reached a closure to what has happened to me. It's probably time for me to stop thinking too much about my past. But I guess there are still things that I need to clear."Bookmark here

"What do you mean, Gin?"Bookmark here

"Something like serving justice to the other children. I want to formally ask the doctor to disclose the program in public."Bookmark here

"But will that mean that it will affect his reputation?"Bookmark here

"Probably. I think. Perhaps. But all that lawlessness came from them. No matter how much his reputation might be damaged, it's nothing compared to what the public's eyes will see with how corrupt this country have become. That's why I don't want to be involved in this world. It's just as the Exiles said…"Bookmark here

"'Mind your own businesses,' was it?"Bookmark here

"A bit immature, but it makes sense. We are not humans, right? Maybe not making myself involved in this world is an overstatement. I take that back.Bookmark here

But at this point, we’re no different to animals, aren’t we? Like, we are just people disguised as humans, living underground.”Bookmark here

“No, Gin. I don’t think that still fits.” Expressing her disagreement, she poked Gin’s cheek while still lied down. “Let’s just stick with the Exiles being former humans.”Bookmark here

“Ahaha. Alright.” He affirmed as he was unable to talk back.Bookmark here

The girl then slowly stood up and shook off the back of her skirt. She stood still, with the beaming orange light of the setting sun lighting her from her side. On the purple tinted shadow of near twilight, she offered her hand for Gin to stand up.Bookmark here

He vigorously bowed down on his crossed legs, and looked up again with a subtle smile and tightly grasped her hand.Bookmark here

Indeed, he stood on his feet, but even before Rin looked away, he lightly pulled her head towards his own, titled down to reach Rin’s.Bookmark here

“A better, happy future,” randomly, he said on a low sounding voice.Bookmark here

“Mhm…”Bookmark here

Thus, they left the rooftop.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

On the other hand, Yuna dominated the kotatsu for almost the whole day.

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