Chapter 14:

A hellish shave

Escape:Witch [Remake]

It was still pouring rain at the airport when Moribe and Jimmy pulled up to a cargo plane located on the far side of the tarmac.

“Looks like we got lucky! We didn’t encounter a single cop on our way over, and with this typhoon like downpour, the airport is practically deserted,” Moribe stated.

Jimmy gazed down at him with a confused glance.

“Wait!? You don’t understand Japanese, do you?”

“Sorry, I don’t speak Japanese. Do you speak English?”

Moribe shook his head no, as the two men sat in awkward silence before they both opened the doors and got out as a man in a raincoat drove up to them in a baggage cart.

“Kept me waiting, Moribe, I got worried when you called me hours ago and said something about taking the back roads. I assume the big guy’s our client’s representative. Don’t worry, I’m on your side. Anyway, let's get everything loaded quickly. I got a text saying the cops are on their way. Though they should be delayed. Let's load everything up then hightail it before anyone's the wiser,” the man stated.

He then opened the plane hatch while Moribe and Jimmy ran to the back of the truck. They opened the door and pulled down the ramp before walking inside.

“Madam! It’s OK to come out! Toki’s here and there’s no cops insight, though its pouring rain,” Moribe called out to Sayuri.

When he heard no reply, he motioned for Jimmy to come inside with him.

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5… HEY! There are TWO coffins missing! I counted SEVEN when your boss hopped in! Why are two of them missing!?” Jimmy roared as he ran up to the first sarcophagus and opened it.

The sarcophagus was empty much to Jimmy's anger. Moribe looked in horror as Jimmy opened a second and a third one and found they were empty as well. Moribe ran to the back and opened the remaining two, as Jimmy hovered angrily behind him. They were all empty. Jimmy then angrily hoisted up Moribe by the scruff of his neck as he called Carl.

“Jimmy! Are you-”

“Sir! Bad news! The girls are gone, and so is Sayuri!” Jimmy stated.

“WHAT!? That damn bitch pulled a fast one on me!? Is she trying to sell me out!? Don’t let her little worker get away! I want answers!” Carl's's voice roared.

“I got it- ugh!?”

Jimmy suddenly dropped his phone and Moribe as he felt a sharp pain in his throat. He fell to his knees and began coughing up blood while struggling to breathe. He had been shot in the side of his throat. A few seconds later, he stopped coughing and went limp, before slumping to the ground, dead. Moribe looked in horror at the scene before him as Carl called out for Jaime on the phone.

“TOKI YOU IDIOT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” Moribe roared as he turned towards the entrance of the truck to notice a mummy pointing a gun at him. “What the hell is this!?” he stammered in confusion as another mummy walked in soaking wet dragging a man.

The mummy then hurled the man at Moribe, knocking him down. Moribe screamed in horror as he recognized the man to be Toki, the man driving the baggage cart. Toki’s throat had been slit and his eyes were rolled back as blood oozed from his mouth. He was dead. Before Moribe could retaliate, the mummy with the gun killed him. After confirming all three men were dead, the two mummies hopped in the baggage cart and drove away.

"Now, we call the paparazzi," one of the mummies grinned as she pulled out her phone.


“Silver head! I’m going to destroy every last follicle on your pretty little head,” Fujiko giggled as she trudged towards the back of the station.

Suddenly, Kurobane, Mutsumi, and a swarm of officers marched down the hall.

“EMERGENCY! We need as many personnel as possible! There's been an incident at the airport!” Mutsumi yelled.

"Nakajima, if this ends up being another spectacle I will have you removed from duty," Kurobane glared.

"What? I'm just sending backup to Commissioner Mikazuchi."

"To the Commissioner? Very well. I'll give the go ahead and accompany you."

As Mutsumi ran off, Kurobane turned to Fujiko. "Ah Fujiko, my apologies, but do to this recent request, I won't be present to supervise you shaving the prisoner today."

"So, just let me-"

"Your parole states you must be supervised by the head of the station when shearing a prisoner. You’re free to come back tomorrow. Since you’re here though, why not finish the job you started with Yuzume."

Fujiko turned towards Bianka and smiled maliciously.

“Yuzume, you recall what your punishment is, correct?” Kurobane asked.

“You ordered me to shave my head,” Bianka groaned.

“Correct. Though since Fujiko is here right now, I feel it is appropriate that she be the one to finish the job she started. Fujiko, would this satisfy Yumeko?”

“Onee-sama will be pleased when I tell her I shaved this slut," Fujiko sneered.

“Wait! Please here me out!” Bianka tearfully pleaded.

“Do not worry, I’m sure Fujiko knows JUST to shave you, correct Fujiko?”

“She’s just booked for a "shave"."


"No! Dismiss Mochi! I don't want her to see this!" Bianka tearfully begged.

"Assistant Commissioner Myouchi outranks me. Should she choose to stay-"

"But she's injured! I don't want her getting hurt anymore!"

Kurobane let out an annoyed sigh as she turned to Mochi. "Assistant Commissioner Myouchi! Due to your injuries, I would advise you to head home and rest before the storm gets too violent."

"Very well. I do not understand Bianka's angst, though," Mochi stated as she grabbed her umbrella and headed out with Kurobane.

"Good, now she won't have to relive hell, and see me suffer. Damn you Kurobane! Why do you bend over so much for this monster's sister!? Well, I guess Onee-sama mentioned how corrupt these assholes are. But still, I'll never forgive Fujiko for what she did to Mochi" Bianka thought as she began to remissness about how Mochi used to be...


"WHAT DO YOU MEAN I LOST!?" Fujiko fumed.

"The vote count stands. Mochi Myouchi is now student council president," the teacher declared.

Fujiko was promptly dragged off stage as Mochi made her acceptance speech. Back then, Mochi was still quite petite and highly intelligent, though she had long pink hair and was far more expressive.

"Thank you everyone for overcoming the threats of that tyrant and allowing me to take the reins of the student council. My first act, will be to abolish ALL of my predecessor's strict and cruel policies. No longer will our students have to fear having their hair sheared off for breaking the code of conduct. My predecessor argued the punishment would encourage more students to follow the rules, however, she quickly abused her power in her second year of being student council president. Many of our fine students were unfairly humiliated and stripped of all their hair to satisfy that tyrant's ego. Now, the reign of terror is over!" Mochi smiled as the audience erupted in cheers.

Once the speech was over, Bianka met up with Mochi as the two headed back to class.

"Great speech Mochi," Bianka grinned as she wrapped her arm around Mochi's shoulder.

Bianka looked like a completely different person back in her highschool days. Her hair was chestnut brown, and her skin hadn't been spray tanned.

"Bianka, I thought you eased up on your flirting," Mochi glared.

"I did, but you're my girlfriend," Bianka cooed.

"Bianka, I do not recall ever acknowledging you as a romantic partner."

"Come on, no need to be cold, girl. Everyone else's already shipped us anyway."

"This is why I despise gossip. You know that I'll be entering the police academy once I've graduated?"

"So? I'll be too."

"Not just to stalk me I hope?"

"Oi, no need to put it so harshly. Besides I'm mainly doing it to follow in Onee-sama's footsteps."

"Reika-san? Very well. My apologies for the harsh comment. Compared to how flirtatious you were back in Middle school, you have certainly reformed. Though I wish you'd ease up on your flirting with me as well."

"But I love you."

Mochi let out a sigh and put her hand on her head. "Is there a pheromone I'm emitting that attracts you to me?"

"Maybe. But you're also cute, smart, and strong."

"My physical strength is far lower than that of the average woman."

"I meant strong in mind and conviction dummy."

"Then strong-willed is the word you were looking for."

"Always so uptight."

"And you are always so rambunctious."

The two then burst out laughing as they continued to head back to class.


Fujiko pulled a rolling chair to the middle of the staff room. "Sit down," she sneered as she shoved Bianka into the chair.

Serika and the other officers present watched as Fujiko duct taped Bianka to the chair before pulling out a tube of super glue and gluing Bianka’s mouth shut.


“Don’t worry! This glue is designed to seal mouths!” Fujiko sneered.

Bianka glared as Fujiko flipped on the clippers and drove them into her head. In seconds, her hair had been reduced to stubble. Fujiko dusted off her clippers and Bianka’s head before pulling out a can of shaving cream.

“Sorry! No hot cream today, instead you get rain-cold steel!” she sneered as encased Bianka’s entire head and face in cold shaving cream leaving just her eyes visible.

She then pulled out her sharp shaving knife and pressed it against the top of Bianka’s head and slowly began shaving her.

“That knife is really sharp! I can’t believe they’d let a criminal like her carry it around. And damn her for encasing my whole head like that. She knows damn well I developed claustrophobia after what she did to me!” Bianka thought.

After a torturous eternity, Fujiko was done shaving. All the women gasped in horror as Fujiko tilted up Bianka’s head for all to see. Bianka was now completely bald. Not a trace of hair remained on her head. Her eyebrows had also been completely shaven off as well.

“How’s it feel slut!? No more hair for you! Now let’s “shave” those long lashes of yours,” Fujiko taunted as she slapped Bianka's head and pulled out a pair of tweezers.

Bianka grunted in pain as Fujiko plucked out all her eyelashes. When she was done, she stood in front of Bianka and ran her hand through her own hair.

“Take a GOOD look at your queen, slut! My long silky mane is my pride and symbol of my dominance. You on the other hand are a hideous hairless bitch!" Fujiko sneered as she flashed a mirror before Bianka.

"Mmph ngh mmph!" Bianka tearfully glared. While she was a bit distraught at her new hairless appearance, she refused to give into to despair.

"Oh? So you still have some fight in you? Well, that won't last long. I've barely even begun your "shave". As for the rest of you ladies, watch as your queen displays her dominance! Watch as she stands atop a pile of shorn slaves with her silky hair blowing in the wind, and her radiant skin glowing in the light. Hmm? Why a pile of shorn slaves? Because you will ALL kneel before my dominance in due time, and naturally all be devoid of hair when you do!”

All the women shuddered, but were too terrified to look away or run away.

“No way I’d let that freak anywhere near me! I could take her down, right?” Serika nervously thought as Fujiko smiled her way.

"Now then, lets continue the "shave". I won't stop until this entire new can is empty!" Fujiko sneered as she lathered up Bianka's head and face with shaving cream once more. "And this time, I'm going to make you squirm, Bianka," Fujiko whispered into Bianka's ear, while doing a perfect imitation of Mochi's voice.

"No way. That was a perfect imitation of Mochi's voice!" Bianka nervously thought as her eyes immediately went wide with fear.

"Ara, I can do more than that," Fujiko whispered into Bianka's ear, while doing a perfect imitation of Reika's voice.

Bianka began to tremble as Fujiko began encasing the rest of her body along with her clothes and shoes in cold shaving cream.

"The hell are you doing!?" Serika shouted.

"Mako-chan said I could shave her. Never said that was limited to just her head. Besides, it will empty this can of shaving cream much faster if I shave her whole body," Fujiko sneered.

"Don't even think about stripping her!"

"Tch! Well guess I'll just do all her exposed skin then. A shame, I think she'd enjoy being stripped and shaved by a queen like me," Fujiko sneered as she leaned Bianka back and began shaving.


Bianka trembled as Fujiko dropped the empty can of shaving cream to the ground. It had been a torturous eternity, but the shave was finally over.

"AAAALLL Done! It took sooo long to empty the can, but now you're sooo bald and hairless," Fujiko sneered as she shoved a bottle in Bianka’s face.

Bianka’s eyes widened in horror as she read the label. “Ngh [Wax]!?"

This was Bianka's breaking point. It brought back traumatic memories of an infamous day at high school...


Bianka smiled from the crowd as Mochi stepped onto the stage to address the student body.

"Hello everyone. It is my pleasure to give the annual Fall address for the state of our school. Our current average GPA has risen and our school is on track to become one of the most prestigious all girls high school in the nation. We are-"

"Hello my dear subjects. Your queen has arrived to give her address!" Fujiko sneered as she stepped onto the stage.

"As I was saying. We are-"

"DON'T YOU DARE IGNORE ME! I AM YOUR QUEEN! Aha aha AHAHAHAHA! Well let's see you peasants ignore this!" Fujiko shouted as she pulled on a rope.

Green liquid immediately began pouring all over Mochi causing her to scream as she was quickly encased in the liquid. Only her face was left visible.

"THE HELL ARE YOU SLIMING HER FOR!?" Bianka roared as she began charging through the crowd to the stage.

"Slime? Oh no, it's hot wax!" Fujiko maniacally laughed as she pulled on another rope.

Bianka stopped and looked up as she heard a sound from above. A flood of hot wax was heading straight for the entire student body in the audience. Instantly, the entire floor of the auditorium and everyone that had been sitting there were completely gunged and encased in hot wax.

"You monster!" Mochi yelled as another bucket of hot wax was poured on her, completely encasing her exposed face.

Bianka meanwhile struggled to breathe as both her nostrils and mouth had been almost completely encased in wax. Since the wax had also hardened and prevented her from moving, she was stuck like that until medical personal arrived and saved her in the nick of time. Many victims of the incident suffered permanent hair and skin damage, while others like Bianka suffered mental trauma from the incident. Bianka in particular had come the closest to dying during the incident and developed a fear of hot wax as well as claustrophobia.

Though the most effected was Mochi. It took months for her to return to school, and when she did, she was different. No longer did she show any emotions, nor possess any of her previous will. She also began viewing her toxic sister, Purin in a more positive light, even outright praising her for every little thing. She also began to drift away from her friends, Bianka and Serika, opting to hang out more with Purin. Purin, whom had always been envious of Mochi to the point where she'd kill her, suddenly began tolerating Mochi, though would usually force her to be her servant, which Mochi would agree to do in robotic compliance.


Bianka tearfully trembled as she stared at the bottle of hot wax. The shaving cream and hearing voice impressions of Mochi and Reika had been tough enough, but now Fujiko was going to push her over the edge.

Fujiko maniacally grinned from ear to ear as she whispered in Bianka’s ear, “If you don’t want me to gunge you in this, just say no. I’ll respect your wishes!” She then unscrewed the cap and held the bottle over Bianka’s head as Bianka gazed up in fear. “Do you want me to pour this ALL OVER your head and face?”

“MMMPH! NGH MMMPH [NO! PLEASE NO]!” Bianka cried as she tearfully shook her head no.


Lightning flashed and crackled as Bianka’s entire head and face were covered in wax. Bianka let out a muffled scream as Fujiko joyfully smeared the wx all over her head and face. “OOPS! I spilled hot wax all over this slave’s hairless head! The only way to get it off is to rip it off!”

Serika stood up, but quickly froze as Fujiko pointed her knife towards her.“No one leaves till I’m done! You disobey, you get SHAVED!” she stated with a demented smile on her face.

Serika shivered as she froze in fear and sat back down.

“Don’t worry! She can still breath JUST fine!” Fujiko sneered as she stuck sticks of wax in Bianka’s ears and nostrils.

Bianka began struggling frantically and gasping for air as Fujiko took a picture of her with a small digital camera before ripping the sticks out of her nostrils and ears. She then began ripping the wax off Bianka’s head as Bianka howled in pain. She then attempted to go for another round, but luckily for Bianka, she had run out of wax.

Fujiko clicked her tongue and smacked Bianka's irritated head with the empty wax bottle. Bianka's skin was in so much pain, even a light breeze would cause a burning pain. She tearfully glared as Fujiko kicked her to the ground and pressed her muddy sneaker on her face. Fujiko continued to stomp until Bianka was thoroughly covered with her muddy shoe prints.

"They said I could ONLY shave you,but you were sooo good, I decided to give you some complimentary washable footprint tattoos. Just roll around outside like a bitch and they'll wash right off. AHAHAHAHAHA!" Fujiko sneered.

After a few minutes, Fujiko was done. "Guess what? You're finally done, and I thought I'd let you know that I recorded your ENTIRE enslavement from start to finish! I'll be sending a copy to your little loli as well. I DO have her number!" Fujiko taunted as she stopped the recording she had been taking with her phone.

Life began to vanish from Bianka’s eyes as Fujiko shoved her phone in Bianka's face as she sent the video to Mochi before uploading it to her Ewetube channel. This was what truly broke her. While she did begin crying after seeing her new hairless appearance, the fact that Mochi would be sent a video of her shearing was the primary source of her despair.

"Mochi! I'm sorry, I thought I could stop her and ease your pain but, I was too weak and foolish. I'm sorry my stupidity hurt you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry," Bianka somberly thought as tears poured out of her lifeless eyes.

“Uploaded! Now the whole world will know your place in this world! Well guess I’ll call the paramedics as a courtesy," Fujiko sneered as she dialed the paramedics while leaving the station. “I can’t wait to humiliate Yuni-chan on my birthday!” she thought as she trudged through the rain.

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