Chapter 1:

Garnet who became Dagger

Princess Garnet

I always thought that I am princess Garnet Til Alexandros XVII (the eighteenth) in the kingdom of the Alexandria.I didn't remember anything from my last life.

My real name is Sarah.I used to live in Madain Sari as part of a summoner tribe.I lost my biological mother when I was too young.

I looked identical to the princess of the kingdom who died with exception the horn that I had.After my father,the king died the queen suddenly changed.

Her sudden changed happened when I was fifteen years old.I was sarting becoming worried.Currently,I am sixteen years old.

Suddenly things changed.I was kidnapped by a thief and his group.His name is Zidane.Actually I wanted to be kidnapped. 

Zidane showed me and teached me the outisde world.I still have a lot to learn about the outside world.

My nickname Dagger is inspired by Zidane's weapon,a dagger.Zidane can help me defeat the queen.

In the eyes of other people Zidane is just a thief.But for me he is an ally,a dear friend and maybe something even more.

I am not the real princess of the kingdom but one day I am going to become a ruler.And I am going to be the person I am.I need to become stronger.

So my journey with Zidane and his group just only started.Who knows what awaits us in this adventure to the unknown?

Princess Garnet