Chapter 1:

Do not enter

That of WITCH we all hide

I am alone, I have no family or friends and I trust nobody because I know if rely on anyone, if I come in contact with any person they could be my death, people say I'm too paranoid and that I'm crazy but they were the crazy ones so I left them, all of them. They didn't understand me and they were probably trying to kill me.

It's 12 o'clock, I've finished my work and I'm about to go to sleep but then I hear someone, which is impossible because I live in a crapy apartment with low hygiene and rats, dirt all over the floor and holes in the walls. I decide to ignore it and go to sleep but I can't sleep, I close my eyes but all I hear are loud footsteps banging on the floor, the sound of screeching from the furniture moving around, and the quiet sound of the person talking to the movers. I start to smell a gross disgusting smell of cheap perfume seeping through the wooden floors.

Every time I try to go to sleep all I hear are them and I shiver down my spine, I don't trust the person. The minutes of sleeplessness, is turning into hours then I find out thats its been a day and
I hear a knocking on my door, I open my door not knowing who it is because of my cheap flimsy door that has no peep hole. It it the person, she is a woman and a beautiful woman at that but I don't trust her, she starts to talk but it's completely blurred, my chest starts to tighten, I start to see her as someone else, my mother, the person I trust the least. People say a mother is always loving but my mother was a witch, an alcoholic wreck of a woman, who sold her own son into slavery, my brother. I close the door leaving the woman gasping. I lock the door and scream, "Go away!"
She hurries away leaving the smell of her cheap perfume.

That days of no sleep extend, so much so that before I know it, I notice that it's been a week. I feel drowsy and I'm starting to lose the ability to do very trivial tasks. I lose my job, the reason being I missed my deadline for my webpage but I am to tired to care. I'm sitting in my room, listening to the sound of that woman. I fall on my chair unable to even eat, my eyes slowly close, the feeling of my chairs wobbliness and the pencil in my hand fades, the sight of my old, stained room and the pile of fast food I have yet to clean turns black and the sound of that woman living In the apartment building is seemingly the only thing not disappear, it's the sound of her wretched voice, her high heels stomping on above me and her friends just talking and talking driving me to the brink of insanity, know I can't go to sleep but I know I will one day. Then a thought occurs, the only way to stop someone ending my life is to end it my self. I grab a knife and cut myself three times, I open the door drag my body up the stairs and go to her door. I write on the door "You're to late to end me you wrench..." Then I knock on the door. As my eyes close I see her open the door, her eyes open wide and she screams.

I open my eyes and expect to see a hellish evil world ready to tourture my for the rest of eternity, but instead of a devil greeting me I see a familiar roof accompanied by the loud ringing of an alarm, I turn my head to see my old room from 20 years ago, the room I had when I was only ten...
To be continued

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