Honeyfeed is hiring join the team

We are looking for an inventive Social Media Content Creator to join our Honeyfeed team. We want to give this job opportunity to those who have a lot of experience using the Honeyfeed site as a reader or writer. The job requires the applicant to have some experience in video and sound editing. Full knowledge of handling different social media apps and websites such as Twitter, Discord, Instagram, Instagram reels, TikTok, and other social media platforms is required.


  • Create a monthly schedule for social media posts
  • Read trending Honeyfeed novels to gather content for your posts
  • Keep up with social media trends and app functionality in video platforms such as Tiktok or Instagram Reels. This includes video format and sound trends
  • Help select and promote monthly featured content
  • Understanding and building Honeyfeed's audience on social media
  • Write news for our social media regarding Honeyfeed updates and events
  • Encourage our community writers to promote their novels through our social media
  • Create videos for Honeyfeed social media to engage current followers and gain new followers. *Showing your face in the videos is strongly preferred but not required
  • Create audio to use on videos for Honeyfeed social media. *Using your voice for audio recordings is required
  • Edit both video and audio (when required) to prepare posts for social media


  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Work from home
  • Have good proficiency in the English language
  • Have a good command of English grammar
  • Experience using all features of Honeyfeed
  • Ability to work independently, be a self-starter & meet deadlines
  • Have a great understanding of how to use social media features
  • Be comfortable and creative with several avenues for content creation
  • Have the required materials to complete your tasks (phone or computer with good audio/video quality recording, video/sound editing app or software, etc...)
  • Have at least basic knowledge using Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Forms
  • Have accessibility to a PC with built-in microphone or headset for voice meetings via the internet
  • Job Type: Task-Based
  • Company: qdopp, Inc.
  • Location: Remote
  • Pay: Japanese Yen via Paypal. *Maximum of ¥ 18,000 monthly depending on tasks completed*
Note: The fee that will be sent to the applicant via Paypal will be in Japanese Yen, not in USD or others, so if you're to receive it in USD or other forms of currency, Paypal will calculate the exchange rate at that time and apply it so the amount of USD or others you receive will vary.

To apply, please send us the following information.

  1. Your email address (One you are comfortable using for us (work))
  2. Your resume / CV
  3. Short text (minimum of 300 words) on "Why do you think you are the ideal candidate to become Honeyfeed's content creator?"
  4. Please share with us a link to your previous works (videos you've posted where it shows your sound/video editing skill and/or your style of content creation).
Note: That if the above items are not attached/included in your application form, they will be ignored. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Should you meet the requirements above, we'll contact you with specific details of the offer. We may take a few days to get back to you, so please bear with us during that time.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Honeyfeed Management Team