Chapter 12:

Interlude 10.5: A Battle of 1,000 Years

The Immortal Witch's Death Wish

Since the dawn of time, there has been knowledge of forces beyond our reach. This is the tale of a long lost story a millenia ago. While so insignificant in the minds of everyone now, it holds great prevalence in this current era.Bookmark here

A long time ago, there existed one entity called the One Being- also known as Ignis Pneuma. From this one being, stemmed all. The creation of the entire world as we know it, stemmed from Ignis Pneuma.Bookmark here

The world was quite peaceful when he was prevalent. Everything flowed well under his guidance. Seers, and Spirit guides often sought his wisdom when they required help, or faced a great tragedy- and always, those who ask received its council.Bookmark here

At some point in time, he became much and much less active within this current world. Almost as if he was preoccupied with something else.Bookmark here

Since he was liable to leave for several great centuries at a time, there had to be something in place when he was not around. Thus, he created the four dragons. These four extremely powerful beings kept the peace in this world.Bookmark here

It wasn’t long until 4 others realized their ability to draw upon his power without seeking his council. Because they too were parts of him, they could harness the abilities he possessed. Ignis did not mind this, so long as they had used it to better the world around them, but as truth would have it, that was an impossible expectation.Bookmark here

The birth of these 4 harbingers tore the world asunder.They were known as the Four Great Witches. Teaching the spread of magic to all, and having harnessed it’s secrets, they became a force to be reckoned with, each taking ownership of four corridors of the world.Bookmark here

When they began to defy the laws set in place by Ignis Pneuma, they became cursed beings. They thought in ways that normal humans could not even begin to comprehend. They wrended the very fabrics of the world and sought more and more knowledge. With these alterations and breakings of rules, they inadvertently caused many problems within this world.Bookmark here

It was said when the four Dragon Lords attempted to intervene, they were slaughtered. All but one remains in this world now, sleeping under the mountains of Iridis. The actions of the dragons were not in vain however. For they managed to take down two of the four witches.Bookmark here

This catastrophic event had led to many great calamities. With 3 of the four dragons disappeared, and the fourth retreating to a slumber of solitude, the world had lost much of its protection. This threat that they were sent to protect the world from, will not be apparent until many great centuries later.Bookmark here

Some think it was perhaps the Four Great Witches that the dragons were created to destroy, others think that there was a greater threat. But alas, as punishment for their actions, and their breaking of rules, it is said that the One Being had punished them with rejection.Bookmark here

When everyone dies, it is believed that their souls return to the One Being. However, now, they may not die. Ignis Pneuma refuses to accept them back into himself. This was the punishment for those who truly corrupt this world and defy the laws set by Ignis Pneuma.Bookmark here

Truthfully though, these stories are just folk tales. The corruption of the tales throughout time leaves very little for accuracy. Even the existence of the Four Great Witches is questionable. The only proven remnant of such a tale, was the Dragon of Sky which resided in the frozen mountain tops of Iridis.Bookmark here

Since its confirmed existence 300 years ago, not a single person had been allowed to enter the mountain’s pass. A strong blizzard with temperatures more freezing than the coldest ice embraced that entire mountain range. This was surely a spell it had set to retain its own solitude.Bookmark here

Of course it would not want to interact with others. Her siblings, the Dragon of Sea, Dragon of Embers, and the Dragon of Earth had already perished. It was utterly and truly alone in this world. Thus, it had resorted to a life of slumber, unrelenting his dwelling from the freezing storms.Bookmark here

Nearly 1,000 years later, the creation of something unusual was occurring. The Dragon of Sky, Ashouron could surely feel it. However, he did nothing to combat its existence. Surely this was the consequences of their actions many years ago. The fruits of their labor, creating weaknesses within the fabrics of Ignis Pneuma’s perfect world.Bookmark here

He forever cursed those witches that he was powerless to defeat. He doubted he could destroy them, but he had practiced a certain skill now for the past 1,000 years. [Absolute Zero]. Many had fallen victim to its effects, but alas, the Witches were of a world different in and of itself. He had no idea how beings could become this strong.Bookmark here

From her base within the mountain, she could feel an energy quite familiar. Towering high above all others. She knew exactly who that was solely based on the eerie feeling. The Wretched Witch of the East. She was quite disgusting to face on the battlefield. He could only imagine how many multitudes of people had died just now from that flare of energy.Bookmark here

Even more horrifying was the Peaceful Witch of the West, Aias. His calm demeanor and untraceable movement was impossible to keep up with. He was one that could not be touched by anything of this world. Slipping in and out of the ethereal and the physical as he demanded or wished.Bookmark here

During that battle so long ago, he had dealt the finishing blow to the Dragon of Embers, the strongest among her siblings. If there was one she really wanted to destroy, it was most-probably the Peaceful Witch.Bookmark here

Yes… how great it would be to show that horrendous demon, the full scope of her pain. The cold feeling within her heart had become more and more powerful. Now there was no exception to those who dared challenge her. If she could only find the man.Bookmark here

Lusha Viscirilis…. Aias Viscirilis…. Some day, they will both meet their end. She need only bide her time.Bookmark here

The tides of time are continue to flow. But the events that should have happened so long ago, continue to rage. Their ripples still distort much of the world today.Bookmark here

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