Chapter 3:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 4

After making sure that we got the information that we needed, Maddie sent the Amaranthine princess and the Braunhauer duchess away. And with them gone, she summoned for the Marquise of Monfort.

“Your Holiness, I heard you need something from me?” the Marquise appeared before Maddie with her vice-captains.

“Ah yes, please take a seat, ladies.”

I quickly stood up to give way to the paladins. And since this was something that concerned them, I walked towards the door to let myself out.

Lily called out to me, “Kuro, where are you going?”

Uh…do you still need me?”

“What are you talking about? Of course, we do!” Maddie answered, “And you’re coming with us!”

It’s not that I was trying to be someone important; but out of self-decency and modesty, I would never assume things. Since the invitation was open, I guess I should listen to their conversation.

“Lady Monfort.”

“Yes, Your Holiness?”

“I’d like you to prepare a small contingent of your guards,” Maddie told her, “We ride for Amaranthine after we wake up.”

“Your Holiness, is this about the events in that kingdom?”

“You seem to be knowledgeable about that,” Lily pointed out.

“Well, Head Maid, only a little. What I know was that the royal family, and some nobles, were having some frictions. I know nothing else.”

Maddie only nodded at her words. Maybe she had seen the Marquise’s thoughts and deemed her statement as true.

“So, how many paladins should I bring?”

“Take a company of them with us,” Maddie explained, “This is a sensitive diplomatic mission; one mistake and it could go exploding on us. An entire army of holy guards could arouse suspicions on both parties, and it may not end well.”

Well, I agreed on that point. If Her Holiness was accompanied by the entire Paladin Corps, the factions in this infighting could suspect us of biases towards their rivals, or worse, might intervene directly ourselves. This was politics speaking, and it could get nasty and tricky.

“I understand, Your Holiness.”

Oh, and I’m clarifying that we won’t use arms unless we get attacked,” Maddie added, “I know your girls could be zealous in their beliefs, but in no other circumstance except for self-defense that you’d intervene. Is that clear, Lady Monfort?”

The Marquise took her bow and left the room together with her vice-captains.


***Maverny, a port on the northern shores of the Empire of Chersea***

The Imperial soldiers paraded in their full splendor and glory before the waving crowds of Imperial citizens, just as before they embark on an expedition to the northern kingdoms. The people were throwing flowers and confetti on them, yet they maintained their disciplined march towards the docks.

“Come back safely!”

“Crush those northern barbarians!”

“Rescue Her Holiness from those uncivilized hordes!”


At a hidden podium, not too far from the main avenue where the Imperial legions marched, was the newly appointed commander of the Imperial expeditionary force, and the Saint of the Flame, Seirna.

Heh, would you look at that, General…” she pointed to the crowd, “These people were still loving their great saint while watching the soldiers that would destroy her. Isn’t it ironic?”

“It only proves the effectiveness of our efforts to fool them to support our cause,” the Traveler, now General Umberto, explained, “Now they think that we’re marching against north Chersea to rescue that saint.”

“Splendid work, General!” Seirna slapped him in the back.

“Thank you for your support, Your Holiness,” General Umberto bowed, “And thank you for giving me the chance to avenge my family.”

“Well, as long as you thoroughly destroy Maddie, it’s all fine with me.”

“But Your Holiness, defeating her forces is one thing. How about killing her?”

Oh, you don’t need to bother yourself about that matter, my dear Umberto. Focus on crushing her armies, and I’ll also do my assignment as well,” Seirna laughed, “After all, when those people back at the Holy Palatial Gardens come to Amaranth, they won’t even know who’s their friend from foe.”

“You really had thought of this well, Your Holiness,” General Umberto told her, “And for that, you have my admiration.”

“You don’t have to do that, General. I’m just working to protect this world, after all.”