Chapter 1:


Rebirth with an A.I.

In a brightly lit room of a two-story house, a woman is giving birth. The baby is coming two weeks earlier than expected, but a proper doctor has been called to assist with the birth, and the woman’s husband is nearby.

Only a few hours earlier, when the light from the sun barely shone in the sky, the pregnant woman alerted her husband to the oncoming birth, and the husband rushed to fetch a doctor to assist.

Currently, the woman has almost finished with the birthing. The baby is in the hands of the doctor, and suddenly,


The baby is crying.

Starting initial loading sequence.

“It’s a boy!” The doctor said, looking at a certain bit that made the gender certain.

“We did it, Hilda!” The husband was holding his wife’s hand, and he raised it a little higher when he saw their baby being held by the doctor, seemingly healthy.

“We did it? You didn’t do shit, Brune!” Even though the man was ecstatic to see their child come out healthy, the woman had no such tendency at that moment.

“Mrs. Gerstle, would you like to hold the baby?” The doctor asked, looking up from the baby and towards the woman laying in the bed.

“Yes! Give him to me.” Hilda held out her arms in front of her, and the doctor walked to her side and put the baby into Hilda’s outstretched arms.

Loading sequence complete. Running interface module.

‘Holy shit, what the fuck!’ The baby, though it was just born, was already having complex thoughts. The baby tried to look around, but it could not move its body and could only see Hilda’s body as she held him close to her.

‘Last, thing I remember was… cunt!’ The baby could not remember anything. He searched his memory, but it was all blank. With no visual cues to work off, the baby resorted to investigating the strange words that were spoken in its mind.

‘Who are you?’ The baby could tell that it was a voice from a person, but he could not tell where it was coming from. All around the baby were strange sounds that he could not understand, but a person’s voice was being broadcasted directly inside his head, which was strange.

I am Ava.

The voice echoed in the baby’s head and was very clear. Now that the baby concentrated, he could tell that the voice was feminine, but he could still not pinpoint a direction or anything about his past.

‘What are you, Ava?’ The baby’s first thought to the identity of Ava was simple; she was a god.

I am your Assistance Interface or A.I. for short.

‘What the fuck does that mean?!’ The baby did not understand what the godly voice was saying, and everything outside of his body was still a blur or a numb feeling. Only inside his own head was he able to speak.

I am here to help you interface with the world. Please, use my assistance for whatever purpose you find it can suit. Would you like to run the language comprehension module?

The baby had to think for a few seconds about Ava’s reply before he answered her.

‘Yes. Run the language comprehension module.’ The baby was not sure what would happen, but if Ava was a god, then nothing too bad could happen, or at least he hoped.







The baby could hear two voices saying names back and forth repeatedly, and the baby was slightly annoyed by this.

‘What kind of game is this? Just pick something!’ The baby stopped his crying, but he stopped it just as the next name was said.


“… Hey, he stopped crying.”

“I guess he likes that one, Brune.”

“Alright, then we will name him Kilian. Kilian Gerstle.”

User profile name has been set. Name: Kilian Gerstle.

‘Oh great, I’m cringing from the sound of it.’ The baby was given his name, and he could not help but feel internally embarrassed by how close to kill-ian it sounded. As if he was a teenager with childish delusions that had given himself his own name, Kilian was now bound by fate to have a face covered in scars or to never kiss a girl. Either way, he would live up to his name.

Would you like to run the detailed character creation module? Answering ‘no’ will result in a random character creation. Multiple characters can be made.

Kilian thought about what he could pick for a few seconds, but he decided to choose no. He had enough of the godly voice of Ava, and now he simply wanted to sleep. The desire was sweeping him in powerful waves, and as he internally said no to the prompt, Kilian fell asleep.

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