Chapter 0:


vampires world

In this story, you will see how my life works. I make three new awesome friends who help keep me safe and I fall in love with this really amazing guy. I love this guy so much but I can't risk dating a vampire. The other vampires could find out and I would be taken away from them so I just can't risk dating a vampire.Bookmark here

I can't lose my friends I already lost my family when the vampires took over. If I lose them it will be like losing my family all over again. My friends are like my family and it will just be the worst thing that ever happened to me, but enough of the spoiling my story the question is will I lose my friends? Will the vampires have peace and let the humans come back into this world? are there others just like me out there? Bookmark here

All of this will be answered when you read my story. Oh here's a quick spoiler alert this is going to end with two lovebirds falling in love. How do they fall in love? We will never know until you read the story. Bookmark here

vampires world

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