Chapter 6:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 4

For the last few sleeps ever since we left the Holy Palatial Gardens, I’ve been doing training sessions with the Marquise of Monfort regarding the martial arts of using various weapons, like the sword or the spear. And the Marquise, as goofy as she was when we’re casually talking, was a complete opposite when we’re doing practices. She’s a perfectionist, and she won’t tolerate any mistake—no matter how minute those mistakes were.Bookmark here

“If you want to live, then even a slight error is not permissible!” she drilled that concept thoroughly in my head, “Don’t just thrust wildly! Put your back to it! Kill that motherfu—Bookmark here

“Hold on Lady Monfort! If you continue further, then this won’t get an R-16 rating anymore!”Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

“Nothing.”Bookmark here

“Then put your goddamn back to your thrusts!”Bookmark here

“R-Right away!”Bookmark here

In due time, my skills with the spear went up, since it’s quite easy to handle than the sword. Though the bayonet installed on my matchlock was a different weapon, by principle, it’s still a polearm, and so it’s got similarities with the spear.Bookmark here

“Okay, you wuss! That’s enough sexual innuendo!”Bookmark here

Ha? I was just thrusti—oh…Bookmark here

“Listen Kuro…” the Marquise gave me a glass of water, “In actual combat, what matters most is how quick you defeat your opponent, not how you fight. If you keep on doing half-assed attacks, I think you’ll end up dead sooner than you think.”Bookmark here

Haa…haa…got it.”Bookmark here

“I mean, look, I honestly don’t think you’ll be on par with our skills, even with all the training I’ll give you. As you’ve been saying the entire time; in your land, you grew up in a relatively safe environment, thus, you never had the urgency to learn combat tactics. Unlike you, however, we grew up surrounded by war and conflict. It’s only now that we’re experiencing such long-lasting peace, thanks to Her Holiness’ efforts.”Bookmark here

“So, you’re saying I should just quit this?”Bookmark here

“Nope, I’m not telling you that. But I guess you can cover for your lack of skills with your mind. A lot of new recruits into our Paladin Corps often think that their skills honed during this time of peace is enough to survive the battlefield. I’m saying this now, it’s not.”Bookmark here

“What do you mean?”Bookmark here

“Well, distinguishing when is the time to retreat or stand your ground is a skill. After all, even if you possess the greatest fighting style in this land, it’s all over once you’re dead.”Bookmark here

She had a point with that. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure I’ll remember those, Marquise!Bookmark here

“Also, knowing where and when to strike your enemy so you can restrain and demolish them methodically is another skill to learn. Get my point?”Bookmark here

Well, I knew what she’s telling me, so I nodded.Bookmark here

“So yes, I guess, move not only with your heart but also remember to fight with your mind as well.”Bookmark here

Whoa, hearing the Marquise of Monfort say all those things made me rethink my not-so-serious view of her personality. Judging from her words, I could say that this girl had seen the worst in wars…Bookmark here

The Marquise smirked and then waved towards her girls, “Alright, this time, you’ll practice fighting against a real opponent!”Bookmark here

“Ha? Aren’t I tired just yet?”Bookmark here

“What, can you tell that to your murderer on the battlefield?”Bookmark here

“Well, no…”Bookmark here

“Then stand up there, and fight! The more exhausted you are, the better it is!”Bookmark here

Is the Marquise subtly trying to kill me?Bookmark here

“Hey, the dumb girl! Get your ass here and beat this man!”Bookmark here

From the members of the Paladin Corps watching our pathetic training regimen, out came the silent Dame Atkins. She was carrying a huge war hammer, swinging it casually like a child flailing her doll around.Bookmark here

O-Oi…Marquise, are you sure I’m fighting her in this condition?”Bookmark here

“Why not?”Bookmark here

“Because…I’m tired?”Bookmark here

“Nonsense!” my instructor slapped my back with her armored gloves, “You’ll definitely learn a lot from this experience! Remember, fight with your mind!”Bookmark here

I think I already did. I should’ve never asked you to train me!Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

Atkins.” The Dame then reached out her hand towards me as if for a handshake.Bookmark here

Nervously, I reciprocated her gesture, wryly saying, “Well, just make it quick, okay?”Bookmark here

“Okay.” She quickly swung the war hammer down on my skull, which I narrowly missed.Bookmark here

What the hell?Bookmark here

“Following orders.” she defended herself when I cast a bewildered look on her.Bookmark here

Not that, you stupid paladin! I’m asking you figuratively and jokingly! Well, too late for that, here she comes!Bookmark here

“!!!” Dame Atkins swung her war hammer sideways in my direction, aiming for my body. If that thing hits me, I think I’d split in two. I wasted no time backing off.Bookmark here

“You won’t kill your enemy if you keep on retreating, wuss!” I heard the Marquise taunted me. No matter, it’s not like I’m trying to win. I needed to survive first, before thinking of actually defeating the opponent in front of me.Bookmark here

Dame Atkins followed up on her offensive by thrusting her hammer’s handle towards my gut. For the past several ‘long sleeps’, the Marquise of Monfort trained me in the basics of fighting using a spear—including parrying moves with it. I did my best to remember those lessons; even doing some secret practice in my free time. However, the paladin I’m fighting for right now was of a different matter.Bookmark here

This is what they call ‘difference in skills’.Bookmark here

“Use your weapon’s reach!” the Marquise suggested. Excellent advice, really, if only the hammer that the Dame was using wasn’t as long as my mock spear’s handle. Couldn’t the paladin captain see that? Besides, it’s not only the reach that’s bugging me in this fight…Bookmark here

Dame Atkin’s speed is something else. If I had to at least get on par with her in combat, I really needed to negate her fast attacks and movement.Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

She had been attacking me for a while now, but the paladin’s speed never decreased. What’s more troubling was that her face displayed no emotion. It’s like I’m fighting a mechanical being; I could barely predict where her attacks would come.Bookmark here

Anyway, I’m getting exhausted the longer I delayed. I needed to do something about her movements. And for that to happen…Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Her feet! If only I can trip her feet…Bookmark here

But the paladin made no openings. She relentlessly pursued me around the battlefield, trying to do precision attacks designed to defeat me completely. I guess I shouldn’t have said that to her in the first place, about making this fight ‘quick’.Bookmark here

However, putting to heart what the Marquise told me earlier…fight with my mind!Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

While Dame Atkins ran after me, I turned back to face her. I didn’t know if the paladin was surprised by my sudden move—I never checked. Using the grass to slip around, I forced myself to duck to avoid the incoming hammerhead and quickly did my counter by sliding to trip her legs.Bookmark here

“Fffffffffuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkk!!!” With a desperate yell, I thrust the mock spear on Dame Atkin’s foot, aiming for the ankle joints.Bookmark here

“!!!” It felt like I hit a concrete wall. She didn’t even flinch.Bookmark here

Once again, the Dame’s experience in battle came into play. Her hammer-head attack immediately changed mid-air and instead went after me, all the while my mock weapon was tangled in-between her legs and I was virtually defenseless on the ground.Bookmark here

I can only close my eyes.Bookmark here

“STOP!”Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

I think it’s pretty obvious who came out as the winner of this duel.Bookmark here

Yep, I guess I didn’t make it, huh?” a little in denial of what happened, I asked the Marquise, expecting the worst answer.Bookmark here

She nodded in agreement, “Your head would definitely be crushed after making that desperate attack.”Bookmark here

“I see…haha!Bookmark here

“Well, it’s not like you’ve been a veteran of many wars, Kuro.” the Marquise gave me a head pat, “We’ll do another round of training after you sleep. For now, I think you have to rest. It’s one responsibility of a warrior; he needs to take care of his body, too, which is his investment.”Bookmark here

“I guess you’re right, Lady Monfort.” I gave her a respectful bow, “Well then, thanks for the time!” And then, I went off to another room (I think I’d skip the one where Maddie and Lily are sleeping.).Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

***Meanwhile, at the courtyard where the Marquise was training Kuro***Bookmark here

“So, Atkins, what do you think?”Bookmark here

“Newbie.”Bookmark here

“Of course. He barely had any meaningful fighting skills with him just yet; I’ve been teaching the guy the basics for now. But he’s a fast learner, see?”Bookmark here

Ignoring her captain, Dame Atkins then put away her war hammer, which she magically stored in her pouch. She then walked away from the field, when…Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

The Dame suddenly kneeled, reaching for her right leg’s ankle.Bookmark here

Oh? What’s up?” the Marquise asked her.Bookmark here

“Right. Leg.” the Dame’s face showed no expression, but her forced voice and her stumbling manner of walking when she tried to walk were enough to cause concern for her captain.Bookmark here

Huh? Let me see it…oh, damn!Bookmark here

The Marquise quickly removed the black clothing, obscuring the legs of the paladin. And, lo-and-behold! A bump with a beautiful blue-and-violet bruise greeted her near the ankle joints of Dame Atkin’s right leg.Bookmark here

“Kuro.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, he certainly got your foot with the mock spear. Maybe it’s an attempt to restrain your movements, which he found problematic.” the Marquise’s expression suddenly changed from worry to that of a nasty smirk, “That black-haired boy…he knows what he should do, huh?Bookmark here

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