Chapter 1:


dead and buried

A month has passed, and I was still waiting in my classroom. There were no longer any cars nor citizens I've seen passing by. I was bored and was somehow not scared or surprised, I looked at my watch to see it was around noon, I packed my stuff and headed to the roof. There I met my friend in the hallway, I ended up just passing by...Bookmark here

"Are you done appreciating your new classroom?"Bookmark here

"I wasn't appreciating, we don't have school anyways"Bookmark here

We both walked to the stairs, I for one knew that Kaida was on the third floor. We had a plan to search for more humans and lead them here. Naozumi, who is with me right now, Has the idea of making this a "haven" for humanity. We headed to the third floor and met Kaida who was increasing our weapons with nails and knives.Bookmark here

"Ah, Katsumi and Naozumi. Are we gonna head out for supplies or search" she wiped the sweat off her brow.Bookmark here

"hmm, not for now, later we could."Bookmark here

"Aww, I was pretty excited to use this bad boy"Bookmark here

She pouted raising a ukelele with nails popping out. Naozumi was the oldest being 18, both I and Kaida were 17, but I believe I'm older than her by a month or so. Before I could head to the roof, Naozumi grabbed me by the shoulder and asked...Bookmark here

"Why are you heading to the roof?"Bookmark here

"Yeah yeah! I wanted to share about my plan for supplies, I noticed there was a store down the road"Bookmark here

"I just... wanted some fresh air, or have a good look outside" I patted Naozumi's hand, and he replied taking it off, but I knew I couldn't just go, ended up staying.Bookmark here

We all stayed in a classroom with Kaida explaining her plan to get supplies. She was again very joyful, The way she just presents is fun and entertaining to watch personally. Naozumi was also enjoying the brief explanation, he is very composed, and pretty much knows the flaws in plans. When she was done, Naozumi started to explain the excellence and flaws in her plan. But for me...Bookmark here

I ended up looking outside, every time I looked at the crushed and shattered buildings, I just can't remember what this world looked like 2 months ago. I couldn't tell if I should be okay with this or not, there is still a chance for this world to be fixed... maybe.Bookmark here

"EEEEEEH?!" I jumped a bit when Kaida wailed.Bookmark here

"But if we could just aim for the head it would be an easy path, right?" She hugged her weapon knowing it won't be needed when going to the store.Bookmark here

"It just wouldn't reach much, sure fast, but the neck is pretty fragile. The moment it snaps, what other weapon do we have?"Bookmark here

She sighed and placed her nailed ukelele on the floor, Of course, she didn't look so happy when doing so. She ended up looking away pouting.Bookmark here

"Hey... by the way Katsumi, Don't you also have a plan?"Bookmark here

"Huh" I looked at both.Bookmark here

When I thought about it, Do I have one? Naozumi plans to bring back humanity, making safe places and planning of grouping with the rest. Kaida, while also helping Naozumi out, mainly wants to find her family from another state. What about me...?Bookmark here

I looked at both of them, thinking. I was fine like this, I didn't need anything to make me entertained and happy, I could live in this apocalyptic world like it was normal, and yet. I realized that was because I had more friends before, I completely stopped thinking about the world and thought...Bookmark here

"friends..."Bookmark here

Realizing I accidentally spoked my mind, I looked at them instantly. I really hated the grins they had, I blushed slightly and looked away.Bookmark here

"Awwwwwww, Katsumiiiii" She felt all-loving and I feel like she thinks of me as a child...Bookmark here

"Wow, no wonder you didn't share yours, didn't know it would be this sweet" Bookmark here

I straight-up hate them now... well... for now. I got and headed to the roof, they followed along.Bookmark here

"Sooo cute, were they like besties? Oh! maybe they really changed your life" Kaida just kept teasing me.Bookmark here

Naozumi went ahead and opened the door. I followed next then, Kaida. but...Bookmark here

Everyone just froze... I looked in front of me to see a human.Bookmark here

"SHOHTA!"Bookmark here

They both screamed and ran at him, I just followed them. Bookmark here

"aah, how have you been! were you always in the roof?!" Kaida looked at shohta.Bookmark here

"for how long... We are so sorry for not checking this spot..." Naozumi just looked disappointed.Bookmark here

I ignored the reunion and looked around, The place was the same as always... But, I heard rustling behind the Door we went through, I got my hammer and gathered with them.Bookmark here

"guys... there might be a zombie here..."Bookmark here

They both looked surprised and got both of their weapons.Bookmark here

"It is gonna be okay shohta, we know how to deal with them"Bookmark here

A zombie came out from hiding and looked at us, He had the same Clothes as shohta, but we knew He was out for flesh. I got into defense and waited for the zombie, When suddenly...Bookmark here

"RRRRRAAAAGH" The zombie screamed and ran towards us. I swang my hammer going for the head. I missed it, I felt a sudden feeling of fear when I knew it could bite me... but...
It ran right past me. Kaida ran at the zombie, she stomped her foot and swung her bat for its body. The zombie slid to the ground making her miss, And like before... The zombie moved on. Naozumi was about to break the zombie's ankle with his ironed shoes, and person Naozumi was, Landed the hit,Bookmark here

The zombie rolled on the ground but Kept crawling... The zombie jumped at Shohta!Bookmark here

The zombie started to eat him, The screams of Shohta made everyone in shock. we ran to Zombie all together to kill it, However... it was too late since Shohta would die running out of blood and turning into a zombie. When I ran up to them, I noticed...Bookmark here


I stopped for a split second and again ran at them. We killed the zombie and saw the state shohta was in.Bookmark here

"n-no... you are gonna be fine shohta..." Kaida cried and Naozumi felt defeat. We had to end his misery, Naozumi placed his foot on his head.Bookmark here

"I am sorry..." Naozumi stomped so hard ending his life. They just felt like they failed, but even in this state... I had to tell them...Bookmark here

"guys..." They both looked at me, I hated seeing their faces like this...Bookmark here

"do you guys remember Junpei..."Bookmark here

They look at each other and just nodded. I pointed at the zombieBookmark here

"that was Junpei"Bookmark here

They looked a little bit surprised, Kaida asked softly "how and why". I looked at the broken building we were standing at.Bookmark here

"Now that I think about it... Didn't Junpei transfer school because he was bullied? I believe shohta was the one bullying him"Bookmark here

Kaida couldn't believe what I said because she considered him kind, while Naozumi agreed with me, little seeing how he was before the apocalypse.Bookmark here

"When Junpei attacked, he didn't seem very interested in us... If we had let him live, would there be something else he would have wanted, or will he go back with being the brain-dead zombies?"Bookmark here

The two stopped crying and stood up looking at meBookmark here

"Are you not planning to see the rest of your friends?" Naozumi askedBookmark here

I knew that a long time ago, I had completely lost all my friends, But I don't know why...
If they are zombies, what would happen... I don't even know what I did.Bookmark here

"if what you are saying is true then..."Bookmark here

We all stood up look at one another, they two seemed to agree to follow with my plan. We disposed of Shohta's body and headed to the ground floor, we looked at the broken roads and ended up stopping by the gates. once looking at this world, it was like a zombie apocalypse straight from a manga, But the moment i met with Shohta and a lost friend Junpei. It was clear that in this world...Bookmark here

Zombies could remember their past.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

dead and buried

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