Chapter 1:

Chapter 1


The tower questioned them and their willingness:Are you willing to give up your individual life in order to become a transcendental existence that exists beyond origin, and the concepts of time, and space ?


The tower pleased with their answer made them transcendental beings that are beyond origin, and the concept of time and space.

Conceptual attainment level 1 is a skill that has been acquired. Every stage represents a innacesible  transcendence. Your abilities scale to you when you transcendce 

Additional passive skilled aquired.Control the infinite. You control the concept of Infinity(This also means you evolve a infinite number of times conceptually as a byproduct like how 2d is to 3d would be 1 conceptual transcendce theirs a infinite number of these)

The tower's rules are as follows: every monster kill varies the amount of points  dependent on the monster killed to the soul and an additional ability. When you kill a player, you gain 1 soul and a skill from the list of skills the player already has. Every 100 souls is a conceptual(the difference in a set theory term would be aleph 0 to aleph 1 to integers amounts of aleph and so on) attainment, and the soul is reset to zero. However, in order to progress to the next tower stage, you must agree or disagree on the conceptual attainment. you can farm skills from a previous level, but they will be inferior to those from the next level. Monsters also drop 50 gold, but the amount varies depending on the monster killed.

You can create parties with your friends but no more than 5.

With this knowledge John and co  created a party and they named it the attainers in search of their quest for power. Soon after they created this they went to go search for monsters to kill. They came across a bunny it was decently easy to kill John had gotten the final blow and he acquired 2 soul points while everyone got 1. John also acquired the skill reincarnation (if you die your reincarnate at the start of that floor). Now everyone with a look of scarcity on their face was wondering what would happen if they died.

Life, however, must go on. They decided to go for a walk to see what else they could discover. For a time, they wandered aimlessly. Till they came across a town they seemed to be very lively. The town know as veldura had multiple shops and beatrice proclaimed a necklace that reminded her of her family and a gift she had once lost.

Beatrice's backstory: Beatrice had many family adventures as a child, going on journeys with her family and simple guild quests where she met so many friends and made so many memories she treasured,but on one depressing day her family went on a mission that they thought was gonna be super simple it was to only kill a couple of thieves. Thieves at this time were nothing more than weakling who snatched purses and were very selfish. Her mom( Pandora) and dad(jack) decided it was a good idea to teach their daughter the acts of what bad deeds would lead to so they brought her. They had talked to mordex who set out the bounty he explained that they  had been taking and threating him for weeks and he was getting desperately scared. Pandora had calmed him down and they started talking.Mordex had explained they come every day around 5 and that they go back to their base for the rest of the was 4 'o clock so they waited the hour.When the thieves finally arrived her parents tried to do a sneak attack but it failed utterly her father  was beaten and killed Pandora on the other hand was beaten .Beatrice tried making a break for it but she was stopped by one of the other thieves his name was Jack.

Jack said look what we have here a little pretty girl 

Judge said let's take her back to camp.

So then her mom and beatrice was taken back to the bandit camp

Beatrice and Pandora or beaten and raped for weeks till one day her mom was killed but before that Pandora gave her a gift it was a necklace.pandora cared greatly for this necklace. Pandora knew that she had to make a break for it so she waited days went by when she finally got a chance to escape. But one of the bandits saw her and went after her he had caught up to her but Pandora had a choice it was to either lose or necklace or get caught. She decided to through the necklace at the thieve and made him lose focus and sight for a minute and by that time beatrice had escaped.

Beatrice then wondered why this had to happen to her and went searching and later found  an orphanage where she was adopted by John, which was unusual for a human family to adopt a goblin.Ever since then she decided to get as strong as possible for this to never happen again.

Continuation of the story.

Beatrice after seeing the necklace reminded her of her mother and she looked very happy beatrice had asked the shop keeper how much

Yuto said 5 copper but for your first time being in our lovely town I'll sell it for free but you have to come to my store anytime you want some jewelry adventures sell jewelry here all the time but we have to get it appraised to see if it had any good enchantments or sometime the jewelry just activates for it's intended user,but sadly the last appraiser moved up to the next conceptual floor.

Beatrice after seeing the sad face on the keepers face. Gave yuto a warm smile and kindly accepted the keepers gift.

Beatrice after walking had received a message on a blue board are you willing to give 1 soul to unlock the enchantment on this necklace say yes or no their is no penalty for saying no you can make this agreement at a later time. 

Possible attainment

 50 % basic skill

20 % rare skill

15 %unique

10% epic

4% legendary

1%attainer. (Contains a skill from the next conceptual level that isn't accessible from this floor)

Beatrice said no.

Beatrice met up with everyone after learning about this skill, but as soon as she did, John told everyone they needed to find a place to sleep tonight or they'd have to sleep outside of town where monsters roamed free, and everyone agreed. Samantha discovered a guild hall when they were searching. The guild hall was packed with drunken adventure when everyone entered. 

As Jake looked around he saw the guild application method.

Samantha talked to everyone and they talked about joining after a little while they decided that they should join.

John went to the guilds hiring manager and had asked for everyone to apply

The hiring manager (akame) had asked each of John's party to put their hand on the orange ball to figured out their stats.




Strength 50 speed 80 intelligence 85 dexterity 100

Akame started explains these stats were decent for a elf.

Jake thinking these numbers were good was happy


Race half dragon/human


Strength 90 speed 100intelligence 200 dexterity 50

Samantha was  sad about her last stat but akame explained these stats were pretty normal for a half dragon. Except she's exceeding in the intelligence department




Strength 95 speed 80 intelligence 65 dexterity 95.

Akame was really impressed with Beatrice's strength stat that's the highest she had ever seen for a goblin race.

Beatrice had a face of joy knowing her hard work had payed off.

Lastly John put his hand in the ball 

Race human/unknown

Strength :150 speed 100 intelligence 120

Dexterity 130 

These abilities were the highest she had ever seen from a person on the first floor, and they belonged to John who was not only human but a mixture hidden race that not even Akame was aware of. akame inquired as to what made John so powerful.

With a sad expression on his face, John start d explaining.

John's back story .

Creator note.

Each floor holds a infinite number of layer these would be the conceptual transcendces. Each floor transcend the last inaccessibly.You transcend all those conceptual transcendce by a innacesible degree to reach the next floor. Floor one is a mahlo cardinal