Chapter 2:

Chapter 2


Johns story:

John was brought to the brink of death every day by his parents, who were constantly training him in swordsmanship, archery, magic, and so on. His parents also aquired the finest blood of each of the strongest races dragon, elvish, angelic, and so on. John's parents' had this  going on and on.This  has been going on for years.

Madam Azale thought this was a good idea, and she and her husband Shane continued to pump blood into John until he became stronger and his body could handle it.

John was occasionally allowed to escape for about 2 hours during the day and received 8 hours of rest and was fed three times a day, but with this relentless training day in and day out, John had reached the point of exhaustion that he began coughing up blood, and his parents were forced to lock him away in the dungeon for those free hours he had gotten through the day. John had felt desperate to the point he began to consider suicide, but one faithful day he met Beatrice, a stunning goblin with blue eyes and light green skin who seemed to be in pain from all of her injuries and wore only a few layers of clothing. After that day, when John asked his father and mother for a favor, they were taken aback because he had never done anything like it before, so they were able to comply because they were nobility.John had also inquired about Beatrice's age, and they told him that she was just two years older than you.

John had asked them to get Beatrice new clothes and whether she could be his training partner, but with less hours of training because it wouldn't be as physically demanding for her.

With John's request they complied.

After that day, John felt a different kind of joy from training Beatrice, but something had changed in his father's mind, and he now wanted him to compete in the tournament alongside Beatrice.

After hearing this, Beatrice was overjoyed that she would be able to compete alongside John, They had previously battled each other, with beatrice losing despite her best efforts to train as hard as John. That was John's gift; he could bring anything to the table that no one else could.

John after hearing beatrice side was more than happy to compete after that day they fought through the uncountable infinite spatial-temporal dimensional planes  and destroyed multiple layers of dimensionality from those fights. Continuously beating fighter after fighter gaining treasure they had only dreamed of this went on for 2 years till john and beatrice meet Samantha soon later josh this was John's final tournament.Samantha congratulated John on making it through so many tournaments, but he was about to face his biggest challenge yet. John had asked Beatrice to stand out so they could have a one on one. Beatrice was surprised because this had never happened before, but she agreed. John started out weaker than Samantha, but he quickly overpowered her john's ability to constantly improve when battling. Samantha was stunned; she had never lost to anyone before, and to think it was a human whose race was ranked 20th in the world while the dragon race was ranked fifth. The disparity was supposed to be huge, but John had outperformed his own race.Enabling him to keep up with races that should be physically beyond him. After eventually crushing every single tournament in all of the worlds, which had seemed like an impossible task at the time, John was overjoyed to find someone who was equal to him, and the two agreed to become friends who would be there for each other.John had one last request for his friend's which was to catch up with him at this location 3 years from now, as he would be doing more training in another city, the elvish Kingdom, which still despised humans due to their war over 200 years ago, but was attempting to make peace.

They'd both agreed, but after complimenting Samantha on her red skin and scale, as well as her red hair and black eyes, Beatrice asked if she'd be willing to train with her. Samantha smiled broadly, as she had never been invited to train with anyone before, and they both agreed. Samantha was also surprised to learn that they were the same age.

John's time in the elvish kingdom was enjoyable, even if he did get trash thrown at him now and then. He had worked hard and earned the skill aura, which doubled all of his stats for a minute, but the backlash was severe. All of his stats were doubled for a minute, but he would get internal bleeding that lasted for ten minutes, which was excruciatingly painful. John had never used the ability after he unlocked it, perhaps for a later time this was 2 years after that incident john met josh from his training in the woods josh had a cautious look on his face meeting john but John had told him that all would be fine after that point josh thought it was funny.With a cautious expression on his face, he realized he couldn't match John's ability or strength, so he asked him to be his master; john agreed and has been his master ever since. John and Josh practiced nonstop to improve their strength, and by the end of their training, John had almost doubled his strength and had learned a lot. Josh had been asked by John if he was willing to enter the tower if John did. Josh had inquired as to which tower John had mentioned, and John replied that it was the one in the human kingdom that no one had cleared yet, and that it was above any other tower conceptually  and their own dimensionality because no one had cleared it. Josh deliberated for a long time before agreeing to accompany John inside. Following that, John had a look of satisfaction

John told him that he had to meet up with his friends after today, and that we'd be taking a week to get everything we needed for the tower. josh had accompanied john to the dragon kingdom, which he had never seen before but was full of buildings. The dragons in the sky didn't see the point in having their kingdom on the ground when they could just fly up. The kingdom was enormous, and when they eventually met Beatrice, Samantha and John remarked on how formidable they appeared. Samantha and Beatrice said that since their last meeting, they had grown three times stronger. John was shocked. They had inquired as to how much stronger John had been after their last meeting.He told them he had gotten five times and they'd looked surprised,  John had grown so much stronger, but Beatrice had asked John who his handsome friend was because she'd realized he had yellow eyes and silvery hair.John had told them this was josh and that they would enter the tower together.Beatrice and Samantha told them it was a honor.