Chapter 10:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 4

When I finally got my rest, I left my bed and went out at once. I was thinking to be of help to Maddie and Lily while they took care of the refugees and the injured from the Battle of Cullen.Bookmark here

The mood of the camp was subdued. There were indeed sad scenes, like corpses wrapped in linen being buried nearby, and injured people taking their rest. But almost everyone was thankful that they were still alive.Bookmark here

Well, at least, it’s quite uplifting to hear their gratitude. It made our rash actions a bit more bearable…Bookmark here

“Hey!”Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

Turning around, I saw the Marquise of Monfort coming in my direction. She was waiting for me to come out of my tent, but I never noticed her.Bookmark here

“See? What did I tell you about Her Holiness’ orders?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I admit my mistake. And well, I should just be quiet for now, or I’ll doom our purpose he—ow! What was that for, you stupid paladin?”Bookmark here

I blurted that out because the Marquise suddenly hit my head.Bookmark here

“Well, I just had this urge to give you a smack to bring you back to your senses.” she answered, “I didn’t know you could be an idiot. You disappoint me, kid.”Bookmark here

“What? Of course, I’m an idiot; whoever told you I’m the smartest man alive?”Bookmark here

Heh, you’re really an idiot! Your mind may have the greatest ideas, but you clearly don’t want to appraise the results of your actions!”Bookmark here

“Whatever you’re talking about? Didn’t I just jeopardize the goals of our mission here?”Bookmark here

“Indeed, you are, you idiot!” she kept on calling me that. However, the Marquise of Monfort grabbed me by the cheeks, and forcefully turned my head around the camp, “Tell me what you see.”Bookmark here

“Injured people? And there were a bunch of corpses there being buried?”Bookmark here

“No, focus on those who were still alive, you idiot!”Bookmark here

“Well…they’re resting?”Bookmark here

“And…?”Bookmark here

“They’re eating?”Bookmark here

“And…?”Bookmark here

“They’re…come on, Lady Monfort, just tell me your point. I’m pretty tired as of now.”Bookmark here

The Marquise sighed. She let go of my face and spoke, “Well, think about it. Do you think these people could eat peacefully and confidently take their rest if those villains earlier were still roaming?”Bookmark here

Oh…right.Bookmark here

“You know, what you and the girls did earlier was indeed stupid…that is, if you look at it on a political side. However, do you think politics should take precedence over human lives?”Bookmark here

Hearing that from the Marquise gave me a sudden realization that had so far eluded me. Well, yes, just like what Maddie said, though we may be wrong that we let our emotions took over our rationality, I believed it was to safeguard the human lives being wasted for this nonsensical conflict.Bookmark here

“Take pride at your work; it’s not wasted on these people.” the Marquise of Monfort tapped my shoulder, “Besides, your girls wouldn’t like their other captain to be downcast for something the entire company supported.”Bookmark here

Heh, you’re right. I should be—wait, what?” it seemed like my ears misheard her.Bookmark here

“Look behind you.”Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

I turned and saw the members of the Paladin Corps were all assembled behind us. They all had their swords drawn and arranged in a manner as if they’re giving a salute.Bookmark here

“They’re saluting…you?”Bookmark here

“Idiot! They’re saluting you, Kuro.”Bookmark here

Eh? But why?”Bookmark here

“Sir Kuro!” a paladin came forward and briefly gave her respects. If I remember correctly, she’s that one who called me a ‘coward’ before, “I am ashamed of my actions as a noble. You, a commoner, showed us the right attitude to fight for our beliefs. And for that, I offer you my apologies for calling you a coward.”Bookmark here

Uhh…okay, I guess?” the sight of a noble bowing before me was awkward, so I immediately asked her to raise her head.Bookmark here

Soon enough, the others followed suit. Even the usually indifferent Dame Atkins apologized to me.Bookmark here

“Sorry.”Bookmark here

“It’s fine!”Bookmark here

“Brave.”Bookmark here

“Huh?”Bookmark here

“You.”Bookmark here

“Thanks!”Bookmark here

“Later. Duel?”Bookmark here

“Nope.”Bookmark here

“Tch. Wuss.”Bookmark here

Did I just hear her click her tongue and call me a wuss?Bookmark here

“Well, the girls would like to extend their appreciation for your bravery and skill in leading us to victory. If you still don’t know yet, we suffered no casualty; dead nor injured. And taking into consideration the enemy count, it’s just an impossibility.” the Marquise explained, “And hey, when you fell off my horse, you really did great in holding your fort. In fact, every one of us was so awestruck by the way you fought we could not react for a few moments.”Bookmark here

“Of course, you taught me well!” But damn it, Marquise! You almost had me killed for those precious lost seconds!Bookmark here

Heh, but remember, no matter how hard you trained, if your heart wavered, I think it’d be a different story.” the Marquise of Monfort reminded me, “So anyway, I already sent a letter to Her Holiness recommending you become the co-captain of the Paladin Guard Corps. It’s still subject to her approval, but just in case, we really need your tactical expertise, Provisional Captain Sir Kuro, Bloody Fist of the North Lands!”Bookmark here

At once, the paladin contingent bowed before me and their swords. According to the Marquise of Monfort, this was the highest salutation the corps could give.Bookmark here

Uh…may I ref—”Bookmark here

“Nope. You can’t refuse; not while I’m still the Supreme Captain of the Paladin Corps.” the Marquise had a triumphant look on her face, “And you’ll also have to keep training with me. I’ll make you into the greatest captain of the corps, after myself.”Bookmark here

Fuck. Looks like I’ll die for real this time.Bookmark here

So, I became the Captain (Provisional) of the Paladin Guard Corps. And my name also had an additional ‘bloody’ word to it, because of that bloody face I sported while fighting back there.Bookmark here

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