Chapter 1:

Moving On

Moving On

We started out in the same place

All heading towards the same goal

Seasons change but we remain

We goofed around and had our fun

But the times demanded we get serious

And then the trouble started

A goof, a slacker

Before I knew it, I was trapped in a pattern

Seasons change but we remain 

And in a miraculous twist of fate I survived the first round

But was it enough to get through the second turn?

We laughed again and shed our tears

Seasons change but we remain

The disaster hit once again

Endure endure endure

And somehow I pulled through and made it all work

Being trapped in a pattern would soon take its toll 

The third trial was just around the corner

Admittedly the worst

A dark depression 

A dark spiral

The third trial was the worst


Despite limitations I wanted to see you

We laughed, we joked

Goofing off just like always

And I wouldn't have it any other way

But happiness couldn't mask the problems I faced

Before I knew it, I had backed myself into a corner

Truly, I had reached the peak

The climax 

And then it was the final stage

The final destination

I was given a clean state

But it was far too late

And soon the pressure was kicking it

Decisions decisions

What to do

Where to go

The questions that plagued us all

And while I was straggling behind, you were moving on ahead

You had it all figured out while I hadn't got a clue

Seasons change but... 

And in a miraculous twist of fate I crossed the finish line

But with just the bare minimum

As if I were doomed from the start

But now what?

I can't go on

I'm trapped in a corner

I reached a dead end 

I'm watching you from afar

You're shining so bright

You've got it going on

But no one knows what's going to happen in the future

You're making progress

You're gonna go places

You're all set

But while you're out chasing your dreams

You know as they say

Don't forget me when you're famous 

In an attempt to correct my mistakes

I still have catching up to do

I was meant for greater

Something more

I'm gonna shine like a diamond

Just like you 

Seasons change but I stay behind

Joe Gold
pulp 6 6 6

Moving On